"A Girl" gathered Asia Girl, see their subversive crazy, read their atypical success of the road. Strange hundred strange girls in the world, out of tune, so a lattice. From laughing aunt to Yu Chunchao, Miss Miriam Yeung's Hong Kong female strength of character fragrance pleasant, together to see how she put the female live into feelings.

What is a Hong Kong girl? I'll see Miss Miriam Yeung.

Miriam Miriam debut early, this road a walk is more than 20 years, saw the mother was humiliated appearance, she vowed to red, Miss Miriam Yeung said:

I am not gentle, but a little heroic, can have been brave to walk in their own way.

Miss Miriam Yeung

I'm not the most beautiful, but definitely the wild.

"I guess any girl in school, if two boys at the same time adore, should be quite a superiority." Unfortunately, I did not read this experience, because I curved hair, hoop teeth, wearing a thick frame glasses, will frighten the boy. 」

Miriam Miriam Consciousness is not showbiz beauty pie, one lead the best singer when she published: "All the best composition, all the best lyrics, all support my friends, they are to protect me, I am not beautiful enough, no tens of millions of home production, I can only sing, nothing, but the chest has a Yong word. 」

Miss Miriam Yeung from singing started, leaving the nurse post so into the jungle of showbiz. She sang tempting also sing Strong, Lin Xi favored her, many people asked Lin Xi why treat her good, the most of the words to Miriam Miriam? He said, "I don't think of her as a daughter, but as a piece of meat on my body." 」

Lin Xi let Miss Miriam Yeung sing his Own story, "Goodbye Two Itchome", "If Tokyo is not happy", "originally had very happy", Lin Xi died of love and Miss Miriam Yeung voice freshly long.

Chest has a Yong word is her mark, a few songs let Miss Miriam Yeung sing Red, also let the listener more understand her. (same field Gayon: with softness!) 13 Female power Songs to make you brave

"I will go back, don't bring out my tears, especially knowing that Aquarius loves to cry." If you say goodbye is the next sentence, you can close your mouth, no more goodbye, if farewell, more heart broken. "But I'm Aquarius"

"I also laugh that I was a born wild child, even no happiness does not mind." "Wild Children"

Yu Chunchao: The feelings of Chinese women

Said she is for the love of heroic girl not for too, Miss Miriam Yeung because "Zhi Ming and Spring Jiao" won the Hong Kong film Golden Statue Award Best actress When said she was very panic, think that they are the performance, did not expect to take the prize. Yu Chunchao The Hong Kong woman love Soft, see fierce female heart secretly, see that end of the outrageous flowers.

"Zhi Ming and Chun Jiao" seven years, Yu Chunchao also grew up, Yu Chunchao had already been urged to marry to talk about the age of marriage, she lived very willfully. Like Miss Miriam Yeung talk about the sibling love, they are not afraid to be the attention of a purple hair, Zhang Zhiming toys, but in fact she most like childlike innocence.

But one day, Hong Kong women will be old, can not be filled in fast-food love, she needs more stability, that the other child has not grown up?

The perfect state of love is to be able to go, but this is not the task of one side, to both sides work together.

Miss Miriam Yeung

Miss Miriam Yeung chatted two characters to say: "Chun jiao can calculate my sign, not just because everybody likes her, I and she also in the synchronous growth." After 40 years of age more to face the reality, the enthusiasm will be depleted, how will love sublimation, is every woman must face the difficult problem. "Miss Miriam Yeung said, each age moved different, 40-year-old Spring Jiao 40-year-old, 60-year-old spring Jiao will have a good spring." (same field Gayon:"Relationship Diary" Yu Chunchao Zhang Zhiming: Love a person, is to accompany him to grow up )

The movie wants the spring to save the Zhi Ming, Miss Miriam Yeung said, is inferior to say, is Zhang Zhiming the spring Jiao's knot to solve, saved two people. There is a kind of Yu-stroke, really only someone can untie, love is not a competition, winning and losing have been injured, only willing to lose together, willing to win together, to pass the next pass.

People say that the female is sick, Miss Miriam Yeung to live into feelings. Love will be shattered, love will come back.

The real win is to lose

such as Miss Miriam Yeung, you think she is like whiskey, ruthless and strong, but I think she is more like red wine, moist mind, stamina. She has her strength and her softness. Miss Miriam Yeung is also concerned about Hong Kong society, she said that the world is so bad, what can she do? "The entertainment circle is very boring, we see so many social problems in this circle, study a real world, but if I play a film, can give a person a little laugh, probably is my ability maximum range." 」

Many people think Miriam Miriam "always" very happy, how happy? From her movie laugh aunt's image, she said that happiness is not difficult, difficult is to fight, we want to win, but never know how to lose, so he said: "It is really difficult to win, win is worth happy, because the real win is to lose." "(Recommended reading: relationship diary: Zhi Ming and Chun Jiao, you are important, did not love others I really do not know )

The more crazy the world, the more tenacious she is, the achievement of their own climate, so Miriam Miriam people to middle-aged and powerful army of boldness, a single upper floor of the hearty.

"Girlfriend quotes" Miss Miriam Yeung of the soft and soft and Ji

Love is always love a person's advantages, but also love her shortcomings, not to change each other, everyone has a wild child in mind.

Miss Miriam Yeung

I am a person is Rijo where enough, all the people are strong enough to succeed.

Miss Miriam Yeung

To be a man, to win is to win themselves, lose is to lose themselves, not too persistent.

Miss Miriam Yeung

Success requires learning, failure is more to learn.

Miss Miriam Yeung

"There is no high or low tide in the Dictionary of Life, and there is only a straight forward." Because, live a day people will earn a day of people, open not happy is earned. 」