Reading the Tokyo Women's Guide to read the life of a woman in Tokyo, you are also a yearning for freedom but the social bondage of women? Together to see, do not want to be fed women, why can not have the happiness of the market?

The Tokyo Women's Guide is a bitter pill for the restless girls. Side-written women who have dreams, also write women's dreams broken. They are unwilling to be fed women, urban women's strange and bizarre encounters, seems to point to the same question: What kind of life is happy? (Extended reading: Gender and birth should not determine our life!) "Everyone should have equal happiness" Li Yanji exclusive interview )

When the man replied, "We just like the innocent, nothing woman," she laughs, sorry, always naïve to her is sad, nothing life is wasted. "Tokyo Women's Guide" is a difficult woman's mind, advertising products to declare women independent, society but they want them to return to the family; The boss expects women to have ideas and partners not to be too clever.

Tokyo is a symbol of the success of the hinterland, so that suburban girls yearning fairy tales. But not the individual has a pair of glass shoes, women to fight for the limit of the two, want to become the envy of the template, as if that would be happy. Only the protagonist in this way to the end, the original finally become a successful woman, does not mean to become a successful person.

Women with the same effort and capital, with a man's financial power, she is a beautiful magazine of the progressive women, but the marriage market no one wants to take home the leftover. "The Tokyo Women's Guide" is to anger "the perfect female nurturance" The heavy fist, writes conditions the honest cruelty.

What if a woman chooses to be a girl who does not need all the pain and the one who likes it?

The city is bustling and stirring overturned, this is the best time for women, but also the worst of women's times. Share with you the classic lines of the Tokyo Women's Guide, and ask yourself when it's too late: if we still have a choice, what kind of person can we be?

The meaning of effort, not success

Say what efforts, as long as their own efforts even if did not do, can be forgiven, just a spoiled brat. What's the point of working hard without results?

The Women's Handbook of Tokyo

There are always moments when we wonder what we're trying to do. When I was sitting in an empty office, walking home alone, my friends were all married. Are we wondering if this is the end of the effort? Or why have the original desire of everything, now is not happy up.

The protagonist Ling passed a life that only wants to let others envy, from the countryside to move to the city she forced herself to catch the Tokyo girl's trot, no one can deny her teeth to fight a step-by-step practice of the ideal, she does not have to be small indeed to elaborate on their own life, life in the way of KPI.

When you are more than 20 years old, others say you want to be able to become a strong woman, so you become a, three teens, people say if you are not married is a dog, so you knot. We follow the perspective of Ling, step by step to see the truth of Life, the original success is all failure, the original divorce than marriage is much easier. (Recommended reading: Farewell to Divorce psychology: Learn to separate, to be well together )

Drama brutally told Tokyo Women: even if you work hard, you have your own breakthrough social norms, by your birth limit, by your gender limited, now position, is the place you can go furthest.

Hard work doesn't make sense, but without hard work, you will have nothing.

Can only go forward: absolute happiness does not exist

"Greedy women like me will not be satisfied with the happiness at hand, but have repeatedly advised themselves to stop, and walk forward." Do not know how to meet, greedy women, only this jealousy also as a life condiment to taste, is a real urban woman. 」

We live in a time when women are encouraged to fight like men, but the age does not provide a significant resource of success for women. So in the end, a lot of women will find, how can I work harder, still can't get "happiness"?

Ling is also such a woman, the story is very honest, not everyone has the ability to live out of their hearts really desire. The girl chasing in the city especially, when the script asked "What do you want most in your life?" "She just greedy to answer, I do not know, I always have more want of things."

What is happiness? is to have a matching partner? Or do you have the freedom to be single? (same field Gayon: single diary serial )

Perhaps absolute happiness does not exist, because we always want to be happier.

I don't want to be the only woman waiting in bed

Feel my pain, look down on me like this? Then please remember, you now to my superiority, now, only ten years after you.

The Women's Handbook of Tokyo

A woman who wants to talk about a vigorous relationship in the city, in the face of a single happy Woman standard, she tried to live more sentimental: "Before 30 years old to date in Samsung Michelin, to be good men to marry, to have their own children, and then there will be a husband would give themselves to the Hermes bag, children will be in what elite schools." 」

Ling is determined to become all the envy of the kind of woman, do not have to like her, as long as the envy of her enough. She did it for this obsession, the pursuit of her own will is very strong, she has no time for lovelorn crying. In the end she became the magazine "Women are looking forward to the woman", through their own efforts, competent, beautiful, each of these points are solid.

