Handsome lady, they do not wear for the eyes of the world, the years without fear, bold clothes to define themselves, you see they live more handsome.

Jane Austen, a British writer, often describes men as beautiful, handsome describes women. A woman can be born beautiful, but not every beauty lives handsome.

"Handsome Girl" column to handsome cut to write a woman's clothes and life attitude, but wrote a few series only to be realized, handsome is not the privilege of young women, after the years of washing, women's heroic spirit from the soul of the experience of the toughness field, through the expression of the apparel, Handsome turned out to be charm, not beauty.

When the whole society group love the beauty of young women, tell us "Yan value" the most important, juvenile skin firming cheek is the United States, in order to maintain the attractiveness of appearance, this struggle to maintain appearances without wrinkles. So if wrinkles climb up the face, it seems to be tantamount to declaring beauty wither and fall, sexual attraction of formal resignation.

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But why should we give our lives to others to define and interpret? Why do you let people tell you "how old is the most beautiful"? Let us temporarily put the beauty of the ugly anxiety lightly down, to see how this woman to take the attitude to regain the right to interpret life is handsome serious matter. (Extended reading: Gender observation: The Double trap of the Beauty Witch, both old and old and beautiful?) )

Iris Apfel: You can buy pop, but style you have to master yourself

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Iris Apfel,1921, who was born in her year, is 95 years old. When he was a young interior designer, he became a collector, and also designed a cross knife design package, it is difficult to words define her identity.

Two years ago, the legendary documentary director Albert Maysles her story into the movie "Fashion Diva's Colorful Life" (Iris), the movie you clearly see she does not like the current popular "minimalist", she said clothes like life, how can very simple life, must be bright colors, like exaggeration, strictly prohibited security card!

Ms. Chanel always said she wanted to chaff, but I always thought it would be better to add one! (Coco Chanel said take one thing off.) I always said put another one on.)

Iris Apfel

The more the better, the minimalist is very boring! (More was more and less is bore.)

Iris Apfel

She likes to mix, expensive clothes, always around a few laps of cheap exaggerated plastic jewelry necklace, brand jewelry, may be in New York Harlem buy a 15 dollars of African ethnic costumes.

She likes to go shopping, but not to the Upper East side of the famous shops, where the dead, and walk to be careful of your wife's Berkin bag to you and hit again (to experience, please refer to "I am a mother, I need a golden bag!") : The Yale anthropologist's Manhattan Upper East Side Undercover watch).

Old 95,iris still love to go to the street in person to blow, also look at passers-by dress up. After all, living in New York, how can you miss the city's most beautiful and the most changeable scenery-passers-by.

When she was young, someone said to her: "You are not a beautiful woman, you can never become beautiful, but it doesn't matter, you have a better quality, you have your own unique style." "(You are not pretty, and you'll never be pretty.) But, it doesn ' t matter. You are have something much better. You have style.)

Iris felt so justified that it established a belief in fashion, "I never dress for the limelight, I wear it for myself." 」

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This principle and empathy, from her dialogue with well-known fashion photographer Bruce Weber, can be confirmed. Bruce Weber once asked iris:"I've never heard you criticize who wears ugly clothes. She replied: "I am not qualified to comment on anything, it is always better to wear a happy dress than to look good!" 」

On the following popular style, wearing the same "trend uniform",iris think that there is no relationship, after all, clothing focus on "happy", can make their own pleasant clothes, is a great costume!

After dressing the body is not hidden, it exposes your thoughts

Human clothing, the most basic function is concealed naked, but the fact is that clothes can only conceal the naked skin, but it will reveal hidden in the deeper things under the appearances-thought. With regard to the body of clothing, Iris Apfel has a theory that "when you are not dressed like others, you do not need to think with worldly eyes." "(When you don ' t dress like everybody else, you don ' t have to be like everybody else.)

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On the contrary, watching a city's passers-by dress up, you can see the city of the flow of the ideological system.

In East Asian Society, we always have a set of stealth rules, a few years old women should wear what type of clothing, 20 years old before the girl, 25 years old is the so-called light ripe female, after 30 years old do ripe female, 40, 50, 60 best not to wear colorful, best clothes hide themselves.

Taiwan Society at every stage of women's life, always add a set of "appropriate clothing" framework, or to enjoy the fun of the people Ready cover the "extravagant" mark, which not only restricts the body, but also limits the whole society to the United States, age, the imagination of life. (Same field Gayon: The gas field is super strong!) The world's most senior 83-Year-old model Carmen Dell ' Orefice

Many people have not had time to explore the most suitable for their clothes, then disarm and give up, the whole life do not know what kind of dress best for their own. Such fears often come from the fear of being laughed at.

In fact, fashion is often the collision of the established order, but also about the controversy. Some people love Iris Apfel, and of course someone hates her and thinks she has a weird taste, but what does it matter, she encourages everyone: "If you try to mix some clothes together, the result doesn't look good, it doesn't matter, fashion cops don't come to take you away." Even if they do come, you can enjoy some fresh fun in prison. 」

I've never been bothered by people criticizing my dress, I'm just dressing for myself. If someone doesn't like it, it's their problem, not mine.

Still sad youth is no longer? I'm celebrating old age!

"If you are lucky enough to live in old age, I think you should celebrate it!" "(If you are are lucky enough to get old, I do you have should celebrate it.)

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The lack of fashion for the elderly shows that society is too unimaginative about the lives of older people. Iris Apfel with exaggerated and bright clothes to break people's boring association with the elderly, she loves to dress style, bold exception, in fact, is a vigorous life of enthusiasm and vitality of the show. (same field Gayon:"ripe age nude Painting album" The Years Never withered! Women's body is not only because of "youth" but the United States

"Fashion Diva's Colorful Life" this documentary is the oldest 87-Year-old director Albert Maysles's last film, he died in the next year's release at home. Iris Apfel The love of life with his clothes, and Albert Maysles records this passion for life, celebrating old age and celebration of life. Think of the annual summer Tian Flower Fire, the curtain is always the most exciting, we may not be with the rules of the world easy compromise, life is too grand, don't easily sadly end.

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