Women's fans [ gender perspective ] notebooks that inspire themselves and influence the environment will be shared by a short piece of current affairs observations that are based on gender.After the Golden Globe Awards, I heard Rainy Gessling's words of "supporting women" behind the success of men. This will not be a new type of family magic spell. When a woman chooses to go into a family, housewives take their positions and responsibilities. Everything you do is all for the man.(Sibling: Davis, Emma Stone, Rennes Gessling!The Golden Globe Awards: Each person who works hard to make a living, is patching the world

The 74th Golden Globe Awards ended with Yu Yun Ju-un.We remember the atmosphere of Meliseep's return to the time, and also saw the softness of Raynguessling as a man.(Sibling: Lifetime Achievement!Melicia's Golden Globe Award: To be a speaker, to speak for others )

the film, he was the only one who won the best actor in music or comedy, and he said, "Thank you, ma'am, if not, I wouldn't be. I wouldn't stand here and enjoy the applause."

That's what he said: "When you see me singing, dancing, playing piano and enjoying the best performing experience at Love You Love You > , my wife is at home caring for another child, raising our daughter, and staying with her brother to spend the difficult period of cancer.""

"If it wasn't for her to shoulder these responsibilities, I wouldn't have had such good actor experience. I wouldn't stand here and win this award."So I wanted to thank her.Rehn Gessling dedicated the prize to his wife, Eve mendes, and to his wife, Carlos, who died.

his speech, Rehn Gessling, who was a former performer who accepted applause, was also a member of his family for many years of absence, but also revealed the potential problems of family division and gender inequality in the social structure.

wife of Rehn Gessling, who is also an actress, may also have the same expectations for her career as a family, a family, and a woman who can only be "cheerful" behind a successful man.

Behind every successful man, there must be a woman's family mantra.

What we want to ask is: Why does a housewife become an option that is taken for granted when a woman is a family?And when men go into the family, why can they have all the pursuit of life and the career of their own?

What we don't see is the story of Reyne Gessling and Eva Mandeus' story.We don't know how they discuss the priorities of the household chores; we don't know if Rehn Gessling has ever struggled and made a choice; he doesn't know how Eva Mannes makes her choice, is it necessary to understand or to prefer a new identity in her own life?

We don't know much about the details, but we can't overlook the fact that in most close relationships, women are most often asked to look after the family and for the healthy development of their families and relationships. She has often been praised for her life as a preplanned life, and being praised by a woman who is "female-female," or "a woman who is naturally more protective of women."

Perhaps when we hear his winning speech, we expect him to thank more than he has given him a sincere thanks.

We expect him to take a positive attitude and spend more time on the family in the future as the family is not the responsibility of one side; we expect him to highlight the structural problems that exist: in the case of the Hollywood environment, gender equality, and so on.A white male dominated most of the film's main characters, and more than 70 % of male directors and male protagoners formed a fraternal circle. In such a case, the actress was more difficult than the actor to play the role, and included his wife.(Sibling together: Ten years wait until a woman director!Oskar is too "yang" controversy: getting more women into filmmaking circles

They know they have the ability, they know they have to do their best, they know they have to do it, but what they really face and what they can do is to meet with a family that is willing to support her in the Lean in, and that family is still too small in the existing social structure.As a result, many women, after entering the family, naturally lost their key position in the workplace, and had no choice but to become a man behind their backs and support their women.

In these circumstances, people face a new family spell, a magic spell that is more successful than every successful man: a woman who is always a woman at the expense of every able-bodied family and relationship.

But before this "new age spell" is critical, perhaps we should ask ourselves: are we taking too much to the default of the "sacrifice of women"?How can the workplace be viewed as a default in life, and disparage other ways of life?

Default in the workplace: Not a housewife choice for "feminism"?

Criticism of the last paragraph, there is a question: We presume that the workplace is more in line with the imagination of life, and we implicitly imply that "housewives" or "family masters" are more "sacrificing" options, and that the people who go into the family have been branded as derogatory.

But should the workplace be the default value for life?Is it not enough to choose to be a housewife?(Homemaker's: Feminism and Intimacy: Homemakers are not bowing heads, but choosing )

Why can't women have everything in the Atlantic issue in 2012?In response to Sheryl Sanderg's Annie Marie Slaughter, "We live in a system that we think is a family priority," and we think that Lean's in the workplace, and that the family is doing its best to "destroy the future."On the one hand, we put forward the need to "balance everything," while on the one hand, it suppressed the choice of "family", and questioned whether the choice of women reinforced the paternalistic structure, which "men can always take care of everything."

Annie Marie Slaughter mentioned that taking care of everything should be a combination of the concepts of "on-demand economy" [note 1] and Openwork [NOTE 2], and that everything should not be just a woman's proposition, but a future for which no distinction is made between men and women.Annie Marie Slaughter's cleareers hope that through accelerated innovation in the industry, the times will help us, and that families in the workplace are not better or worse than they are, and that only an era of personal choice.

This is indeed a possible solution, but unfortunately, we don't know how far we are from such a future.So right now, what we can do is ask ourselves: If we agree, the workplace and the family are one of the most important elements of life. In addition to taking care of everything else, we can also respect the "full-time" and "family time" options of the workplace, and also think about the interaction between individual choices and the composition of the family.(Recommended reading: The New Women's Voice: The era of housewives is coming!))

In the world, there are more than one Reyne Gessling and Eva Mandeus, much more than a partner who is more than a family division of labor. We are eager to give the job success.

As a result, we can have more atypical personal practices before we can have more happy Ryne Gessling, and happy Eva Mandes.