The BBC video exploded and Robert Kelly became the hottest dad in the near future. Let's put it another way, what if Robert Kelly is a woman today?

You must have seen the BBC's red video recently, live visit, experts comment on the Korean politics, two children accidentally broke in, babbling want to find Dad play, the screen rushed into another woman, hurriedly busy to two children out of the lens, experts face a little embarrassing apology.

The public domain and the private domain stir in a piece, people only then realizes, the screen front man, is comments the Korean political Science scholar, is also two children's father.

The world needs him and his family needs him.

Robert Kelly, a political scholar at Busan University, probably never thought that it would be such a sudden red, but also accidentally set off the public and private Sector Division, family responsibilities and the lively discussion of transnational marriage. Robert Kelly's wife, Jung-a Kim, was again interviewed by the BBC, a family in front of the camera cute, he again stressed that this is my home, sitting next to me, is my wife. (Recommended reading:"Vision re-news" BBC Red video behind: No identity of Asian women )

And let's think about it from another angle, what happens to Robert Kelly today as a woman? Do we have different expectations?

If Robert Kelly is a woman,

Another video recently sparked a lively discussion, using Robert Kelly's situation, is a real talk about the plight of women in the workplace.

In the picture, she was wearing a suit coat, a plausible assessment of political affairs, the mind still Pentium, to the child's mouth stuffed bottles, intimate coax children, responsible for cooking dinner, cleaning toilets, handling housework, but also accept her husband to not wash the socks recites her a few words. She is more like a Superman woman, live in multiple time axis, also be required to professional calmly, everything to achieve perfection, right, still have to keep smiling, face without scowl. (Recommended reading: housekeeping, false orgasm, smile service: Emotional labor is not a woman's gift )

I think, how many women in the workplace are the daily life? They are expected to professional performance, the perfect shoulder housework, both in the workplace and in the family to pay more "priceless" also "free" emotional labor. The double demands of the workplace and the family make them more likely to be motherhood by the "mother-penalty", which requires more effort to get a raise and a promotion.

Care for children is "priceless", accompany the child's growth is "priceless", priceless has a dual meaning, both precious and never substantively quantified. Do you know? All the "priceless" compliments are the perennial wear and tear of women.

And how does gender change, and we take it for granted that this is the duty of women in the workplace? We don't expect the male role of caring for a child in the picture? Such rigid expectations are a burden for both men and women.

Absent male figure, give career women a solution

We also have to ask whether the male reproduction in the video is another enhancement of gender stereotypes? Men are not familiar with the housework, even socks do not know how to deal with, working women have to do the whole family's mother, sacred and superhuman "mother" at the same time, also pushed men away from the housework work details. (same field Gayon: gender observation: After where did dad go, why "Mom is Superman"?) )

The woman is tired, but the man does not have the door to enter, had to plunge into the work force more forcibly, with the economic forced feedback family. Earner family of the contemporary, such a gender default, the reverse reinforcement should have become the past-style "male outside, female master" distribution.

"We need to redefine the roles of men and give them the means to take on a parenting career." In order to liberate the female bondage, we also want to liberate the male bondage. Women should shoulder the responsibility of housework, is a very solid gender stereotypes, not only deepen the discrimination against women, but also limit male participation and male and family members of interaction and links. --Anne Hathaway

Are there any solutions to the plight of women in the workplace? In a United Nations address , Anne Hathaway put forward the concept of "paid maternity leave" for parents, making it more painless for dads to assume parental responsibilities, allow household weights to be redistributed, and allow individuals to develop an appropriate interaction before a gender role.

To the working women a solution, but also to the housewife a substantial recognition: to give the value of domestic work, open the broad path of parental participation, only in this way, when we talk about everything, we can go beyond the "workplace" and " Family "two dollars pull with sex default, let women in the path of self pursuit, bloom more lively possibility.