The Chinese New Year is the Year of the Rooster, and the Spring Festival holiday will always be a few days away from visiting relatives and friends who have not seen so many years.At the time of the visit, the auspicable mascot of the last few words could add a few years to the atmosphere of the joy of the festival.The Women's Spring Festival planning stands for six lines of auspicitic year mascot, giving you a busy and upstanding life in your work.Hey!The new year will also be taught!(Recommended reading: Mastery of your ideal life!You know, New Year, you know five high-efficient apps )

You start early on every day: you start dancing

Brilliance people always have more time than others, and are the best representatives of self-regulatory life!Do you want to have 26 hours a day?It's early!(Recommended reading: How do you make it 26 hours a day?)

For every day you work hard: chicken, sand, tower

Mature and bottom weather comes from the accumulation of innumerable experiences in the past, and you know that people are not stupid, and that we're doing everything we can to make it right.(Recommended reading: Work notes: You're lucky, because you're working hard )

For every day you are strong: the golden rooster.

I know you're not good at independence, but you don't like trouble.Honey, thank you for being so alone for so long, you're gonna walk away from me.(Recommended reading: It's okay to be independent in love: dedicated to you, you )

For every day you're trying to do this: Kick Chickens

You have your own persistence in your work. You hate to judge yourself with a nuclear test. Each time you show up and do your best, you just don't want to be ashamed of yourself.( [Sister's Crazy Record] There is no real thing in the world, if you have the ability to make a big deal )

You are busy every day: 10,000 Chicken (s) (s)

You may be a busy time-busy mommy, or a nine-to-five-year-old class. The new year wants to turn around and say, " You have a hard time!. (Recommended reading: Do you work hard or don't finish?Seven new perspectives for the efficiency of subversive work )

For every day you are positive: chicken (volume) up to the top

When you believe in what you are.It is not sunny day to day, but when it rains, it can also support an umbrella in the heart.(Recommended reading: Happiness is happiness!Seven Happy Tips for Positive Psychology )

Are you depressed?Sneak at the bottom: ("ω") "Lionel!"(/"/ω)/Nionel!