The 89th annual Academy Award ceremony ended, there is warm, there is laughter, there is truth, there are oolong, for you consolidation ceremony on the wonderful Grand prize speech and touching moment.

2017 The 89 Academy Awards ceremony ended, in addition to the "Happy to Love You" won six Grand Awards, this year's ceremony also has a lot of moving speeches, let us relive, to the actors, to the Director, to all the film dedicated backstage mission personnel, to all the good stories and life salute!

Best Supporting Actor: Mahshara Ari "Blue Boy in the Moonlight"

Mahshara Ari, many people know him because of his performance in the American TV series "Card House", he also starred in quite a number of well-known films, such as Benjamin's fantasy journey, The Hunger game, and this year's Oscar-nominated film "key minorities." Oscar 2017, he took the "Blue Boy in the Moonlight" to pick the best supporting actor, on the stage, he will be awarded to the movie story of the characters. In fact, his award has also written the history of the Oscars because he was the first Muslim winner to win an Oscar . (same field Gayon:"Blue Boy in the Moonlight": Don't let anyone decide for you, who are you going to be )

"Here, I would like to thank my teachers and professors, who keep telling me that these are not just about you, but about the characters and their stories." You are just their servant, you must devote yourself to these characters and stories. 」

He also thanked him at the ceremony for his pregnant wife sami-karim,"I want to thank her, she has been a strong warrior, take me all the way to this day. 」

The best documentary: "Simpson: Made in America"

1995, American football player O.J Simpson (O.J. Simpson is accused of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brownsen (Nicole Brownson) and his friend Ronald Goldman (Ronald Goldman) because there are so many bizarre bridges in the case that documentary director Ezra Edelman through ESPN, the sports television station, Produced a 7.5-hour television documentary, "Simpson: Made in America" (O.J.: Made in America). When the documentary director Ezra Edelman the prize, he delivered a touching speech:

"It's really incredible, and I want to thank Caroline for walking along this journey with me." Thank you for the Film Academy Awards to this alternative work, thanks to ESPN (production company) support so that I can say this story. But I'd like to say that if it wasn't for the two of us who couldn't make it tonight: Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brownson (the victim of the Simpson murder), I wouldn't be here. This award is also for the victims of police brutality, racial discrimination and criminal violence, and this is their story, and the story of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brownson, I am honored to replace all of them, thank you. 」

Best Supporting Actress: Vera Oladaivis "Soul Fence"

Vera Oladaivis, the African-American actress shortlisted Oscar awards the most numerous records, as early as 2009, she was "lure" won the Oscar award for the best supporting actress nomination; in 2012, the popular "sister" was shortlisted for the best actress Oscar. This year, she once again won the Oscar nomination with "Fences" three degrees, and finally won the prize. Her acceptance speech was one of the most sincere moments of the Oscars: the same Gayon:"Oscar Outpost" Vera Oladaivis: A hard base actress, also a hard bottom woman Han

"There is a place that gathers the most talented and potential people. That place, is the tomb, where people sleep. People often ask me, "viola, what kind of story do you want to tell?" ", I say, is the story of those who have been sleeping, the stories of people who have had great dreams but have not come true, the stories of people falling in love but lost." How glad I am to be an actress, this is the only profession that can praise the true meaning of life. Finally, thank my family for teaching me so much about the size of life, thank my husband and daughter, you teach me how to live, how to love, you are the cornerstone of my life, thank you. 」

Best Foreign Language Film: New Home Storm

Asha Fahati, director of the new home storm, was absent from the Oscars to protest against the Trump immigration ban. This is not his first award, he won the best Oscar foreign Language film in 2012 with the "Separation Storm". This year, he has asked others to give his conviction for his acceptance of the winning speech, to become the Oscars at this ceremony the hottest speeches:

"This is the second time I have won this award, it is a great honor to thank my producer and other friends who have been shortlisted." I refuse to attend today to greet immigrants to my country, and to six other countries, who are unable to enter the United States because of inhumane decrees, and I would like to express my protest here. Dividing the world into "we" and "Our enemies" is creating fear, and it is tantamount to acknowledging the democratic values of war and retrogression. I tried to subvert people's stereotypes by camera, to capture the goodness of human nature, and to provoke empathy from the masses. Film-making people can create empathy between "we" and "others," especially at a time when the sense of empathy is more important than ever. 」

Best Adapted Screenplay: "Blue Boy in the Moonlight"

