At the end of the anti-Trump march in Washington DC, the globalization's rights movement was about to begin, followed by < screaming Trump!Sgaria Hansen's feminist speech: Not everyone, like the president's daughter, has a privilege 's look at the Emma Watson in the human group, and continue to practice affirmative action.(Recommended by you: The full text of the speech by Emma Watson's speech at the United Nations: "Not just for women's rights, but for both men and women!"" )

The inauguration of the president of the United States at 1/21 of the weekend, with a total of 500,000 people in Washington, and from Europe to Australia, the world's five million people gathered around the globe to rewrite the biggest record of the US president's history of sweing-in history.

The march on women's rights and equality was based on women's rights, gender, age, race, culture, political orientation, and a number of participants wearing knick-knit pink (pussyhats), standing up against Trump's "Female Private" speech.In addition, famous people have been vocal in their voices, including Natalie Portman, Madonna, Sjara Jensen, Emma Watson, Kristen Steward, Sally Sellon, and Millie.

Emma Watson, who is on the field, is not on the stage to pick up the microphone, and the UN Women's Global Goodwill Ambassador has often spoken out to her about equal rights. Emma Watson, who is with the people, picked up her cell phone for random interviews, and she even demanded that the barricade be removed to make her "truly stand together" with the crowd.Next, let's take a look at her scene and review Emma Watson's declaration of affirmative rights.

"Gender equality is not just liberation of women, but it is the liberation of men from stereotypes.""
Gender equality not only liberates women but also men from present gender sterotypes.

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" There is no support for each other, we can't fly high.On the road to equality, we are the strongest backing for each other."
We're never, ever, ever going to be able to fly as high unless we're both in support of each other.

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"I will never give up, until one day I see the number of women prime ministers, presidents and presidents as well as men, and men can express their own true thoughts."Until one day, more fathers were able to practice their fathers' duties until I saw them stop being so arrogable, oppressed and ostraction.It wasn't until I was in the world that there was a place where men and women were no longer defined, and I would never give up until that day."
“ You ’ re not gonna get rid of me until I get to see an equal number of femalevel minsters and presents and CEOs, and more men that feel like it ’ s okay to express how they really feel about things. And more fathers that are present in their children ’ s lives. And until I see us all not policing and oppressing each other and not ostracizing each other. And when I live in a world where this isn ’ t a nelly defined definition of masculinity and feceminity. I ’ m just not gonna go. ’ ”

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As she looks forward to gender equality, Emma Watson is concerned about the feminine identity and she shares “ Facebook page with her Facebook page #IStandWithPP Why the fight for reproducer rights goes on ” and shares the Guardian's Women's Reproductive Rights Reports .