Vision , with 1,000 words to share with you the weight of the world.Today, when Li Mingzhe disappeared for a month, Li said in a statement that freedom and dignity should not be selected only one after another.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) party leader Li Mingzhe disappeared three weeks ago from Macau, China, three weeks after he entered Hong Kong from Macau.Subsequently, China's Taiwan affairs office confirmed that Li Mingzhe was under investigation by the Chinese government for allegedly "endangerting national security activities".The slogan "Finding Lee Ming Chol" from "Finding Li Mingzhe" to "releasing Li Mingzhe" turned anger into anger. China still had no official response to it.

On March 31, Li De-yu signed a statement to show that he was personally going to Beijing to rescue her husband, Li Mingzhe." Before I saw Li Mingzhe in person, I did not admit the words of Li Mingzhe, because this could be a non-self-determined expression made under the threat."

On April 7, the Taiwan Human Rights Council held a press conference in the Legislative Yuan for "International Solidarity with Li Mingzhe, Public Security Department, and Action".

On April 10, Li Mingzhe's wife Li, who was intercepted by her wife, was stopped at the airport. She made a statement saying, " China is such a powerful country, but it's like this terrible act of action. I have no words to ask."

She immediately made a copy of the broker's letter, revealing the threat, refusing to say that if she stopped her husband's public activities, Li Mingzhe would be released; and if she insisted she would be forced to publicly confuse her guilt.

press conference, Lee had a deep lock in her eyebrow, and her husband was unable to find her husband's hand in her hands. Where was her husband?What kind of experience does the husband receive?She doesn't know.

Human Rights Disappearing, Women in the Rescue

This is not the first time someone has disappeared without being forced to confuse an offence, nor will it be the first time a woman has been rescued.

Human rights are a dirty word in China. In China, an activist lawyer who faces an adverse judicial environment, he must be scared of his own heart.There were incidents, codenamed 709, during the period between July 9, 2015 and July 7, 2016, when lawyers and rights activists were interviewed, summoned, restricted from leaving the country, and later on were released. People were found guilty of being wronged, and some people were lost.(Sibling: " My power is weak, but I am not afraid of Wang Yu, an advocacy lawyer kidnapped by China )

709 families have seen their husbands disappear and their trust in the government has collapsed. The police brutality into their homes and searched them. They dragged their children and knew that they had to take care of their children and take care of their family. They had to go to the law to take care of the law and to make a road to international lobbying.

Later, we saw the guilty plea of Wang Yu, Zhou Shifeng's trial sentence, the legal process, and the resistance made by Li's wife Wang Qiaoling, who took her husband's defender and won the Defa Human Rights and Rule of Law Award at the end of last year.

When the channel was long and the Taiwan's cellular card was cancelled, Lee was still on the road.She is a worker who has long been studying the history of white terror. She knows too well that the horror of terror has never been far away. She is not a history. She has changed her face and is still reaching out to the individual.(Sibling: [Miao Boja] Transform justice, it is to avoid the next 2:28 )

didn't cry for tears, and she didn't want to cry. The media didn't make her fragile. When she opened a press conference, she was upright and upright, and she wanted to stand up to her human rights and make herself stand up to human rights.

Li Mingzhe was arrested, and she opened a press conference, not only as a wife to return, but also as a powerful voice that should not be erased from the value of the human rights holder.

Don't tell me freedom and dignity, we can only choose one

The reason why the unofficial broker culture is rejected is because if we don't stand up against it, our future will be kidnapped forever, " Lee told a press conference on Monday.

I can't lose the dignity of the Republic of China for the rescue of my husband. Don't tell me freedom and dignity. We can only choose one or two of them, and don't give me such an option. This is not the attitude we have in this land that we grow on this land.

Li Net

"I will report to you that I will stand up again and never beg, as I have seen before in the history of Taiwan. I have to fight. I will not let my husband lose his dignity for freedom, like a dog living in the future."China's strength will only deprive us of our lives and freedom, but it will definitely not break our dignity.— — Li Net Yu

the morning of the 11th, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the power of the Times all made proposals to the Legislative Yuan urging China to release Li Mingzhe as soon as possible, and to release the alleged criminals and release the places of detention as soon as possible, and to ask the government to communicate with the other side.

Li's remark made a little bit of relief in such a dark moment.

We work hard because all human rights workers, all of them who want to bring hope to any corner of human rights, are innocent.We have to prove that the defence of human rights is worth it.

Li Net

Saving lives doesn't need to be low-key, human rights are loudThe incident of Li Mingzhe has only just begun, and the dark tide is a rush. We need to pay more attention to the issue of the incident.