She used to "people" to the temperature of women, comrades, the poor class voice, breaking the "Life of Victory Group", "Capitalist Woman", "rich second-generation" label.

For me, "man" is always the care I most want to understand.

The Social Democratic candidate, Li Yanji, has come in this way with a passion for "people," before visiting Li Yanji, I don't understand her very much, I only know Li Yanji in a while ago because "friends Dadong Mayor Li Yanyao of the women in the election" and caused a wave of discussion. In which, some people ridiculed her as the daughter of the capitalist, and the party's Social Democratic Party "with the people stand together" concept of conflict, but also questioned if she was elected, will not violate the commitment to the electorate, to the welfare of the elite.

father is the market value of up to 180 billion yuan Enterprise Group chairman, and all the way with the north of a female, Taiwan major law double major social Work department, the French Academy of Social Sciences and the Paris Tenth University double Master's degree of high education, this seems to be a very prosperous girl, in front of the public is so posted on a Zhang "Rich second generation", "Life victory Group", "female capitalist" label. (Recommended reading:"Smart does not equal to excellent" era: Take off the school coat What do you have left? )

But in the process of the visit, Li Yanji with her smile and words very down-to-earth erase these labels, fully presented she will only be "Li Yanji", also can only be "Li Yanji" appearance. Talk with Li Yanji, will unknowingly receive her delivered out of the temperature, because she for "people" have persistent concern, in those direct a word, Li Yanji is sensitive and sharp, sophisticated but kind-hearted, but always do not forget to embrace people.

As she campaigned for the manifesto: "Gender and descent should not determine our lives." "She let me see the rich and powerful children will not just low pay and high house prices accomplices, on the contrary, Li Yanji life direction has always been unrelated to her origin, she does not aspire to illusory wealth and fame, only stubbornly want to use their ability to help every flesh and blood of the street.

so she became a lawyer, in the case of the undertaking but always with the father of the group cutting, office marriages, domestic violence, sexual assault and other family cases with few profit-making spaces ; so she joined a new political party with no money, no resources, no fame, only ideas and dreams, and political opinions directed at the consortium. , I hope that the government's policies can really stand with the people , so she saw that happiness should not be taken for granted, so she uses her own laws and social workers ' professions to strive for the rights and interests of gays, women and poor people.

(Photo source: Li Yanji face book )

The light of Li Yanji is not defined by whose daughter she is, nor by the appearance of the winning group of life, but by a genuine embrace of enthusiasm for the person. Can everyone have a basic amount of "happiness"? No matter what kind of interest, can enjoy in the process, not afraid of the community has a strange evaluation? No matter what sexual orientation, can freely say love, for each other's future no longer feel uneasy? No matter what kind of work, can find a balance of pleasure and work, survival is no longer in exchange for health? We want the happiness is very simple, and Li Yanji forward in the distance, it is expected that everyone can equally equal to have the happiness limit.

"Man" is always the most wanted to discuss in life

Li Yanji's choice of life revolves around "man", in high school she found herself fascinated with "people", particularly interested in interacting with others, that each story was absolutely unique, that happiness and pain, physical experience, and the flow of lust would not be repeated by a second person, And so bent to explore all the people, yearning to read the anthropological department of Li Yanji, and later in Yincuoyangcha, Li Yanji to the law department.

"So you have been so willing to stay in the law department since then?" I asked Li Yanji curiously, but she smiled and replied: "Not at all." I was really confused when I first went to the law department. "When I first started law school, I found that I had few opportunities to interact with people in the course, the cold cold law is not interested in the Li Yanji, so choose to go all the way to" people "drilling, and the other two major social work department, in two departments of different educational methods, Li Yanji gradually found his passion lies in and positioning.

After graduating from college, Li Yanji The social Work Master's license, in the late Qing Association to assist the lost marriage of women more than a year, and later because in the association, she saw too many women because of the legal problems, and difficult to break free, so she chose to go back to the law of the road, to obtain a lawyer's license, And in France after the return of their own office, to become a full-time family law lawyers, the number of cases connected with divorce, family violence, sexual assault and so on. (Recommended reading: sexual violence is not a female issue, but a human rights issue )

In the field of lawyers, not many people choose a full-time family law, "because this type of case is not going to make a lot of money." "Li Yanji and I explain. "But I think it's the best job that can be combined with my two majors, because family law is the most relevant work for people." "Do not go international business cases, for the gender issues of continuous efforts to Li Yanji, want to achieve the dream is still" people-oriented ", hoping to make everyone have a better life.

From the Li Yanji of the office layout, can also be seen from the details of her "people" care. In her office with Guo Yiqing lawyer, Zhangjiaoru lawyer, in addition to the arrangement of very gentle style, but also specially set up a special place of children's book area.

