Woman fan editor YUN an interview with the British House of Lords Liz Barker, the issue of affirmative action from the details of the comb, within the text points up and down two talk about. Members said: It is not easy to achieve consensus, but communication must continue.

April Cool Friday Night, the British House of Lords Elizabeth Barker finally ended her busy Taiwan itinerary: A full 2 days of government meetings, south to Kenting, and then back to Taipei to meet with President Tsai, until tonight to go to the night market to catch their breath.

Tonight, she came to the last place to visit Taiwan: Women are fascinated by paradise.

may be infected with the subtropical night of hot air, Barker looks quite relaxed, a meeting will be very warm to greet us.

Wearing a passionate red-purple shirt with two wooden cat earrings on the ear, the Countess looks a little different from what we imagined, perhaps watching too many British historical dramas, always thinking that the Lords are a prim.

The British Parliament is divided into upper and lower houses, MPs elected by the Parliament, and the House of Lords (lords of the United Kingdom), which was founded in 14th century, was the palace of nobility in Parliament (also translated as " Lords, who are now professionally appointed, but the palatial chambers, and the ancient rules of procedure, often make the House of Lords a symbol of Congress in British dramas.

The House of Lords with centuries of history is not a pedantic political field. In fact, the House of Lords has more than a publicly available MP, and Baker is one of them.

The time is 2013, the British parliament is two debates on the same-sex marriage bill, Barker in the debate in the Chamber of the public out of the cabinet, her declaration in the United Kingdom at that time caused great discussion and influence.

Speaking of the past, the Countess's tone was quite understated, "as a politician, I was out late," she confessed, as she opened her mouth, and then, adjusting her posture on the couch, perhaps talking about the coming out of the closet was still not very comfortable. (Recommended reading: If there is no comrade in the world, it will be colder rather than more harmonious )

"That's a presentation that should be found on YouTube," We nodded and said yes, we've all seen it. "But I can't look at it myself, I know it does have a big impact, and it's been said to me now." (Recommended reading: Apple CEO Tim Cook's full declaration: to be proud of being gay, this is the best gift of life )

In the YouTube video, Barker's hand-written declaration of the ark seemed calm but firm: "My dear members, I must disclose my position." Many years ago, I was fortunate enough to meet someone in my life, and she and I have been in love ever since. In addition to the occasional startling bickering, which is usually about driving or DIY, (Our Love) is like the T-shirts slogan that happens to be the best thing in every family. 」

A 5-minute speech, Barker's manifesto was actually quite mild. The private life only takes lightly with the humorous and moving saying, the tone turns, the light is beginning to discuss from the marriage historical evolution.

As in other parts of the world, British marriage is not a set of boundaries unchanged concept, "the constituent elements of marriage in the history of change, the 1836 Daying Empire for the first to allow people to legally enter into marriage, 1949 years to finally establish the minimum age of marriage is 16 years, now we adhere to the legal standards, such as instruments, It was then established by a minority of people who had long fought against the majority. "barker the attention of the Declaration, and once again reminded them of the historical facts they had forgotten. (Recommended reading: Gay big Parade Live notes: Outside the sun carcass more comrades imagine )

Since the history of marriage Law Bauna scope is not immutable, and when gay marriage does not affect heterosexual rights, fear of the same people's anxiety, and where to stay?

Why gay marriage can cause a conservative incest anxiety

To communicate with different positions, we must start from the consensus.

"I think we all know that an adult's marriage is supposed to be voluntary and must not be decided by a person of the same blood," he said. 」

Barker picked up the opposition of the old "matchmaker" as a consensus knife, clearly cut the Conservatives on incest and gay marriage confusion, "if members of the family can marry, will make overbearing family members of the right to coerce children and siblings to enter into marriage, to protect their property," No one wants to legalize such a thing. 」

The more people associate incest with their comrades from the "abnormal sex", the more they talk to the masses, the more they start from the "property protection" perspective of security.

To promote gay equality, politicians must think carefully about three things: how to be true to yourself, what the masses want to hear, and how to achieve balance so that messages can be delivered effectively.

Elizabeth Barker

Taiwan also has a growing number of young comrades in politics, she said: "We have to be true to our position, but we can not just speak from the words, to achieve a balance is not easy, but such thinking can help us communicate effectively." "The Countess recommended the 1984-year film" The Times of Harvey Milk, Harvey Milk Speaking is also a political figure she admired very much.

