Women who are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with their motivational and environmental implications, will be sharing their gender-related current affairs observations from short stories.

Emmahuasen on the fashion magazine "Glitz World" aroused public discussion, she was wearing subai knitted mesh hole blouse, chest line and under the breast magnanimous, straightforward to let some people reflect: "Modelling is too sexy, is contrary to Emmahuasen consistent feminist image." 」

What is the consistent feminist image? Was Emmahuasen dressed in a beige trench coat at the women's Office of the State of the country neat, or Emma Watson's white shirt suit trousers and Gloria Stein can talk to the order?

We cannot help thinking whether this is a misreading of feminism or a misunderstanding of Emmahuasen. (Recommended reading: Emmahuasen's Shocking United Nations speech: "Not only for women's rights, but both sexes can be free!") ")

Emmahuasen waving the banner of women's rights to undress?

"Vanity World" interview Emmahuasen in "Beauty and the Beast" (Beauty and the Beast) subversion of the Disney Princess image, by the Grapevine "Sun" to open the Emmahuasen a yellow cavity, newspaper "beauty and the chest (Beauty and the breasts)" and " Glitz World "empty to choke, sticky on a wild beast to help the beautiful waist of the stills, like a lament of the passing of feminism, shaking his head said" Emmahuasen should not be held aloft the feminist side of the dress.

Twitter columnist Julia Hartley-brewer: "Emmahuasen always said:" Feminism, feminism, gender pay difference ... No one has to listen to me carefully, but she forgot to say, "Oh, yes, this is my breasts!" 』」

The author's sneer is like a sort of aloof, feminist relationship with nudity and physical mutilation. Some people agreed to raise the banner of hate together, shouting Emmahuasen "hypocrisy", "double standard".

There are also netizens are palindrome: "I do not know the original feminist and dress regulations AH." "and" a feminist can be proud of her body at the same time. Emmahuasen's nude photographs do not detract from her position as a feminist. 」

Why do people think that defending the rights of the sexes cannot reveal their own bodies? We start from the "feminine appearance history of costume".

What should feminists wear? From burning bras to shaping

The 1949 Simompova wrote in the second Sex: "A man is not born a woman, but a society is formed." "Women shout Liberation, against beautiful oppression, they burn bras, throw high heels and lose lipstick, women try to escape from the object of being stared." 1960 years later, the image of "single Woman" rises, many city girls follow "cosmopolitan Dan" to mess up the image of the angel in the home, they wear a fashion suit shout I want orgasm. (Extended reading: The birth of Koemeng girl: Helengrie Brown's "Cosmopolitan Dan" Legend )

90 years later, Madonna's feminism in academia, she dared to expose the body, wearing a cone-shaped bra, so that the negative force to try to become a "welcome gaze" power, to open up a plurality of feminist possibilities.

So far, Hellevi put forward the "Seiberg Manifesto", the United States no longer only a canon, the whole type, machine prosthesis, the body of science and technology, when anything can become a woman's body, women's body to natural, the world began to rewrite the female identity.

Women can lose high heels, they can put on prosthetic limbs, can be gentle when they want to do housewife, and when they want to orgasm. However, chasing a "can" a high degree of initiative at the same time, there are many marginal women in mind or body wrapped in little feet, so Emmahuasen's nudity called some people misunderstood.

Because feminists should be fighting for the weak, so she can't be white, not bourgeois; because feminists take back the body's autonomy, so her stature is not appreciated, because feminists are liberating, and she should never again deepen the stereotype of female nudity ... And what about the demands of the feminists, do they expect Emmahuasen to always wear suits and shout for equality?

Equality is "I stand up and will not cause you to fall"

Lawyer Xu Xiuwen in a women's obsession with marriage for an affirmative interview talk. And I think it applies to the dialogue of feminism of different values.

There are 62 million girls out of school in the world, United Nations statistics in the United States every 6.2 minutes a girl was sexually abused. Emmahuasen have made their voices heard for them.

I suspect that the argument against Emmahuasen wearing too much to persecute other women is almost the same as "dress too short to be raped". You wear too much dew, so if someone gets hurt, it's your responsibility.

What is feminism talking about? In such a world of difference, equality is to allow more of the gender edge to have the same living conditions, and to open more choices, so that all genders can determine their own shape of life. (Extended reading:"Beauty and the Beast" Emmahuasen declaration: No prince, also can be a Princess )

In fact, the question, Emmahuasen, has long been answered when others question their white identity. "Recognizing your strengths does not mean forgetting the rights of other communities," he said. I have mentioned my luck and all the advantages I have had in a total of five times in my speech to the United Nations #HeForShe. So I tried so hard to hope that one day, other women would have the same opportunities as me. I cannot speak on behalf of these women, but I can share the experience of others with my own influence to more people know. 」

We cannot live in a world without class and power, but we look forward to a future where there is a personal claim to wear and take off, and we look forward to a society that does not need to be protected or repressed to protect the safety of women. (Recommended you see: written in the HUSH MV ban: "Do not undress for art, I will be dirty?" ")

Emmahuasen faded clothes, people should also fade to examine women's colored glasses, as well as stereotypes of feminists. Regardless of gender, your body, you come to the decision.