All-linked ads tell the audience that old can be fashionable. However, the Taiwanese people are not as positive as the whole advertising, many people are afraid of old, ignore the old, in the market of love, women in particular.

"There is a popular, no matter how the big environment changes, never at any time to grow old." 」

All-Union economic aesthetics again play fashion cards, inviting old people to wear white T:

"Nine to five I retire, and I will never retire." 」
"Who says I'm an eye, who's cheap I see clearly"

In the age of the Society of Taiwan, we saw the years on the runway feel fresh, old can be fashionable, old can have attitude, old can classic. This year's Ministry of the Interior data shows that Taiwan's elderly population for the first time more than the infant population, in the future we will live in more elderly Taiwanese society. However, the Taiwanese do not seem to have a positive attitude towards the "old" ads, many people are afraid of the old, even ignore the old, in the market of love, women in particular.

Not everyone is old enough to have an attitude.

The entire Union for the elderly wrote a new poem-The elderly "also" can be young mentality, the elderly "also" can dress themselves. Grandma wear sunglasses smear on lipstick, usually wear plastic tow feet on white cloth shoes, the traces of the years to cover up, fashionable taste full. (Extended reading: to be a lifelong urchin!) Who says it's too old to be romantic? )

However, our society is more of the wearing of plastic dragged grandma. It is valuable to encourage the elderly to regain their vigor, but not every old person has considerable resources to buy the "attitude" of the capital society.

The "Dirty old Man" in Japan had a collective dilemma for the elderly, a group of "senior citizens who have little income, no savings, and can only rely on pensions to live on," and Taiwan is on the road, according to the authors of the dirty old hands.

Think of this group rely on the country's meager subsidy to survive the elderly alone, while picking up the recovery side to find the next meal, I do not have the heart to tell them, now has a kind of old people fashion, nearly two years fashionable fashion circle of the old model also came to Taiwan.

Before we discuss how the elderly in Taiwan are going to get out of the "negative ideology", let's talk about the plight of older women.

Anti-old, beautiful witch, defy the old?

Echoing the full union of the introduction of the elderly fashion runway, foreign senior model Daphne Selfe, Carmen Dell ' Orefice,benedetta Barzini in the past two years particularly popular, many brands Center, advocating "properly maintained can also be old elegance", " Enough to love oneself can be old beautiful "banner, resort to" female power. "

This may encourage more women not to be afraid of the old, and may also allow more women to enter the wrong thinking of aging. When the young fashion industry is open to welcoming older women, what we are thinking is, can women be applauded for more authentic gestures? (same field Gayon:"ripe age nude Painting album" The Years Never withered! Women's body is not only because of "youth" but the United States

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Japan magazine has swept the "Beauty Witch Unit", to 40 years of age over the transformation of women to show the "middle-aged after the maintenance of women," the appearance, from slimming to micro-integral, to the vast number of women into the elderly, is the most brutal false inspirational story-you do not become beautiful for yourself, you do not love yourself, do not love yourself, you even do not love yourself, Why does society love you, the old man?

We are happy to see that middle-aged women can live out more atypical versions, but that does not mean that we must oppress the "natural step to the old" female choice. Why "looks young old" to be the only? Why is "energetic old" an attitude?

The name of the United States is to love themselves, more people resist the face of the old facts, so the majority of women a successful template for an elderly woman.

Age discrimination, with no love for an old woman

Age discrimination is widely reproduced in the media and society, women's capital and young beauty hook, compared to the older women of the whole society is "asexual", "lack of charm." Our view of the sexual immorality of female elders is also a bias of patriarchal domination of disadvantaged women, and the double oppression of gender and age makes women more vulnerable. Age discrimination comes from men who fear that "authority" is stripped of women older than themselves, as mentioned in the "Way of watching" book:

"In a patriarchal society, men manipulate the gaze of power, women are set in the role of being stared, women are shaped to please men, which means that the outward beauty is the only measure of the value of women, and beauty will decay as the age increases." At the same time, aging equals authority, and older women make men lose the dignity and status they should have. Therefore, the "old Woman" discrimination, in fact, contains the double meaning of sex discrimination and age discrimination, the latter is based on the former. 」

When the old age becomes a huge undertaking, and the middle-aged women become more laborious, they must avoid their physical experience and try to imitate how old they are in the popular culture. Simone de Beauvoir said that the elderly women are a group of "The other among Us", their large number, but not the interest of everyone, therefore, marginalization, discrimination and inequality, is the "old woman" social life starting point.