But in reality, Ling also wrong hand many love. But Ling thought it was not a pity, because those men, gave her a momentary pleasure and material, but she wanted her life waiting at home, waiting in bed. Some people, in addition to marriage can give you anything, some people, in addition to love you worthless.

Ling seems to be lucky to have not come to this stage of the audience said, do not think you can be too good life now, you can but in the gender world will be a little bit more. We have to the world to put forward the question of gender identity, while efforts to allow ourselves to continue to survive, it is very bitter, but this is ling close to the cost of ideal happiness. (Extended reading:"Love big things" all the mating conditions, are "good" excuse )

Ambition can be soft if you have an attempt.

When unmarried, it is said that "marriage is a woman's happiness", and after marriage is said that "the birth of a child is a woman's happiness", this kind of silent stress, the definition of a woman's happiness endlessly forced. 」

Ling with Love in exchange for the material is painful, she tried marriage frustration is also, but she did not reconciled, because even if she chose the daily necessities of life, it is not her want to live. Look forward to a person holding hands in the beautiful moonlight, happy to shed tears of life has been too far away from her, after all, she does not want to become a day for her husband to buy food folding clothes woman, the era of choice, let her make every now a well-deserved choice.

The drama refracts the viewer's heart, if you look forward to love, perhaps you will look a little lost, doubt what is true, if you aspire to career, look at the confusion, questioning what is a dream. Not every choice we can have a well-deserved, but at least she is assured that the heart has to, and then pursue, after, do not regret. (Extended reading: you have to work very hard to look effortless )

If you also want more people, please do not feel too greedy, your efforts deserve more.

Happiness is the popular culture of copying

"Small happiness, then feel so small and feel sad, so let go, now know how to do this little happiness is not easy, so far everything that has happened, probably in order to recognize this truth and around the long distance bar." 」

She became the woman she wanted to be--envied by all women. She has made her ambition, and she only fights for herself. But she looked at the roadside octopus burning vendors, thinking of their own image now is not suitable for the feast, another kind of happiness will be lost.

Some people can live a small gentle, some people can only live wide wild. The script gory points out the facts of the Times: when we live as independent women of victory, it may be the loser in the marriage market.

If Aya could have known and longed to manipulate her desires, would she have come again? She will, she does not want a stable life, but that imitation culture under the fucking everything freedom. The woman in the three-Xuan tea house imitates the woman in Tokyo and the woman in Tokyo imitates the Parisian woman. We always think of more difficult classes to enter, to get more general happiness, but in the end, happiness has become very popular, because no matter who want freedom, so everywhere selling symbols of freedom of advertising products, no matter who wants to be beautiful, so the world packaging layers of icing, gorgeous and decadent. (Extended reading:"ma xin" "Paper Moon" Why do women make a happy spokesperson )

Jump off People's successful market: I don't have time to imitate you.

It's the king's job to do good work and be a better person than to spend a lot of money imitating others.

The Women's Handbook of Tokyo

Ling once disdain to play the love game only Shaw women, she felt that look at the same age girls in the love market is very angry. Through the plastic, slimming, Flower arranging class card upload to deploy a false temperament ..., to a more gold man spoiled, "seems" than she worked hard 10 years to come faster "success." She saw through the so-called Tokyo Woman's false happiness, had been abandoned the San, had failed to end the marriage, Ling only to find their own success.

Life is like a pair of shoes, there are brand-name shoes, have popular shoes, have high heels, have canvas shoes, only wearing a fit, can go far.

Maybe we won't be such good adults, but at least we can stop ourselves from becoming the most annoying kind. We are carrying the burden of life on the side to clean up their own legacy of the mess, we have a parasitic, a fantasy life, who lives is not such a turn.

No matter what kind of woman you are, you want to live arrogant or open very low very low, I hope you can not concede to life, do not linger on their own let pass to the reality of the give up, because you have been your exchange to the freedom or stability.

Dear you, do not eat the premium steak, but also miss the original with you to eat bubble noodles person; If you have a kitchen with garlic and baby powder, do not linger on your smelling and sneezing flowers.