The Blue Boy in the Moonlight tells the story of a black boy who grew up in three years of age, from childhood to adolescence to youth. Writers Tarell Alvin McCraney and director-and-writer Barry Jenkins on the stage, and their acceptance speech inspired All Blacks, people who were still not socially identified with gender or sexual orientation. (same field Gayon:"Blue Boy in the Moonlight": Don't let anyone decide for you, who are you going to be )

"Tonight, I'm going to dedicate this award to All Blacks and people who can't get a gender identity." This film is for you and us, thank you. "--tarell Alvin McCraney

"I told my students to enjoy the process rather than the results. But today's results are very important and billions of of people are watching. I would like to say to those who feel that their lives have not been reflected or taken seriously, that Oscar will hold you, theACLUwill hold you, and we will hold you. In the next four years (alluding to the Trump term), we will not let you fight alone, we will never forget you. "--barry Jenkins

Best Director: Damien Chazere "Love You More"

Damien Chazere, the youngest director of Oscar history, won the Oscar-winning screenplay for the "drummer of the World" two years ago, his third long film, The Golden Globe Award and the British Academy Oscar Awards. (same field Gayon: to the Foolish Dreamer!) Happy to Love you more: you participate in my past, I have this moment now.

"I want to pay tribute to the directors who have been shortlisted at the same time, thank you for the work that inspired me." My men and women have played roles, thanks to Justin, the composer of the film, and thanks to my family and wife, I want to share this honor with you. It's a movie about love, and I'm lucky to be able to follow my love and shoot the movie. 」

Best Actor: Kasiai Frek "Manchester by the Sea"

Because he starred in "The Seaside of Manchester", Kasiai Frek has won more than 30 winners along the way, this is his second finalist Oscar, is also the first prize, the performance works including "star effect" and so on, Kathy's popularity has been inferior to his brother, after winning this award, He finally ceased to live in the shadow of the success of his brother Banefrek.

"It means a lot to me, for the first time today, I saw Denzel, the director of Washington, who taught me how to act, many talented ancestors inspired me, without this role, I can not have the opportunity to take this award, I am proud to be a part of the Oscar, I am very honored to stand here, I also thank Matt Damon, Our friends and parents, my brother, thank you. 」

Best Actress: Emasdon "Love You More"

The most vocal Oscar-winning actress, Emasdon, really picked up the 89th annual Oscar for the best actress after the crown. 28 years old, she, the year before the "bird" finalists for the best Supporting actress, this is the second time to participate in the Oscars ceremony, the first time this year finalists, won the Oscar-winning actress. She played the role of a struggling actress who had not been given a chance to perform for years, and repeated auditions that had been rejected, which had been her experience in Hollywood. (same field Gayon:"Oscar Outpost" Emasdon heroine Practice: Go all out, defying failure )

"Thanks to the film academy, as well as the outstanding actresses who have been shortlisted for me, my parents, my brother, my best friend, I love you." Thank you for coming all the way along with us you, I would like to say, standing on this side is my luck, thank you for the opportunity, I am very grateful, thank you for my patience and guidance, thank you Ryan Goslin become my best partner, always make me laugh, thank you "happy to Love You" all backstage mission personnel into the soul and love, I will hug you one by one after I step down. I still have a long way to grow, but the little golden man in my hand is a great symbol, and I will carry it forward. 」

Best film: "Blue Boy in the Moonlight"

In fact, in the award of the Oscar for the greatest "best Film", a film history of the Big Oolong-the award first announced to the "Happy to Love You," the film crew excited to accept the award, and even have issued a winning speech, did not expect to say halfway to find out the wrong person, the urgent declaration of the real winner is "Blue Boy under the Moonlight." In the audience's astonishment, the producer, who loves you more and more, said, "How honored I am to give this award to the Blue Boy in the Moonlight." "The Blue Boy in the Moonlight," The crew of the award, still can't believe it's true!

"Wow, it's true, it's not a fake, I'm offering love for joy and love, for all of you!" It is a great honor to stand on the stage and hope that the young African boy who is watching TV at home, or anyone who has ever felt that he has been marginalized, can be inspired by this film. To be honest, I once felt that this film was impossible. But this prize is not our choice, but you choose us, then we should tell the story. 」

2017 Oscar, many recipients invariably said, the film is great, is that it can replace many people to tell their stories, whether it is the edge, the oppressed, with great ideals have been dead, is struggling to fight for life. Film is life, thank you movies, and thank you for every effort to respond to your life.