Woman fan interview Zheng Yi Nong, from "Neptune" to "Pluto", Zheng Yi Nong after the rebirth and evolution, listen to her in the music said love-the original is capable of giving people happiness, and become able to be loved people.

Zheng Yi Nong a bit of the dress come in, just point on the candle appears untimely, sure enough she waved out one of them accidentally, imagine tonight is not romantic, or the light of the unrealistic blow it. A bit of a tidal wave is the latest thing, since wearing the air max Ld-zero, Zheng Yi Nong more a personality.

Yes, Zheng Yi Nong is a person who can with the personnel, suddenly hyperplasia a kind of personality, it's not schizophrenia, it's the kind of person who can really manipulate his personality, and in the past, such a kind of self is troubled, she has a sense of self-identification, presumably from Neptune to Pluto.

2007, "Neptune" song one by one was born in this world, in 2017, the Pluto album released, between these two stars, Zheng Yi Nong came to the trough, went to heaven, saw the dark, embraced the light, she married and divorced, she came out, she stood on the same street, From a brown hair singing a helpless Zheng Yi Nong sang to a purple hair master a stage of Zheng Yi Nong. Zheng Yinong said, understand love this road, really very long very long ah.

Neptune: Hey, Earthlings, I'm here.

Let us say from the beginning, Zheng Yi Nong's father is Zheng Wendong, she from the "summer Tail" actress identity started, a guitar is very refined feeling, then she seems not to belong to the world, Zheng farm work to draw away. From the hill, the road and peer school is a crossroads, childhood time, no small groups did not exchange diaries, she only has her own, Zheng Yi Nong has gone the general children will not go road.

The actor's identity opened the stage of the performance, she created, wrote songs, and Thai half time to speak to themselves, so there is "Neptune." "Neptune" at that stage, I was very living in their own world, I do not talk to the world, I stand in a place to watch the world, to maintain a safe distance. "A deep sense of loneliness struck a confused person like her: the world seemed treacherous, and we dared not dare to love."

"Neptune" Distance is a lot of people and the world distance, this album has a metaphor, Zheng Yi Nong feel that he is an alien to the people, probably is a mistake to enter the world with throbbing, just so unrestrained stay. Unexpectedly, there are so many lonely people on earth. (Recommended you look: to the strange and the Freak Love letter!) Interview Ma Xin: "People have the ability to recognize the road")

"Neptune" period of the Yi Nong (Photo source: Source )

Others say, Zheng Yi Nong to "Neptune" the posture sings, must be next Chan, next Zhang hangs. At this time the aliens made a wayward decision, she group, put aside Zheng Yi Nong's name, want people to listen to her music. "I really like music, I think the world of music is very big, I want to know more things." If I had followed this state, I think I would have missed a lot of things. If I lock myself up too early, I'll lose a lot of chances. I like to look for different possibilities, whether it's the possibility of sound, the possibilities of arranging, the possibility of acting .... So I went on a group. 」

Zheng-Yi, the leading singer and conductor of poor dialogue, abruptly opened the frequency of their contact with people: "I began to realize that my world is not so small, in the band for a long time, start to meet new people, all kinds of friends, these people have different values and views of the world, and sometimes feel that the other side is very interesting, and sometimes angry, May even argue, but the whole process I have to slowly face the past I did not know. 」

As a just came to Earth Neptune People, is to desperately to make mistakes, and know wrong, Zheng Yinong said: "I am a lucky person, I have a lot of people around, in a variety of different ways to love me." When I am very close, the people around me will start to poke me, I will feel in the process, is understood to be very happy, understand others are very happy, slowly will open the shell. 」

Growing up hurt and be hurt, oneself make a lot of mistakes, also see a lot of mistakes, experience many others make mistake, cause now of me.

Zheng Yi Nong

She called this time "cumulative feelings for people," to collide in relationships, to hurt the real world, and to have Pluto.

(Photo source: Zheng Yi Nong )

Pluto: Earth man, don't abandon me.

Pluto is a planet of love. "I consume everything I face the world after the positive negative emotions, with different people from the musical strength, born of it, I want to let the world know, I know what love is." 」

She regaling about the magnificent story of Pluto: "Pluto is a removed planet, and when we explore it and learn more about it, it suddenly feels like," dry, this planet is strange, this star seems to be not the average star we can understand. This is the initial image of the album, but also the state of my person. There is also a rebirth of the idea that Pluto is a first to go through the bottom of the rise again, in simple terms, Hades is the tube of death, but it is not the god of death, but in the destruction of the god responsible for the rebirth of the Earth. Plus it has a lot of unknown existence, I also want to express, I this person still have a lot of unknown existence. (Extended reading: The unknown makes life more exciting: what reason do you not work for life )

Pluto is a very tragic but also intriguing planet, the human found it when both curious and happy, then found that, ah, our rules can not tame this star, so we have to kick it out of order. Pluto has many unknowns, just as Zheng Yi will never promise to be unchanged: "I now feel like I know myself very well, but I also know that my face has been changing, just as I was taking pictures in different studios, I would follow different themes, different people, different environments to change the gas field, and I found that there was no way, That's what I'm going to do. So maybe I'll be different in the future and I expect it to happen. 」

Pluto may also give you a new apocalypse for Your Love, she feels the love of the happy and painful love killed: "The most painful and happy is the same thing, the pain is to think about what love is, happy is to know what love is." You know, love has a lot of selfish look, how you want to cross the selfish, let love more selfless, so that people around happiness, is a very long way. 」

You have to experience your selfishness before you can let go of your selfishness.