I asked Li Yanji about the role of the children's book, she said to me with a consistent smile: "I want to let the child remember the shape of love, not after the distance after the quarrel." 」

Because there are a lot of couples who come to the office to seek divorce assistance, feelings have gone to the end, and no love between the words, only the sharp rival, Li Yanji don't want to see the children in the scene of parents, so she was in the room, especially in consultation outside, another opened a district to children open space, Let the child not be a victim of emotional rift.

Marriage should not be a woman's 30 inevitable anxiety

"Sex is the subject that I have been studying and defending. "Li Yanji, who had studied women's courses in college, had a close relationship with her first job after graduating from college." "I was thinking that there was a place where I could be a social worker and be concerned about gender issues, so it was my first choice," he said. "A talk about the late Qing Association, Li Yanji a smile, because she met a group of people from the marriage dilemma out of the strong women."

"I used to think that sometimes I didn't help the divorced women, but they let me study," he said. "During the work of the Association, Li Yanji saw that each relationship was an exercise.

Women who have a husband after an affair usually have three stages of change: The beginning is to lose self-confidence, constantly questioned where they are not good enough, the husband will be faithless, the second stage is to feel confused, slowly groping, for their own way to prepare, the last stage is a metamorphosis is strong and beautiful, Whether or not a partner can be a brilliant self, in the final stage of the sisters can not only be comfortable with themselves, but also to help the sisters in the first two stages. With the experience of the past, holding hands together through the storm of the lost marriage, such "sisterhood" is also Li Yanji most deeply touched the place.

"These sisters are showing me the marriage thing with their own experience," she said. "In the emotional world, the good marriage is not the world fall, is the need to operate, and too many women in the marriageable age by social values are confused, before ready, rashly entered the marriage." From the association to the establishment of their own office, saw too many tears Li Yanji that marriage is not a necessary option for women, and too many women subconsciously still think that finding a good husband is more important than the breakthrough of the ego.

"When a woman marries, her freedom is limited," she said. "Li Yanji," he said, sternly. Women in marriage, often to take care of the role of women, even if the march so far, has been more than 30 years of history, but the marriage of the power structure has not been loosened. Now we will not hear the sexist language as evident in the past, but the implicit oppression in marriage and the family is still there, giving women a lot of bondage.

"For women in politics, why are there so few female politicians?" she said. Li Yanji raised the question, the reason behind this is often because we think that women should take care of a good family before they can enter the political arena, because first of all, the private housekeeping should be able to handle the public affairs, but we do not have the same standards for men. In women have to go into the workplace now, is required to work and family also have to take into account often only women, one after another was asked "perfect" female Superman was born, in our praise of their hard, but no one asked them how the pressure to ease. (same field Gayon: When a mother is a choice, not an obligation: A woman who doesn't want to have a baby doesn't have to explain to society )

In a framework where marriage is generally considered to be two families, rather than two persons, the system is not necessarily suitable for all, but the social atmosphere is always " Women's youth Limited "to threaten, let a woman think marriage is to 30 years old process, and if you choose not to have children after marriage, the pressure will be like a flood of, we all ask you the meaning of marriage where?" Where do couples and families go in the future without having children after marriage?

"Do we have a personal choice?" he said. Li Yanji asked, she always thought to relax the imagination of intimate relations, and respect for individual autonomy, today regardless of women marry and have children, women in marriage and family have subjectivity, do not bother to explain themselves repeatedly with others. There is never a clear-cut division between the public and private spheres, because the family is not only a woman's responsibility but also a state's responsibility.

To walk softly and stubbornly into the field of politics

(Photo source: Li Yanji Face book )

Li Yanji has always been a methodical person, breaking into the political field was an accident. From the big to go abroad to study, return to business, Li Yanji Life is in the expected plan, step-by-step gradually realized. This election, for the past she is never in the life of the list of choices.

"When the Convenor Fan Yun came to ask me, I thought about gender equality, so I went." "Li Yanji said, Li Yanji, a director of the Women's Knowledge Foundation, has long and Fan Yun been working on the gender Equality Movement in Taiwan, but they also see that only a handful of legislators, such as Belle and Teresa, are working in Congress, so they also want to bring such a sense of equality into Congress.

Li Yanji has a wealth of gender equality movement experience, but also pay special attention to the issue of pluralism, including in the case of gay partner adoption, Zhongtian News tornado smear Huang case, 324 of the Administrative yuan suppression cases are acting as ad litem. "It may be said that the way we want to go to Congress is another way of thinking from the top down, but if there is more to be possible, why don't we try?" 」

For Li Yanji and the Social Democrats, they want to tell voters: "We have more options." "Politics can be done not just by choosing between two rotten apples, but by being able to have a really good apple that stands with the people, unlike traditional politicians, who deserve to be trusted to vote with voters."

