Women are obsessed with the service, the first question focus on women can take care of everything? Look at the Ku North really Greek handwriting quit showbiz letter, she le when human mother, some blessings, some pity, how do you think?

Debut that year, Ku North really Greek 14 years old, Showbiz road is very long, from the "transformation of wild boar sister" to "pattern teenage girl", she has many masterpiece. 14 years in the past, 28-year-old She was married the year before, when the vigorous, the crowd said is "0 days marriage", last year she gave birth to a child, gradually fade out of the curtain. In these days, she wrote a handwritten letter, announced the withdrawal of the showbiz, step down a bow, farewell fans, the future of my mind to leave the family.

Writing in writing, "I decided to leave my work all the way, now I have been a mother, and my loved ones have a happy day, I would like to fully protect this warm and precious happiness." I have discussed with my husband Mountain history, Sir, respect my mind, in the future we will join forces to build a loving family, for the fans who often support me, care for me, thank you for letting me through this brilliant 14 years. 」

Media claims that the days of the past, the former goddess, today is a husband to teach the son, the Netizen message discussion, Japanese culture is not willing to wife in the publicity, some people earnestly blessing, some people shout sadly, some doubt family happiness and workplace success conflict? And she seems to be very happy indeed.

All this is not strange, but the daily life of many women. Ever have Selina frankly afraid to do bad wife, now have Ku North true Greek music to go into the family, I always think, more women afraid to walk in this road struggle, difficult to determine how to walk to know her happy future. (Recommended reading: Gender Watch: For divorce Selina, no need to apologize for the "wife's position" )

We would like to further talk about how women face the choice of their own life and intimate relationship, how to identify the first and then how to define their own "everything"? Let us also admit that family relations to women, is a perennial difficult to solve the proposition, is the exploitation or happiness, there is no final decision; housewives are the original oppression of women, or can be recognized or even the housework to pay the occupation, also need to discuss together.

A letter from the Ku North Real-Greek to reflect on the roughness of the two-point method

Socialist feminism advocates that patriarchal society and capitalism are in collusion, men in the capital society, because of their masculine characteristics, get a higher reward, bring back enough food to support the family (family wage), in domestic relations, deepen the authority of his paternal father, virtually let women economically dependent on men, Weakening also single the position of women in society. Patriarchal society is linked to capitalism and is considered to be the root cause of women's repeated exploitation in the family and the effort to pay the invisible labor force.

In the capital society, housework linked to negative temperament is invisible and demeaning, the public domain/private sphere, the Work field/family place, the man/woman's two-point violence continues.

You might think that this is a phenomenon in which earner families have become commonplace and women are engaged in the pursuit of self in the workplace? With a closer look, it is not difficult to find that, in the face of family needs, the "wife and mother" role of the sanctity and moral sense, always summon women. Under the social structure of earner, women's self-identity and main position are still closely linked to the expectations of the female, and they are repeatedly internalized as women's value benchmarks. (same site recommendation: Sex Watch: Why do some women hate having children?) )

So most of the responsibility for family care is women, they may or may not be in her life expectancy, and she seems to have no choice.

From now to the future, a housewife's revolution

Think from another angle, we criticize the structure rather than the individual, theoretical claims will never precede individual freedom, we do not have to assume that the KU North really hope to go into the family is necessarily wronged, as she wrote in the letter, this is my decision, my phased mission, I at this moment the biggest desire.

I think, this time, maybe we should come to a housewife's revolution.

Why do housewives need a revolution? Because happiness is open, resistance to society to examine women's lives in a dualistic way, affixed with the best of the label, the pursuit of self achievement is happiness, caring people are happy, and these expectations, should not focus on single sex. Housewife's revolution, from affirmation this position and pay begin.

  1. Ken Identity: See Housewife's emotional pay and invisible labor, is willing to recognize this position and choice, also see its behind the subject of freedom and consultation process.

  2. Place to use: Parenting is an excellent place for education, with physical body oriented system oppression, so that children pay attention to gender consciousness, achievement change the key hub of social structure.

  3. Role change: We Talk about housewives now, also talk about the future of housewives. Housewives are the choice, but can housewives retire? When the housewife no longer wants this choice, does she have any margin to say? Who's going to take this position? What support can the community provide? (Recommended thinking: The day a housewife retires, live the life she wants )

If housewives choose, let the choice be more free. So maybe one day when we talk about housewives and family owners, it's really going to be a more neutral career option. We have to Fang to be a housewife and make a way for women who do not want to be housewives.

"Ask you questions" How can we discuss housewives?

In this age, shake the power of shaking in the palm of the hand. In addition to past discussions, how do you think we can discuss the role and position of housewives? Invite is the housewife of you, invite to the family issue feeling of you, invite not want to do housewife of you, you you you together answer.

You are welcome to write down your story, your thoughts, and also pay attention to the service to find solutions together.

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