"A Girl" gathered Asia Girl, see their subversive crazy, read their atypical success of the road. Strange hundred strange girls in the world, out of tune, so a lattice. Know this 19-year-old girl, looks squeamish soft, defends the affirmative but extremely formidable, she is streaked. (recommend you see:#你是我的女朋友: Make Yourself happy, is the only moral )

Chinese New Year Han in response to the film launched Manly Manifesto theme song, the lyrics blatantly want a woman magnanimous wife abide by the mother: "The things in the home, only you, just do well", "rice to do is very sweet, dress up to be generous, and mother-in-law and sister-in-law, are to live in harmony."

China Wan June set off a wave of "straight male cancer and women's rights" network struggle, men pointing fingers, but a little girl came out to call to refuse to see the film and correct: "As long as the women themselves progress, the lyrics described in the kind of men will be eliminated." 」

Who has the courage to criticize the Chinese patriarchal values, led by the 80 culture leader after Han?

She is the "Yangtze River No. Seventh" Zhou Xiaodi, "starry sky" that Shei Ximmei, 19 years old, 90 streaked.

Embrace diversity! Streaked: I support a more gentle society.

Many people in the women's Congress to point to streaked, but she felt that today they play the gender discrimination of the edge, in a few days is to gender equality out of a salty pig hand.

Streaked said: "The direct critique of feminism is the men of women's rights, and it is those who feel empty about their male power." Women can love themselves instead of pinning their hopes on men, or trying to prove themselves with men's love, is the greatest embodiment of women's rights. "(same field Gayon: Gender observation: For women's rights also for the street!" Trump into office, women march to Washington.

She talks lyrics "men to Women's inculcation", in China's contemporary few public figures, stood up to overthrow the motherland inherited patriarchal heritage.

In fact, streaked has always been concerned about gender, and she has openly praised Japan's "no sex boys" challenging gender stereotypes, the concern has also sparked a lot of discussion among fans, even as black powder thinks streaked is corrupting the right values, she responds: "Because I recognize this attitude and way of life, and I appreciate the courage to pursue myself in this era." It doesn't matter whether you accept it or not. What I support is more of a society's tolerance and respect for such a way of life. 」

Two the three-dimensional beauty of girls: appearance is not a person's everything

People used to talk about streaked, always laugh at her low eq, people remember her in the "Yangtze River No. Seventh" disguised as a boy, know that she loves cosplay, streaked love to self-portrait, online record young girl youth of the big head like and a lot of, art people are called streaked is two times Yuan Mei Maiden.

And the person is three-dimensional, streaked also pay attention to education, she tired of Couba reunification success path, China Internet Addiction School incident She also came forward to support adults in mature way to treat children. Streaked high school after living alone abroad, she is committed to the campus to promote Chinese culture in Han, this seemingly with a class of celebrities like little girl, have their own thoughts and actions.

A lot of people say more than 20-year-old girls don't know what they want, streaked is so to see his own: "9 years old, I got a shot of the opportunity, so I resolutely cut off long hair to play a small boy, 16 years old, some people said since the star to grasp the opportunity, but I still choose to study abroad." Now I, two Yuan, film, painting, do everything I want to do. 」

Streaked although be Han Hantie powder chasing dozen, female man and disdain her so too soft gas appearance, sour people more look at streaked is perquisite in for weak voice, streaked not very care, in short, no one more than she know their life. (Recommended you see: Women's friendship: we are not tired together, but everlasting )

Streaked to Han, don't think the woman too easy, the woman is not ignorant, I am not only in your eyes waiting to be marry wash hands as soup girl.

"Girlfriend quotes" streaked

"There are more people who like you, and more people who hate you." 」

"I can't turn a blind eye to what I see, and I can't even hear it." 」

"There are some things that seem to have no direct connection with our lives, so some people avoid, some flee, but I choose to participate." 」