Women fans work with the modern Women's foundation to create a platform for gender education that faces sexual abuse-companionship, narration, and recovery-and hopes to establish a professional rehabilitation system with the influence of the new media community, a professional service for the rehabilitation of sexual aggression.

Drop the structure of the net under the figure, we would like to accept the tender

May 11, 2017 10 o'clock in the morning, woman fan held "face sexual assault-accompany, tell, rehabilitation of the road of Gender Education" press conference, a series of modern women's Fund professional social work services, to open up a face of sexual assault, accompanied by survivors of the road to recovery.

Looking at a sexual violence and suffering from the shadow of sexual abuse, the road to recovery has been difficult, in addition to the issue of sexual assault, we always think of what more to do.

When the society is responsible for the perpetrators, we look forward to the establishment of a more complete protection, let the victim not be alone in the face of the pain, when the news talks about the victims of the loose nature of the protective structure, we hope to create a dense net, their pain firmly to the next step forward, together to take the road to recovery. (Recommended reading: after "Fang Siqi's first love Paradise", face up to sexual assault, you need to know 10 things )

Women fans have been founded for 6 years, focusing on gender issues, the website accumulates 2000 gender related articles, through the current affairs topic, the experience sharing, transmits the gender equality and the gender education content, to the sexual abuse prevention and control is also spared no effort, in the past has held two sex violence prevention hacker pine, hoped through the science and technology power together for the prevention and control sexual invasion mental agitation

We are convinced that the female force is to pull up the sleeves to make the world a better power.

Woman fan

Today, women fans still want to do more, women fans, can also do more.

So women fans are expanding the annual partnership with the Modern Women's foundation to establish a secure platform to help provide a professional assistance system for sexually abused survivors. "Facing the sexual invasion--accompany, tell, recover the road of gender education" contains four aspects: face the sexual assault, the causes of sexual violence, sexual rehabilitation, accompany the survivors, hope that the new media community influence vector and rehabilitation professional services, the establishment of professional support recovery system. (Recommended reading:"Healing takes time, please accompany yourself" The Confession of survivors of sexual violence )

In addition to calling on the media platform to face up to the issue of sexual assault, we want to be able to firmly undertake the pain of the network, not only to arouse social awareness, we would like to stubbornly explore the vulnerability of the structural network of sexual invasion, with action, woven more comprehensive, soft network, so that their pain can settle down the premises, so that their sadness has a window to tell, Let sexual assault survivors lose, can know how to embrace their emotions.

110,000 words of tears of sorrow, the road of sex education to carry out sexual invasion and rehabilitation

In the course of the press conference, woman fan co-founder and data long Chen Yi Zhen said, "Face the sexual invasion--accompany, tell and recover the road of sex education" the predecessor is the female fan website has been on line for two years anonymous message service, this service provides the sexual assault victim the anonymous message pipeline, lets them write down own feeling, two years, has accumulated 202 The victim's public message, the number of words up to 100,000 characters, web browsing volume a hundred thousand of.

These word wrote a deep confession, launched this time "face the sexual assault-accompany, tell, rehabilitation of the road of gender education", through the cooperation with the modern Women's Fund, the establishment of a platform for safe talk, to help more dare not to voice survivors on the road to recovery.

Woman fan co-founder and data long Chen Yixian said by Julia Tieshman, "The path of trauma recovery is divided into five stages, settling, telling, transforming, establishing, and settling", this cooperation hopes to open the first stage of recovery: "stability" by allowing the survivors of sexual assault to tell their wounds and to be assisted by professional bodies. And through "The face of sexual assault", "the causes of sexual assault," sexual assault and rehabilitation "," accompany the survivors "four content articles, to give the victims of sexual aggression in the heart of the support, substantive professional information, but also to the survivors of sexual aggression, understanding the victim's psychology, to build a system to support the survivors. (Recommended reading: can the perpetrator and the victim reconcile?) TED Confession: The 7,200 seconds he raped me.

Life with thorns, despite the injury, can still bloom their own fragrance

Woman fan co-founder and data long Chen Yi Zhen

About the main vision of the platform, Chen Yi Zhen site special sharing: "The Web page of the main visual design for both hands holding roses, through the page to give survivors support and help, Rose Thorn represents the pain, although each survivor with thorns, still can bloom fragrance." Expect women to be fascinated by media power, companionship and providing solutions for sexual assault survivors, so that they can rediscover themselves from the pain, the life from the lower bloom, still open unrestrained.