Zheng Yi Nong

What's so jolly about it? She smiled: "Happy is, you know how to do, can start to make people around the happiness, but also have the ability to let people around you happy, it is very joyful." 」

Every sound deserves to be loved

From Neptune to Pluto, Zheng Yi went to the cosmic collision adventure, and she was no longer a man who looked far into the world. The road of ten years, love is from the childhood I set out to the greater, she from Zheng Yi Nong, to play "Tiger Chocolate", a group of 90 after the children listen to the song grew up brush the mouth of the chord, "Tiger chocolate" love is the masses, stand on stage One two three four under circle pit up; Small blessing of Love is the loyalty of music, to play music elements are very happy with a sense of texture; Zheng Yinong is back to her own, she said, "more difficult," I feel like using the brain waves to find aliens.

"Zheng Yinong on stage, the gas field has become aware of the sex." 」

Zheng Yi Nong himself says that when using this name, it is closer to the core of reality. I imagined her as a child who was curious about every voice and hunted like a butterfly: "Every day we walk on the road, take a taxi, go to the convenience store there are music, I just listen to music will feel very want to put them up, wow this piano, wow this saxophone wind, I want to put this information, next time to use to see. "(Recommended reading:" Do music do not make ripples, to do stone "the music of the Lifetime Zhong Chenghu )

"Music has been integrated with me, I can't imagine I don't do music." "Music is not the special existence of Zheng Yi Nong's life, music is her." : "I like sound, like to make sound, study the various possibilities of sound, for example, I am in" small blessing "I will go to play strings, guitar strings each paragraph has a different voice, the rear of the pickup is connected to the end of the part of the sound, I will go there, issued when the voice. or the guitar effective fruit, space to turn a little bit, broken sound turn smaller, low frequency turn a little bit, I like to study this thing. 」

She was contented with making the coolest sound. Zheng Yi Nong is a musical food monster, the type of music she is old and young, all men and women. "Some people who like music, will feel that some music is rubbish, should not exist in the world, but I do not have this sentiment, even if I do not listen to music, I will still listen to it once." I always want to find out what is inside, to listen to see whether it is a certain melody is very strong, or a certain lyrics are very weight, the use of a sound effect is really good, I would like to find inside the good. No matter how unsuitable the music is for your ears, there is still something worth learning. 」

"Every sound has its meaning, and it has its place in the world." 」

She is the music of the urchin, Zheng Yi Nong to people, to music, love is so: wide, free. We talked about the sum of our lives, traveled thousands of miles, evolved and evolved, and came here--love.

Love is, from the days of alcohol addiction to the hotel after closing

Pluto talks about love, not only love, but also love the flaws of all things, love the individual differences. The first song, "The Death of Space junk", was a beautiful disaster that could have been alive: "It's about a very drowning love." An unknown thing floating in the universe, it is slowly approaching the black hole, why does the black hole exist? Because it is the massive mass that comes together and causes it to become an irresistible force of gravity, all of the mass inferior to it will fall in, and if love is this mass, we are slowly falling in. Fall into the process, may we also feel indifferent, because we are in love, so it, casually, is probably the feeling. 」

Another is a solid piece of aliens, traces of life have been carved into the inside, for a time because of alcoholism wrote "Those days of alcohol addiction": "I have been so often in bars, in the bar to meet a variety of friends, everyone in the state of drinking, the usual repressed, The things that are not to be vented will run out at that time, and I will see the truth of the people. For example, ego, anger, but it's all good for me. The word of that song is in the back of a section of English, which means "hey! Bastard You know this are how we work. No matter how no matter how to ' ll always be our love ' This is what I want to say to my friends around me. Everyone, regardless of what the face, is worth cherishing, I hope I can at least be you do not have to hide disguised people. 」

How deep a confession, no matter what kind of bastard you are, I think I will love you.

"At the moment we feel so dry that it's normal, and we'll do it tonight. You can shed tears--those days of alcohol addiction

She left a greatest second act to herself, in front of so much love, the last song left suspense: "After the hotel is closed" is the last song of the album, put it in the last one is actually full by invitation, love to a bottom, after questioning love. Its lyrics are saying "a few words equals humor, when it becomes so easy for you", when you start to calmly to dissolve in the heart feel very serious things, when you start to think that people do not understand it doesn't matter? (Extended reading: Remove the proof back to yourself!) Interview Lindayang: I want to be someone important in other people's life.

Zheng Yinong says questioning is possible, don't be afraid of your own confusion: "Human nature is lonely, you can not put your head into someone else's head, you have to do your best to express, in the process can encounter obstacles, such as the other party does not understand, the other side immediately judge you, the other party frequency is not with you. I want to talk about this kind of state of mind. 」

Love is the original, from drink to drink, from philosophy to anthropology, hangover to admit that love is always questionable.

About Zheng Yi Nong's music and wine we talked about this first, the next chapter, Zheng Yi Agriculture to talk about and Yang Dazheng break up, not meaningful and poignant, to a bottle of wine opening, let us enter Zheng Yi Nong's Drink spit truth.

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