3/8 Women's Day, let us see the creation of economic female figure, interview Sogal co-founder, while Young, she wants to live more vivid.

When the 30-Year-old outstanding entrepreneur (under 30) was selected, Pocket Sun was 24 years old. Many people in the eyes of the childlike age, she is Sogal co-founder.

In the coming year, she set foot on tedxshanghaiwomen stage, speak fluent English, expose oneself looks like Yangpai, actually is the Shandong Big Girl, the reason that the founder Sogal is not everything is not only owed the Dongfeng, but the immediate discovery pain point, does not have to do, discovers the demand all the time, only poor nobody put into

She is not a precocious or a gifted entrepreneur, entrepreneurship is not the way she expected, but her baby steps, just on foot, the way to go more open freedom, she invited more women entrepreneurs together, she imagined, ahead, there are our favorite future.

At the beginning of the business, everyone has their own baby steps

Open the rich World page, the screen of the Pocket hands overlap, facing the distance, bright eyes. I interviewed her for an interview, she a neat white shirt and black skirt, cheerful personality, with the ideal, we sit in the window, the sun, I said I have to listen to your story, chat without a few words, she first confessed sogal start bumps and strong experimental.

Time linear forward, the world is still no lack of success template, but the struggle behind the start, very few people talk about not to be sensational, talk deeply no one likes to listen. But frankly, who didn't have a starting point?

Now everyone in the eyes of the Sogal do is excellent venture capital, investment more than 80% female entrepreneurs, empowering women to solve the world's thorny problems, regardless of the composition or investment strategy are masculine single wind investment industry a shock bomb. The Sogal, in fact, began to sprout from small gatherings on campus.

A Pocket joke, "founder Sogal I really have no grand plan at the beginning, there are many selfish." Many campus activities are centered on men, I would like to put young women together in a group, equal exchange, grow together, show the unique spirit of young women, exchange of common external uncertainty. (same field Gayon: change the Big World from a small place!) Three women entrepreneurs on the list of the rich world

At that time she read USC, thought might as well take the campus to do experiment, a theme, an invitation, accidentally found in the classroom outside, lined up more than 40 women, waiting to participate in small gatherings. The small party exploded, 2.5 months later, she had the first summit, the scene gathered more than 400 people, speakers up to fifty or sixty.

"There was a lot of people singing about me and saying I couldn't do it. I know I may not be ready, I do not know, but I can stumble, learn quickly, anyway, I have to go on the road to solve the problem. 」

People say this summit, no cattle, only equality, do not talk about the trend, but the site rooting, to all the solid guide to progress, steps by steps, because the Pocket most understand that everyone has their own baby step to go.

Later she found that doing activities can empower individuals, link people, but more difficult to solve the pain point, is this group of women often find no money, why? The Pocket asks itself and asks the world.

Women must participate in the decision-making process of future market changes

"I did a market research," he said. She paused and stared at me and said, "You know, from 2011 to 2013, only 2.7% of VC money was given to female CEOs in the United States, and female CEOs are often less likely to get paid." 」

"Venture capital has always been masculine, with only 7% partners in VCs being women, or even lower than the number of men and women in entrepreneurship," he said. What does that mean? The majority of the world's investment decisions are made by men, what they like and the direction of investment is the same perspective, the same paradigm, under such a choice, it is difficult to have a diversified entrepreneurial team will be invested, female entrepreneurship is often outside the options. 」

So we look at the world, although women hold 85% of the shopping decisions, but men actually make the vast majority of investment decisions, in other words, men are not only deciding what women will buy in the future, but also about the world's future looks, women absent, is the Pocket see pain Point. (Extended reading: Australian entrepreneur Liu Daowei sarah:"The good world doesn't appear in thin air, but we can start by changing ourselves.)

"I think this is unreasonable, as VC, we evaluate the money to vote for who, cast the enterprise five years and ten years after the development, cast is the world's future speed of operation, equal to determine the future direction of mankind." I believe women must and will definitely participate in this decision-making process. 」

The field of venture capital needs fresh blood, understand market fluctuation pulsation, younger voice, more feminine viewpoint, Pocket around look, see no one does, feel oneself can not wait, decided to join.

Venture capital is to invest in a more beautiful world.

Venture capital is an industry that everyone seems to have a very high threshold. VC, most people are not operating, financial hard background, is itself a technology madman, sold their own company. Pocket humor self-deprecating, "if talk about seniority, I am afraid even VC junior position can not get, how to do?" But I feel unwilling, no one to do, this matter really can not wait. 」

She is really disturbed, around learning to consult, investment is keen intuition and constant learning, she patiently catch, do middle school, found that they know no less than others, and her attempts than many people are strong.

"I think I have the advantage of being different, and I am a young woman, and 95% of the ads on the market are directed at us," he said. We are sensitive to the consumer market, we know what needs, what must, what will let us order. 」

Unconvinced is the mood, but also the ability, Pocket then analysis, "in my opinion, most VC in the Red Sea area, VR, AR, large data, but the female entrepreneurial field is actually a blue ocean to be developed." The data is more corroboration, women entrepreneurs will bring a high return on investment. 」

Sogal want to do is not only the investment direction and type of breakthrough, but also by self-reliance for the VC industry injected young pulse and women's perspective, but also to change the VC and entrepreneurial interaction between the relationship, to create a common, interdependent ecological chain, "I worship entrepreneurs, they are to change the world of people, to their better, VC and entrepreneurs are symbiotic. "pocket laugh, the beginning of the equality and growth of the spirit, she just remember, didn't dare to forget.