Li Yanji also shared a story with me: big Turtle and JoJo are a pair of gay couples, they know each other, love each other and support each other for more than 15 years. Three years ago, they worked together for artificial reproduction, Zhou Zhouseng a pair of twins, two novice parents get up three o'clock in the morning to help their children to feed, watch the children learn to walk and talk, daily transport children to and from school. Their lives are like all heterosexual couples, full of affection and love, and all kinds of elements related to "family". However, the current law does not allow big turtles to become legal parents of two children. Li Yanji has tried many ways with the gay couple to open a press conference, a parade, a court, or a public hearing in the legislature, but the opposition in Congress still presses all voices concerned about gender equality.

"If Congress has been dominated by a committee without sex consciousness, the changes we expect will never happen," he said. "For Li Yanji, the change of State system is still important, because the voice we shout outside the system will eventually return to the system to bring about change, and a policy or bill can affect a person's life." just like 15 years ago, no one knew what a home control law was. We still uphold the idea of not entering the house, but today, under the influence of law and society, people's values are guided to a different direction, no longer see the family violence is a personal matter, gay marriage is also the case, Sometimes it takes a system first to allow everyone to have a better version of the freedom of life under the rule of law.

"Miss this election, will I regret it?" "Li Yanji's answer is yes, because for her gender equality, class equality, welfare state is important, so she wants to enter the political field, in order to never give up the concept of efforts." When values clash, try to communicate and convince others to see the possibility of another life.

"To get into the election, people will see the determination to choose." "The Li Yanji of the present is firm, for she is convinced that if the third force is unsuccessful, will be because they do not work hard enough to give voters a trustworthy choice, the words of care to say gently, but do not want to be changed by the world of the idea to stubbornly defend, such a Li Yanji is gentle and stubborn to the unknown political field to go. (You will also like: the gentle philosophy of a strong woman: listen to women fans, CEO and editor-in-chief chat work )

The system should not, of course, exclude others.

For Li Yanji, gay marriage, the long license system, and public education are the systems she deems most urgent to establish. Li Yanji has a dream that everyone can be "relieved" in Taiwan.

As a mother, can "peace of mind" to send their children to a quality- assured non-profit child garden, the cost of the month is no longer a heavy pressure. As a comrade, the "Peace of mind" day counts as everything starts with the plural, and the plan "after" has each other. As a need to take care of the elderly, patients, can "peace of mind" to be accompanied, do not have to worry about the long hospital bed without filial piety, so that the family members of the heart of the pain long-term down into the care of the body and mind pressure

easy to live, but hard to Li Yanji, the ideal of Taiwan for everyone can be the place to settle down. We always have a faint head in life, but then the test is long. The most important thing for the government is to reassure the people, and the so-called sense of security is not made by words, nor by feelings, but real, with every day, to let people feel hope, not to let people open their eyes every day to worry about the present. (Extended reading: Taiwanese, why are you so busy?) )

In 2008, Li Yanji to France, five years of exotic experience, let her for the first time deeply felt as a "foreigner" taste, but also let her first experience the "social democracy" culture shock.

in France, it is no longer normal to leave work on time; at the beginning of the six-month period, parents can apply for public nurseries or kindergartens near the community to allow their children to receive proper care when their parents are working. In addition, the French Government provides rental subsidy and public housing popularization policy, so that people do not have to buy a house, and a monthly heavy pressure on the loan; When elders are in need of care because of their old age, the government provides day home care, supplementary assistance and public sector care services, Will enable the elderly to enjoy diversified and high-quality care and living arrangements. She saw a sound social security system, how to let people even in the face of important events such as sickness and death, can still be equal and free to confront.

It is not difficult to achieve such a life, as long as the establishment of a fair tax system, to increase the tax standards for the consortium and the rich, so that everyone in society can live such an equal and free life.

So pluralistic equality is the most persistent concept of the social Democratic Party, because a system should be to make all choices free, and not to exclude certain people and ethnic groups, we can not because of differences, to create unexplained differential treatment. And unity is another social democratic pursuit of the future, Li Yanji hope that people with ability should be able to help the weaker groups, class inequality should not be enlarged, otherwise confrontation and conflict can not be bridged flat.

(Photo source: Li Yanji Face book )

"To be steadfast in one's will, to be perplexed on behalf of you are faced with many conflicts of worry." "At the end of the visit, Li Yanji shared this phrase with us.

to believe in yourself, because we are the most understanding of their own people, Li Yanji think that women because from childhood to be educated to take care of other people's thoughts, so sometimes too much to blame their own, but if you do not believe in themselves, how can we let others believe you? Some things you have to believe that it will exist, you have to believe in yourself, to believe in choice, do not have to worry about fear, because you are the choice, only those who believe in their choice, can grasp their own . (Extended reading:"believe yourself to do great things!") "To borrow billions of dollars and let sportsmanship take root in Taiwan" Xu Zhengxian

Far away, there is a dream for Li Yanji. Not to dream of beauty, but to dream of pain. Even if the scenery in the distance , in reality and not satisfactory, Li Yanji also always adhere to, because to the distance we can achieve the desire , in the familiar place no scenery. This has been concerned about the "people" of the Li Yanji, to take the story of all the far away.