Design Genius Paul Smith came to Taiwan to hold an exhibition, his creation is always in the classics to rub new ideas, he often said: "Sense of life, inspiration is are cheap."

In the design world, PAUL SMITH's fashion destiny

Paul Smith was born in 1946 to Nottingham, a small city in central England (Nottingham). At the age of 16, he stumbled into a local costume warehouse in Nottingham, where he had no experience.

His real interest is sports, the original ambition is to become a professional cyclist. The 17-Year-old was unexpectedly hospitalized for six months. After he was discharged from hospital, Paul worked at a friend's "the birdcage" in Nottingham's fashion store. In less than two years, Paul Smith, the first time on the shop, managed the shop. Encouraged by his girlfriend, Pauline Denyer (now Paul's wife), he opened a shop in Nottingham in 1970 with meager savings. (Recommended reading: unwilling to the minority of the Pop Art godfather: Andy Wo Happy Birthday )

In 1976, Paul was the first man to launch the men's series in Paris, the Paul Smith brand. In 1979, he opened the first clothing store in Covent Street, Kuffing, London (Garden). With a growing brand name and customer base, architects, actors, musicians and financiers have come to the door to find a unique and doomed style in his clothing store, creating the Paul Smith style menswear trend.

"Classic and new" whirlwind to Taiwan

Can find inspiration in everything. Inspiration everywhere

Paul Smith

Pau L in 1970 for its company to set the brand value of "classic with some new ideas", the way to always uphold and emphasize the purpose.

The fusion of tradition and modern creative aesthetics is known, and he who is called the English wizard, always put "inspiration everywhere" hanging in his mouth, he said, from high-level art to daily life, everything has reference value. Every Paul Smith design works with an English sense of humour: peculiar but not frivolous, but not a rude one.

Despite the rise of a small shop in Nottingham, England, and now a brand that operates in 73 countries around the world, Paul Smith's design still mounts every year on the runway in London and Paris Fashion Week. In the process of brand success, Paul Smith always keeps his curiosity about things and retains the values of quality and originality. And that's why Paul Smith's brand has become the world's most popular and the biggest reason for its reputation as a classic. (Recommended reading:20th century female Pop art pioneer: Cindy Sherman)

The cooperation of fashion and art has become a new trend of global exhibitions. Although the size of Paul Smith's apparel brand is spread around the world, few people delve into the British-style humorous design brand to see why its charm and influence will sweep across the globe.

This time Paul Smith comes to Taiwan with his inspirational store pavilion, which will lead you to explore the creative, inspiring and aesthetically pleasing design styles and classics of Paul Smith, which cover Paul Smith's personal photography. , classic costume design and cross-border joint cooperation, the London private office and creative studio will be fully reproduced, and using the latest audio and video technology to lead us to experience the British design who is humorous and interesting world of creation. (Recommended reading: dig out the finer details of life!) Listen to three Taiwanese female artists to talk about creation )

Paul Smith also came to Taiwan to publicize the exhibition. Although the time is tight he still holds the heart that observes the life to meet the inspiration, travels everywhere in the Huashan Creative Park, he always says: "You can find inspiration anywhere, if not, it must be you wrong way to see things around you." "You see his eyes flashing, the different city circumstances for him to pay attention everywhere, the way to see the world, he always keep childlike curiosity and pure eyes, heart to feel every moment of change, and every moment is the only."

Come to the exhibition. The idea of a designer is stirring, you will find his life from the works, live with him in the sense of life in the present, appreciate his life woven life course.

Into Paul Smith's creation hall, colors like life beautiful

In my spare time I will get along with my wife Pauline. She's been my best inspiration for nearly 50 years. --paul Smith

The first store that Paul Smith created in the Nottingham town in central England in 1970, although only 3 meters by 3 meters and no windows, was the starting point for Paul Smith's career as a fashion leading brand. Here is a small shop where he and his wife are in the arms of their original purpose. When it comes to his wife, he says she will always be her best source of inspiration, holding on to his dream in silent anonymity, the beautiful love of half a century, so that his ideas can flow like emotion and feel life completely. Because of this, his design is always filled with the flow of color overlap, the design is no longer just design, is the way he embraced the world. (Recommended reading: summoning the innocent witch: The act artist is naked on the road to the world )

Stop Making sense. Logic is predictable. Look differently. Stop pursuing rationality and logic and try to break the frame

Paul Smith

He has always been so, with the classic of gratitude, rub into the experience of life new ideas, the life carved into meaningful design, carried out in the eyes of the world, this summer, in advance to book their own and Paul Smith design meet, let him use the idea to subvert the way you watch the world!