However, she also reflected on whether or not she stepped on the "mentor" position, and then I added, "As you know, Britain has also begun to implement same-sex marriage laws in recent years," she said, sipping her lips to the British government, "so we are happy to share our experience, But it is also very important to be careful not to steer chess elsewhere, because things are different everywhere. (Recommended reading: written in the happy Union protest marriage equality: I love you comrades, but you are not allowed to marry )

"We keep in mind that this is only because the British have passed the same-sex marriage bill and brought us the right to speak." While talking, she paid attention to her speaking position.

But even so, Barker is willing to share experience, even can say, still with a little debt of psychology.

Get out of the closet too late and make amends for the rest of your life.

such as Barker, 2013 out of the Ark, this time is not early. Why not earlier, not later. The Barker paused for a long time and seemed to be thinking about what to say.

"I met my partner 30 years ago," she said with a sigh of frankness, "my mother was a very sick widow, and in her generation she could not understand such a thing." 」

Prior to 1967, male homosexual intercourse in England was a violation of the law and had to be convicted, imprisoned and even chemically castrated.

"And I live in the city, and she lives in the country, and there's space between the two sides, for a long time she did not know that I was gay, unlike what Clinton had said" tacit understanding, "that if one day I came out of the closet and got into the newspaper, my mother would be scared and I didn't want to put pressure on her condition. (Extended reading: "daily Dialogue" director Huanghui: Gay mother taught me not Hate )

The situation of some gay families in Taiwan is similar, I suddenly feel we are very close: in order to protect the last generation of the world view, although the children are suffering, but also try to wait until their parents left the world to dare to come out. The state should not inculcate in society the values of discrimination, which makes the closest people too far away on the path of understanding, and one must choose between pain and regret.

"After my mother passed away, I felt I had to be cautious about choosing the right time to open the closet in a way that would be influential and make up for the regrets of the past few years." The entry into Parliament of the marriage bill is an opportune time and will have a real impact. "It is clear to me that this is the truth.

A declaration or an impact, if the action is located in different space and time coordinates, will have different meanings. Barker had lived long enough to know the quadrant of her life and the politics of the country.

"However, many politicians do not want to be labeled as" gay politicians "since they are out of the closet. "She's so candid, but there are so few lesbian politicians out there," I think I have an obligation to appear and speak and do things for lesbians, transgender women and bisexual females. 」

As a group, comrades must appear in national policies.

"Many reports suggest that gay, transgender, bisexual groups are prone to alcoholism or mental health problems, but we have not been seen as a caring group in the country's health care strategies and policies." "barker calmly and objectively state the data, not afraid of the stigma. "The reason for this situation is probably related to the high pressure of life in the community," she added. (Recommended reading: the righteous love!) Interview Gushinyi: "We finally, did not become that dead comrade")

"At the moment, my job is to focus on building supportive communities and finding out what makes these groups more vulnerable to the stress of life than others. 」

In addition to starting from the community, Barker also uses her work experience and expertise to help NGOs, charities and Governments to collaborate more efficiently in tandem and collaboration.

In the British Parliament, there are bipartisan congressional groups, as long as members of Congress interested in the subject can participate. Barker's bipartisan team is focused on global LGBT dynamics and is trying to reach out to the rest of the world for the right people who are trying to be a friend, and to get more resources and support for others in the capacity of a British congressman. (Recommended reading: Why do we love the Danish Girl, but do not love the transgender side?) )

In fact, in addition to the official itinerary, she visited Taiwan's LGBT community: marriage equality Platform, gay counseling hotline, and talked about the two-hour Taiwan affirmative action and British experience.

Talking about last night's communication, Barker seemed very happy, "they are bright, enthusiastic, agile and good at expressing the young people, get along with them let me get a lot of energy." "In the case of the LGBT world, there is little concern about the Trans (transgender) rights of the United Kingdom, and it has only recently begun to begin slowly," she said frankly. But in Taiwan, it's amazing that LGBT people can work together in harmony. "Her tone was rising, and we felt proud.

Image source:Liz Barker Twitter

"Taiwan is a young and diverse place, and it seems to be moving towards a brighter future, and perhaps we can continue to be optimistic and enthusiastic!" After she had said that, she thought for a moment, leaned forward and whispered humor and asked me, "This should not be wrong." 」

Yes, that's right, we laughed. As for the outcome of the forthcoming May 24 release of the Constitution, we still have the best hope and the worst preparation for this period of time, and we hope that the government will abide by the pledges made before us and the family must not regret for life. (Recommended reading:"Same-sex marriage interpretation of the Constitution case" to the chancellor: the same marriage can not wait, we have no next 10 years )

Next, Barker the British how to overcome the anti-marital voice, and gay marriage equality on the national economy benefits.