Gender observation agree with the elderly women, the community to intimidate them, in order to become mothers, they bear a lot of psychological pressure, miscarriage, mother and child choose one, Down syndrome baby, how can we face together?

Age oppression how to walk into a woman's life? For example, the marriageable age of the urgent call, while young children embrace Sun's earnest hope, the pursuit of career don't forget to leave a line of "Sheng" machine recites, and, we are familiar with the term "old women". (Recommended to you:"Big A Special article" Meet the right person, any age is marriageable age )

I remember years ago, Blue Heart Mae 43 years old conceived, less than two months that abortion, to "big aunt defeated eldest brother" as the title, write down the old age miscarriage of mind, "last night mother my house (uterus) Intense pain, then is a torrential rain of 血崩, today an early to Huata medical report, Xian Medical said because the old mother my house is older, It's not customary to have more than one boss in a sudden. 」

At that time is 2008, at this moment the oppression of the elderly women is increasing day by day. Old age is a neutral fact, and for the elderly maternal medical interpretation and interpretation, such as abortion, aging ovarian, Down syndrome baby ... And so on, it is the ideology of the first intimidation, pathologist to blame these women, because you are not ready to arrange, you can not use a younger body to carry a baby, how sad, how wrong, so you have to bear these psychological pressure.

The uterus grows in the woman's body, and "want to Live" and "can Live" is an eternal wrestling, the years behind the hum, these women finally became worried about the suffering of the elderly maternal.

Medical oppression and psychological pressure of the old women

What kind of a group of people are old women? Have something to say in medicine.

Elderly women, English is advanced maternal age, medical research points out that 34 years old, the reason is called the elderly maternal, the main cause is ovarian aging, vaginal elasticity drop, egg quality drop, uterine function no longer, so not easy to conceive, childbirth easily cause birth canal tear, and complications such as abortion, premature , pregnancy-induced blood disease, gestational diabetes mellitus, early abruption of placenta and so on are higher than the young women.

According to the Taiwan National Health Department 103 data statistics, the maternal age under 29 years of age accounted for 34.6%, 30~34岁 accounted for 42.4%, 35 years and above accounted for 23%, due to late marriage and the culture, there is an increasing trend.

Photo from: Six pictures show you the status quo of Taiwan's oldest children

There are still a breakdown of the elderly women, divided into early maternal and elderly women two kinds of maternal, pointing to the 34-Year-old after the first production, and 34 years old after the birth of females.

Medicine to the body as the axis, pointing out that women's physical aging may be the problem, and the data is clear, the contemporary women from the family into the workplace, the pursuit of self-rational, the family is no longer the only way, not even the required option. We know that, late marriage and marriage is a personal choice, the delay may be the family to decide, then the "old woman" psychological burden, whether the female one to bear?

Even how to remove the psychological oppression of medical facts from the "pregnant woman" individual, return to the system to think of supporting programs, to the elderly women a reassuring way; and the conversion of "personal oppression" as the "common demand", with the power of science and technology, to provide assistance, is our next phase of the breakthrough possible.

The fact is, even if the decree advocated shouting uproar, women want to early for their own thinking, to early production to serve the country; media coverage of the threat of threatening, has not stopped women to pursue their own longing for life. (Recommended to you: write to you afraid of having a baby: return to the original intention of "Living for Love" )

Then we will expect more people in the future to stand on the same front with the elderly women, so that they can be proud of their choice, feel comfortable.

It's not a bad thing to regenerate when you want to be born.

Recent studies have also begun to overturn the old mother.

The London School of Economics (LSE) and the German Institute of Population Studies report that with the progress of the times, the characteristics of the older mothers have undergone great changes, most of them are well-educated, have a high social status of the group, the children of the elderly mothers in the cognitive test performance, also superior to the children of young mothers, What is behind this is the fact that older mothers have more resources and conditions.

"Age growth is itself an advantage, we have more experience, stronger psychological adaptability, enough to accommodate the complex emotions of our children, and older mothers have more resources and more time to margin their children." --A study of the cognitive relationship between old mothers and children

Looking back to the oldest mothers in Asia, Fanfan was 38 years old when she was pregnant with twins, and she mentioned that she was ovulating, very hard to hope to fly brother, had heard the doctor's warning, told her elderly pregnant women may have to face the "mother and child two choose one" crisis, let her immediately start family meeting, first under the "Abandon Mother Bao son" decision; Yi Jing, 47 The old natural conception conceive, the old age conceive not for other, had not thought before, pure is because love Husband Qin, just move want to have a child with him idea.

The mother of old is a strong heart, but the reproductive industry is indeed moving forward, the industry exists to toeing People's needs, action to respond to fear intimidation. We should design a package suitable for young women and old mothers, to give every woman the freedom to be a mother when she is ready, and, of course, she will never be able to choose not to be a mother and not to go into the family.

Then, if the womb of the community of life is to a woman, it is more able to empower itself, not to be born in bondage.

I believe that some people will ask whether it is good to be late. What we want to recapture, is to let a woman decide the right, let a woman in want to live, let a woman in want to live, whether she is young or old, should not be a bad thing.

Of course, there are more questions to discuss about the relationship between birth and female bodies, and welcome to the topic of women's obsession with the past.