This year Oscar, let a woman fan you from the finalists actress, to the affirmation of female force film role, together to see a new generation of Hollywood heroine. Emasdon is in the eyes of all the sweet heart, these years she quietly transformation, will play more and more wide, in the "Le to Love You" monologue performance, the way to do her 15 years of transition: Even after the road of the dream and long, still have to embrace enthusiasm, believe in yourself. (same field Gayon: Davis, Emasdon, Ryan Goslin!) Golden Globe Award moving speech: Everyone who tries to live is mending the world .

At the end of 2016, Hollywood sent away the most vivid heroine of the past generation, the "Princess Leia" Gali Fei snow of Star Wars. Fortunately, earlier in the 2015-year Star Wars film, the leadership of the great leader has been the young heroine, the force of the new era is not only awakening, but also by the female inheritance. In Hollywood, new generations of heroines have also opened new boards, both inside and outside the screen, to stand up for themselves and for women's rights. (same field Gayon: Hollywood Goddess!) STAR Wars: The Awakening of the Force three women you shouldn't have missed

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With "Le to Love You" off the Venice Film Festival, Golden Globes, the best musical comedy after the crown of the Emasdon, is this year's Oscar-winning actress popular candidate. The seemingly rapid rise and the Emasdon of the stars have stumbled: Emma's childhood was spent in anxiety disorder, and her participation in the theatrical performance healed her. To establish an actor as a career, but has 15 years of time around the wall. The more I love you, the actress Mia has failed in her audition footage, which is adapted from her first experience in Hollywood. A woman fan from Emasdon's 3 precious qualities, takes you to see her atypical heroic practice.

Not the perfect chance, the movie can be too bad to do the best

"To all those who have full creativity, we may face the high wall in front of the dream, everywhere, anyone in the" Give up ", I hope that we can recover from this film awakening, do not give up the power, we continue to move forward together. --Emasdon "Golden Globe Award" acceptance speech

Emasdon's career began as a child, and she was almost a part of every television program on the Disney Channel, auditioning for the daughter role of every sitcom, and failed. The worst of boys and Me "girl I the Most rabbit" to "Old Love Trouble", her initial participation in the performance of the film quality is not good, often, the whole film only her performance by the critics praised, she is an absolute incandescent, "without her, the film will be bleak." 」

In 2011, she was involved in the 1960-year film "Sister", which depicts the movement of black civil rights in the United States, at first fearing that her voice was too sharp to grasp the character of the original novel, but she then devoted a lot of time to training her accent and reading literature and films of the African-Americans The film was a commercial success for her then, and the performance was praised by the critics as "extraordinary and lovely". (Extended reading: not to be confused by the blind Times "sister")

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Emma takes every opportunity to go all out, the failure of the film is no excuse, she does not allow herself to be limited by the environment and resources, in the Superman posture, from the ruins of the failure of the sound take-off.

Believe in yourself and retain your own unique interpretation of the performance charm

2012 starred in "Spider Man: Surprise Again", Emma finally walked into the mainstream, her interpretation so that the heroine is no longer just Spider-Man girlfriend. In a visit to total Film, Emma was more explicit about her role as a hero: "She saves the hero more times than he saves her-he does it by muscle, and she relies on her brain." 」

When the Hollywood script narration always takes the man as the protagonist, Emasdon breaks through the gender frame of the story, injects more power for the feminine role, the people praised her in "the Spider Person" the performance, causes the gradually empty tired male hero movie, has grown the vivid soul.

Later, Emma turned from a popular commercial movie to a film show of more artistic interest, and she was a new generation of muse of Woody Allen, with "Runaway Love" and "Magic Moonlight". In the 2014 movie "Bird Man", Emma faded her sweet image, acting as a drug addict who had just left rehab, with an explosive performance that gave Emma the affirmation of the Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

Introspection of gender blind spot, sincere voice for affirmative action

As a Hollywood actress, she also voiced her voice for persistent sexism, and when she was interviewed by rolling Stone, Emma said her ideas were often weighed down by gender: "I was reacting to a line that was inappropriate and unsuitable for women, and the cast says:" You're right, Anyway not good can be cut off "finally they did not cut, the effect is really bad." When I propose to join my ideas in a scene, the director often laughs at my ideas and even says that I hinder the production of the film. I didn't want to attribute it to sex right away, but they then arranged for the actor to play the plot I was thinking about. "Her remarks directly reflect the lack of interest in Hollywood's real experience of women today," she said. It also exposes workplace women or a sense of common unhappiness-your opinion is not respected, only because of gender. The implicit discrimination was turned into a discussion table by Emma.

She was also vocal in the issue of unequal pay for equal pay: "All people should be treated equally, as for the performance, I was fortunate enough to have been paid the same for the actor who was involved in the show, and as soon as she was out, she realized that she had some problems and immediately corrected her speech:" No, this can't be said to be "lucky, because in the last few movies , I paid as much as the actor who performed together. But the industry's attitude toward equal pay for women, often from the argument of "how much you can help the box office" compared to another actor, makes the actress more susceptible to self-doubt and unease. (same field Gayon: Very equal pay not afraid to be a prostitute!) Natalie Portman: A woman, not just someone else's wife and mother.

Emma frankly exposes the gender dilemma faced by Hollywood actors, and bluntly as a woman, under the skewed gender structure, it is easy to see "equal treatment" subconsciously as a "fortunate situation", while the industry's attitude makes women have to constantly challenge themselves in the process of pursuing equality. But looking to the future, she is still willing to stay optimistic:

For women, I think we're going to have a great time. The tide is changing, and there are many brave, real, strong, humorous, or even fragile, yet inspiring women in every industry.

With the girl next door, the Emasdon of the fans, we saw her grasp the opportunity to go all out enthusiasm, for the sex voice, sincere introspection. Her rise offers a different look for Hollywood heroes: show sincerity and don't have to be brave. To be a hero, do not have to be masculine image as a template, we can be sweet, can be funny, can be feminine, this is a new generation of female heroes of the free color.