This is a time to invest, can not create time, to do venture capital, not only to the money to roll money, but to make a wish for action a more beautiful world, which must have a woman's voice, women's decision-making, women's action. (Recommended reading: Escape from the Dream Enterprise Google, Zhang Yushan Brave entrepreneurship: "I am afraid not to go, it can only be so")

Give women an example, we can lift the world

No matter venture capital, or most of the world's stage, is still masculine. When we look back, we often find ourselves the only female representative on the stage, no country, no geographical region, this is the global phenomenon of generation replication.

Pocket shook his head, "When you can not imagine, you will be difficult to do, you can ' t is what you can ' t see." The world is really unfair to women, and there are many subtle gender discrimination and conventions. 」

She cited Hillary as an example of the 70-Year-old running for president, Hillary Clinton is probably the most qualified candidate in history, but her qualifications have become her most criticized place, people will say that we do not need a so "political" president. Women have no role models, we have been hearing difficult to identify with the link of the male success story version.

"What I want to say is that if we do not suffer from sex discrimination, we should not stay away from it, that discrimination does not exist, we should know that we are fortunate." It is because we are fortunate that we should support those who are not so fortunate, and I would like to invite more women to pay attention to this issue. 」

The Pocket is sonorous, she knows is the lucky child, therefore must use this Hard-won luck, makes the profound change. In the venture industry, in the masculine culture walk, she practice gas field, exercise emboldened, impact industry, give women an example, we can lift a better world.

Long Way to go, she said, dear woman, why do you always feel sorry for the world? Why do you always bow your shoulders and lock your chest; why don't you understand your potential, why you are used to settling down, the stage is in front, let us make the road, let the woman stand up.

Along the way, she looked forward to the role model, but also struggled to be an example of others, not because she was not afraid, but because she felt the deep need. "I believe in feminism, is to respect the hearts of women choice, if I can, I hope to make women's life more abundant and grand." "pocket sipped a cup of hot tea, and the words were warm.

When you are young, travel light: Achieve yourself and make the world

She immediately pointed to the eyes of the TWG tea bag said to me, you see this TWG, above written since 1837, is all marketing tactics, TWG is a decade of the brand, because Singapore is only 50 years of history. "I am a marketing-born, naturally like to distinguish the brand how to manipulate the public psychology and desire, old habits committed." She smiled, and I saw that her keen perspective was all in life.

Interview Pocket, she felt confident and humble, daring and forestall. She is in the world may be cruel, so she knows the sophisticated also do not forget the ideal, she is so young, the soul has gradually boil, she thought not only to achieve themselves, but also to achieve the world.

Finally, I asked her to give some advice to those who are interested in joining the VC field, as well as young women.

Collision, Curiosity, learning: For those of you who intend to join the venture capital field,

  1. Brave collision, understand their advantages: to have the courage to impact the industry, VC does need different backgrounds and knowledge level, different age, race, sex of people to join. Redefine yourself first, give yourself a chance to try, don't limit yourself with existing frameworks, and your abilities may be beyond your imagination.

  2. Keep curious, brave judgment: To do VC, have to have curiosity, and the new technology to the open mind. The advantage of women is that we are good at seeing people. Studies have shown that women have more active areas of the brain than men, meaning that women receive more information and subconscious data is more abundant and can make more accurate judgments.

  3. Willing to learn, also learn fast: basically to the commercial market to have proficiency, know how to analyze a project success and his pointer is what. But do not understand anything, you have to be willing to learn, but also to learn quickly, that is the most important. Many things are not now learning, but learning, investment is no exception, this is a pity the knowledge and skills.

Bold, faceted, frustrated: suggestions for the growth of young women,

  1. Many attempts, should be bold: when young, the least burden, can travel light, should be bold. You should only ask yourself two things, do you really love them? Can this field quickly enable you to grow yourself?

  2. Discover the many facets of yourself: This is the slash generation, you don't have to do a job all your life, or stop in a career category. Don't bundle yourself up and pursue a volunteer business without any consequences.

  3. Frustration is for you: encounter setbacks, you think, there is a whole world ahead, this is just small things. And say to myself, all frustration is born for me, not for me. It happens for you. Frustration is to temper your character, so that you become a stronger person, better face the future. (You will like: An interview with the founder of the Lin Yihan: entrepreneurship is not faster than who run, but insist on patient squatting )

Finally she also confessed that entrepreneurship is very lonely, become a good person, also very lonely, because the world often encourage mediocrity. But can we ask ourselves, do you want to do it, or do you wish to have a great life?

This year, I heard the Pocket message again, knowing that she was standing on the stage of fortune to speak for the women of the world, I knew she was moving on to the great road, and I believed that she was going all the way, to be an example, and not to be afraid to open the possibility that one day we would all be less lonely.