Gender Watch opens a dialogue with the times in a gender perspective. The 89-year Oscar is about to debut, and the shortlist is beautiful, and there are still gender issues.

2016, the 88th annual Oscar "Taibai #Oscarsowhite" issues finally floated to the stage, black actors and directors protested, referring to the Hollywood industry has stopped progress since 1988. We wrote a ten- year waiting for a female director! Oscar too "masculine" controversy: let more women into the film Circle , from a gender point of view, but also pointed out that Oscar and Hollywood's multiple gender absence, not only the judges in the seats of the gender imbalance, there is a film reproduction of the gender bias and stereotyped reproduction.

The 89th annual Oscar will be kicked off at seven in the morning of 2/27 Taiwan time. Lined up the list of the best films of the year, from "Fences" to "Steel Heroes", from "key few" to "Manchester on the Sea", and nine of films, like a gentle extension of the Web, carefully open the wider world of deep feelings of the topic, More lenient and compassionate personal attention.

Film to the world to have one theme after another, and the generation of the world is never linear, history is plural, not the power to decide, but the body and for people, we have to live out of a broad road.

Who is the key minority in this era?

"Do you know?" The entire building here has no toilet I can use, I have to run to the opposite of the building 800 meters away from the toilet. You say, go to work to wear knee skirts, with a simple pearl necklace, but you know? Blacks can't afford to pay for these things at all. I'm as tired as a dog every day, and I can only rely on the black coffee pot you disdain to keep working ... the key few.

See "Key minority" very happy, 60 years, the U.S.-Soviet Cold War arms race, the world turmoil, everything is waiting to be overthrown and redefined. Catherine responds to the obvious double discrimination, ethnic and gender disadvantage multiplied, she seer shout out, the times heard, the wall slowly fell.

And 21st century, we have our own problems. When dealing with "key minority" issues, we should be particularly concerned. Who is the key minority in this era? What stories are we capable of telling? How can we say that we don't fall into too cheap compassion narratives or too thin inspirational stories?

"The Boy in the Moonlight" on this issue is very beautiful, a young man shouted is the mother gun black boy, from childhood knew he was a little different, he still hesitate, not to himself. Sexual orientation and ethnicity are set to make the whole film seem "politically correct", but the film also jumps out of the usual black and white contradictions and focuses more on the protagonist's own life story.

In the moonlight, the boy is blue, there is the melancholy of his body, this film does not want you to shout support gay rights, also did not want you to recite Martin Luther's "I Have a Dream", you see the protagonist Sharon Experience childhood, adolescence to adulthood three stages, repeatedly think of themselves.

When we reproduce the few and weakest stories, we always ask ourselves, who are we speaking for? Are we to faithfully restore the truth, or to Sangyan the claim? Do we really feel we have the right to speak for the different groups?

The annual analysis of the Women's Media Center, women, has raised the same suspicion, despite the fact that the nominations for this year have been truly beautiful, although the film industry's members have increased their diversity from gender and ethnicity after the storm last year; but the 89th annual Oscar, Female film practitioners accounted for only 20% of the nominations, down from 22% last year, and what else do we see in these figures?

Hollywood, the break space before and behind the scenes

The Women's Media Center analyses the 19 nominees outside the cast, taking a closer look at the movie's behind-the-scenes hands, from directors, clips, photography, visual effects, costume design, to the script. At the 89th annual Oscar, the female director remains invisible, with only one female playwright on the shortlist, and the best photography has never seen a female face.

  • Director: Seven years in a row, no female director's work was nominated, the last known name is 2010, "Countdown to the crisis" to win the best director Catherine Bigelow, and she is the only woman in history to win the award of the female director. (Recommended to you: live to make a movie!) Three international female directors who set a film milestone

  • Photography: Oscar's long 89-year history has never been nominated for women's photographs, and this year, despite the "fence" and "key minority" teams with female photographers, they have not been nominated.

  • Costume Design and makeup design: Fashion design is the category of female practitioners can be exposed, and this year's makeup design has six men and a female finalists, compared with last year's 55 wave, slightly too regrettable.

Julie Burton, chairman of the Women's Media Center, said, "Women's contributions and efforts need to be recognized, which will encourage more women to join the film industry and change the masculine atmosphere of Hollywood." This year, four of the five nominees are male, and women are on the stage, meaning that male voices and perspectives still dominate the Hollywood industry, with viewers seeing the reappearance of the story on the screen. 」

With the gender division, I think it is slightly rough, gender should not be a clear barrier of two yuan world, gender awareness should not be the first gender responsibility and mission. But this data also gives us pointers and direction to think: The film industry in the production process, is still locked door to women, women are still rare in their doors, writing, filming, editing, production of their own story? (Recommended reading: The real world beyond the sex of two yuan: embrace the difference to make the world more beautiful )

Do we have the ability to change this structure? Can we get the boys and girls in front of the screen to see, it's not just a patriarchal world of heterosexual men, but an era of encouraging ways of living, a time of welcome to the injustices of injustice, and perhaps everyone has been a key minority in different points and situations, but let us believe that Oneself have the ability to go out of the direction of desire.

Watching Oscar this year, I want to remember the problem consciousness, understand this road is still very long, but as long as willing to find, willing to tell, we walk in this better road, the more the more open.