a 1000-word short story with you to share the blockbuster world. The proportion of mental illness jumps in the contemporary, how do we face the pain of death directly? Look at the status of mental illness together.

Are you afraid of "mental illness"? Are you afraid of "mentally ill patients"? Are you suffering from mental illness?

Mental illness also known as mental illness, the main cause may be the family, social environment and other external thrust, and the patient's own physiological and genetic factors, such as the intrinsic causes of neurological and biochemical factors, the resulting psychological activity, behavior, and neurological dysfunction as the main characteristics of the disease.

Bipolar disorder, mania, and depression, which are affective disorders, are compulsive, phobia, post-traumatic syndrome and schizophrenia, all of which are mental disorders.

Mental illness is not far away from us. 2016 small bulb random homicide, mental illness patients jumped on the news table, 2017 "Fang Siqi's first love Paradise" write down mental illness and sexual violence after the intertwined stigma and suffering. (same field Gayon:"Psychological analysis" from Zheng Jie to small bulbs, when the "problem" of the people disappeared? )

They are not a distant story, but a fact of existence. People with mental illness are not different, they live in your side, or in you and in me.

In 2014, the Health Ministry statistics, the total number of people looking for treatment of depression drugs in Taiwan is 1.16 million, every year, 150 million sedatives and sleeping pills are eaten in the stomach of Taiwan, there are at least 100,000 people each year because of mental illness to the hospital for consultation.

Mental illness is the third most recent fatality of anxiety-high stress, according to a digital report from the American Association for Adult Psychiatry and the World Health Organization, reading these numbers, let's face the mental illness, and tell him, and yourself, that I am not alone.

300 million depression worldwide, 10% increase in ten years

The older generation derided the youth group as "Melancholia is a catch," but the fact that the population is aging is also a factor in the increase in depression, 4% of the world's people suffer from depression-youth, pregnant or postpartum women and the elderly, are three particularly prone to depression of the group. Women are 1.5 times times more likely to suffer from depression than men. Another 250 million were trapped by anxiety disorders, including phobias, panic, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Why do people with depressive disorder increase rapidly? The heroes: The Holocaust, suicide and modern people's spiritual dilemma study criminal behavior, no differential attacks, suicide and massacre, to prove the nothingness of human nature in a large number of consumption times, but also because of the use of technology tools, so that people's behavior loss of more emotion, we keep betting time to give to the capitalist society, to a "model of Empty oneself ", live in to go to the boundary and the fictitious time carve, the people's identity is established in what?

"Standard happiness" is the answer to many people, and we are reviving a conceptual globalization--a culture in which one can only prevail; in a group of snakes, everyone aspires to be an elite; in M-type society, what you want is never "just a good life". (Extended reading:"Xiao Yu disorderly into column" Light Yu, heavy yu, postpartum melancholy!) Six pictures to bring you know depression

Mental illness is contagious like a virus, not the interaction between people, but the different social plates of high pressure on every solitary human being with limited capacity.

Half of the world's depressed patients are not receiving health care, and 25% are not seeking medical treatment because of a psychotic stigma.

This year, the World Health Organization released a series of in-depth depression activities in the hope of lifting the stigma of depression and mental illness. The fear of mental illness is particularly pronounced in China, which accounts for 4.3% of the world's 54 million people with depressive disorders. In China, however, only about 20% of people with depression have received treatment. Even in high-income countries, nearly 50% of people with depression have no treatment. The proportion of young college students suffering from mental illness but not receiving treatment in the United States is 60%.

In recent years, many Asian entertainers have been trying to break the stigma of depression, Janet Shei Yifen in front of the camera and said: "I always look very happy in front of the public, full of positive energy, very energetic, I do, but I also have a melancholy time, we are human." "When singer Lukai talked about bipolar disorder, a lot of people applauded her," she said, "I'm the bravest thing you don't see." Courage is not to stand out, but I conquered the disease. (Extended reading: happy life is very boring!) Interview Lukai: The bravest is not to stand out, but to conquer the disease )

In addition to the fact that mental illness is not a disease, fear of being treated differently, and one of the reasons why people cannot afford medical expenses, the World Health Organization calculates that 10% of people are unable to pay for the drug costs of mental illness. Many Taiwanese insurers are refusing to protect people with mental illness, as 95% of those who commit suicide are mentally ill. But the result of this interaction is that many patients have no access to social support and have to embark on a "path beyond the system".

Suicide rates have increased by 24% in 15 years, and those who die may be in untreated or inadequate treatment

Among those who committed suicide, there were more men than women in high-income countries and more women than men in low-and middle-income countries. The number of suicides worldwide was estimated at 788,000 in 2015.

The book "Suicide and the Soul" mentions three types of suicide-collective suicide, symbolic suicide and emotional suicide. Most people die from emotional suicide that wants to "solve their own pain," because failure, because of age, because the feeling is not loved, because there is no meaning of survival ....

"Emotional suicide is also" save Me "suicide cry, is the need to kill or be killed suicide, or love and death intoxicated Fusion, a imitation of God (Imitatio Dei) self-sacrifice. 」

From the outside, suicide is suicide, but for every suicide, suicide has intrinsic meaning, but the subjective (suicide) and objective (bystander) always exist cracks, we can not standardize the typical suicide, or even reckless rescue life. In the beginning and the end of life, we learn to listen to live, listen to death, try to put those "non-standard" existence open more social space, so that the spirit of the heterogeneous can also live in. (Recommended reading:12 pictures to understand how to accompany suicide: accept, listen, do not criticize suicidal behavior )

Let every man who is powerless in the world not easily inflict pain upon himself.