If young girls are deeply oppressed by patriarchal societies, older women are more likely to feel pain as they enter the old age. Perhaps you remember the fairy tale of the old woman's body: slouching hunchback deformed, comical, and sexually aroused, the elderly woman's body was isolated and isolated, and the system lacked goodwill towards the old women. Perhaps we should learn how to love a woman's real aging before she can live until she is old.

Young girls, we don't have to laugh at women's old age, whether she wears a bra or wears a diaper, is a woman of complete personality.

The old women, no longer have time to deal with the expectations of others, hope that society can give women this freedom-let her smile on the body, let her collapsed face no longer anxious.

(Marna Clarke)

The real plight of older women

The real life of an older Taiwanese woman is more likely to be this: they are seen as a market knockout, losing both "women's dignity" and "labor capacity", and they are generally faced with long-term hardship-long term care.

Long-term care is not only the problem of elderly women "being cared for", but also the problem of "caregivers" of the elderly women. In the Executive Yuan report on women's Marriage and marriage and employment: the majority of women in the home who need care are concentrated at the age of 50-64, who spend an average of 2 hours and 8 minutes a day taking care of the elderly and spend nearly 3 hours caring for children and other "other families" outside the elderly.

When the burden of family falls on these women, it's hard to say "You can be older" because the environment doesn't offer that choice. Most of the female elders can not use a very "fashionable" way to love themselves, we can not clap less applause to encourage women advocating young, side of the mold you do not chase "love your Treaty" is the plight of the losers.

Sociologist Modanna Meyer, in grandmothers at work:juggling families and Jobs, talked about the relationship between motherhood and society, and criticized the lack of a global system for the improvement of parenting systems, which refers to the increasing number of "middle-aged women" in contemporary American society. Need to take care of the children's responsibilities and work.

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They are forgotten in the economic market, young people think they are old and useless, become a social burden, but this group of women are still quietly spending unpaid care work. In fact, Taiwan's grandfather grandma early into the ranks of the Gu Sun, they have long been engaged in intensive work in the difficult to quantify and valuation of family care.

Even, Taiwan care, cleaning workers, such as no Lau Jian guarantee of temporary work is the elderly women. State-guaranteed economic industries have driven older women with less kinetic energy out of the market and, in the case of the need for economic resources, have been able to turn to jobs for poorer jobs. Young generation shouted for equal pay and gender equality, and they had no choice but to continue to deepen their motherhood.

These women are women who have been squeezed out of their flat "old good" values.

Looking back to the innovation of the entire joint advertising, advertising to flip stereotypes compared to institutional reform is easier, we want to invite more people to see the "loser" of the elderly women. In the end, can society provide the path of other social participation and value reconstruction, or we will completely deprive the kinetic energy of social pluralism and elasticity by repeating the single choice of "Aging and beautifying ourselves".

Explain the fashion and life to her

Return the "old good" to them, while creating a sense of conflict between "fashion" and "old age" at the same time, someone to make up for the middle of the fault-the distance between women and their bodies, women and career choice of the break.

Before women enter more control over their physical appearance, there is the burden of motherhood that cannot be lost, as well as the social bias against the elderly, and it is another difficulty to "Love yourself" if there is enough economic power to enter the next class.

The single ideology of "love oneself" cuts the success or failure of women, the elderly women should strive for positive, maintain the body and face of youth. In fact, they did not give up the fashion, but the fashion gave them up, when it was easy to use the young standard audit women, when the old station on the runway with full makeup to cover up wrinkles, how do we say this society is moving towards a more progressive era? How do we say that these women are really living a happy and agreeable old age when she reveals wrinkles that mean surrendering to life?