Only yes means yes: Flip value, respect for the right to consent

This time, women fans are working with the modern Women's foundation to create "confronting sexual assault-companionship, complaining, Rehabilitation of the road to gender education "platform, in addition to letting the survivors have the plumbing to tell the pain, the reconstruction and reversal of culture is the far-reaching goal we hope to achieve through this platform, only through the learning of the whole society and the change of ideology, the situation of sexual abuse can be reversed, and the future of gender equality and security and freedom will be truly progressive. (Recommended reading: A recovery story after seduction: My softness, let me hurt and heal )

Limmi, CEO of the Modern Women's fund, said in a press conference 103 to 105 years a total of 761 cases of sexual assault, including the power of the invasion of 129, accounting for the total sexual assault of 17%, the power of the case in 129 cases of two relationship data, the top three including the boss subordinates, collateral, immediate family.

Limmi, chief executive, said that the 20 anniversary of the Law on sexual Assault prevention has been on the agenda, and why is there a special debate on the issue of power abuse?

"The victim of a powerful assault is hard to say no, because it's an intimate relationship between being controlled and coerced."

Women's Foundation CEO Limmi

When the victim of sexual assault is in a powerful relationship with the offender, the victim was controlled, threatened and difficult to tell about the pain of sexual assault, when the victim said had been sexually abused experience, usually has been the incident for many years, although the legal right to prosecution disappeared, but the victim's psychological pain still not smooth, and even more profound years, It is hoped that through the cooperation of this platform, the psychological trauma of the victims of sexual assault can be paid attention to and given professional advice and help. (Extended reading: Gender Watch: The power of aggression, don't use "I love You" rape me )

In addition, she also proposed to "face up to sexual assault-accompanied, the way of telling and restoring sex education" platform, look forward to recreating the culture, encouraging the victims to speak bravely about the sexual assault, promote cultural change, let the sexual assault survivors know how to say pain, and understand that they are still worthy of love, the wrong is not the victim, the crux of the problem is a " Perpetrators ", however, such cultural reconstruction, in addition to their own awareness of consciousness, still need social support, take away the victims of sexual abuse of discrimination and labels, they can really live at ease, flip the life of their own. (Recommended reading: a letter of reinstatement to victims of sexual assault: you have the ability to accompany your heart's children out of the dark )

When it comes to social culture, she specifically puts forward the slogan "only YES means yes", saying, "If you want to borrow a cup, you will ask someone else's consent rather than use it directly, but for sex, there is no special instruction in our culture." Sexual consent Right "important, touch other people's body even violated behavior before, should respect other people's body autonomy, flip victim sexual assault experience, strengthen" sexual consent right "advocated" no consent is sexual assault "concept.

When it is influential, it is also socially

Today, the "face of sexual abuse-accompany, tell, recover the road of gender Education" officially on the line, in addition to prevention and control of sexual abuse, the future will continue to increase the content of gender education, for sexual assault survivors to provide security assistance network, to help the road to recovery. (Recommended reading: don't let the sexual assault victims around you remain silent: accompany him through six sessions of Pain )

As the Taipei City Center for Control Frost Yi said, each year will receive more than 700 reported cases, more not reported home violence, sexual assault cases hidden in the corner of society. She expects and appeals to survivors of sexual assault to help, call 113 when they need professional assistance, and will be accompanied by social workers on the way back to court and recovery. Women co-founder and CEO Zhang Wei Xuan More actively said: "In addition to the establishment of a secure network environment Guardian sexual assault survivors, female fans will begin to develop a gender education teaching material system to promote more effective gender education popularization and prevention of more gender harm." 」

With the idea of creating a woman's obsession, with a focus on gender, we also hope that through the co-operation of our media influence and professional advisory bodies, we will bring influence to society, inspire and educate more gender imagination and sexual perception, create the possibility of change, practise gender equality and let each individual live free.

If you have feelings for pain, let us take the pain into action, let the tears break the silence, walk a hard, but must support the road, the long way of sexual invasion, but we are willing to work with you, with the time in exchange for the beauty of your life, with the company to support your recovery of the brave fearless.

Dear, I invite you to face up to the issue of sexual assault, to understand the "face of sexual assault-accompany, tell, restore the road of gender Education" the four main contents of the page "face the sexual aggression", "the cause of sexual assault and violence", "sexual assault and rehabilitation", " Accompany survivors ", seeing the mental process of sexual assault victims, in the process of understanding, to flip the culture together and create a more gentle society for the survivors. (Recommended reading: sexual Assault is not what you think!) 10 cards understanding and embracing the status of sexual abuse