Written in "Fang Siqi's first Love Paradise", the seduction, the acquaintance sexual assault, the power sexual assault, condemns the victim and so on the noun obtains the more attention, by this opportunity, invites the populace to face the sexual assault, to start afresh to learn.

March, the Shi Do Award of the country's young headmaster suspected of sexual assault on the seven-year-old niece, up to two years of time, in the name of class-assisted indecent assault and finger infringement; in February, a female classmate in the house of male students, was the wolf Father sexual assault, and then argued that female students are only months; in January, taxi drivers were suspected of being sexually assaulted by female tourists in South Korea, He said he had a feeling of injury before he made this unwise.

This is Taiwan's 2017, the occurrence of sexual assault violence.

South Korea, 2004, 3 female middle school students were kidnapped gang-raped by 41 South College students, is for the Milyang female student collective sexual assault incident; Japan, 2016, the United States troops in Japanese sexual assault and killing 20-year-old woman, this is not the first in Okinawa U.S. troops in the sexual assault case; Hong Kong, 2008, 1 women were raped by 2 men in Yoshinoya, "I want to call the police for help," the woman cries for a rape video circulating on the internet. 」

This is a sexual assault that has occurred, and even continues to occur, in Asian countries. This is even the tip of the iceberg of sexual violence.

For sexual assault, we should not be silent, we should change our attitude to discuss sexual aggression, stop blaming victims, actively construct a safer environment, and through schools and family education, reaffirm physical autonomy and replace negative resistance with positive consent.

Sexual assault victim is not only a typical, we in question and answer form, sorting out the common sexual assault confusion and myth, this is 10 more understand sexual assault, you should collect articles.

Let's learn from the beginning.

Q1. What is sexual assault? How do I know about sexual assault?

Let's start with the status of sexual assault. It is not only India that is a violent country, but the shadow of sexual crime all over the world. Do you know? According to the sexual assault report, every half hour, a sexual assault occurred to you and me, nearly half of the cases of sexual assault from acquaintances, especially between men and women, more than 50% of the victims of minors.

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Q2. Why should we talk about sexual assault? What are we going to do about it?

If you do not establish a safe environment to talk about sexual assault, it will only make sexual assault a victim's own pain. First of all, we should not assume that the victims of sexual assault are the same, the world should not have "typical" sexual assault survivors, each sexual assault cases are not the same case, please listen to their story: there are more than one Fang Siqi

Q3. What is the mentality of blaming the victim?

Lin in one sentence, "he stuck it in, and I apologized for it." Blame the victim mentality, created a subtle culture of rape. From "must be your dress is too short" to "repeatedly asked whether the victim has resisted," is the responsibility of the victim mentality of the embodiment.

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Q4. Are sexual assault victims majority/must be women?

WEIFAO's annual statistics show that nearly 80% of sexual assault victims are female, but it does not mean that men cannot be victims of sexual assault. According to the women's annual questionnaire, more than half of the victims were of multiple genders.

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Q5. What is the seduction that people talk about?

The seduction in our mouth is the legal "powerful invasion". The power of aggression, according to No. 228 of the Penal Code, refers to between the perpetrator and the victim, there are subordinate domination, advantage and disadvantage of the relationship, the power of the invasion is based on trust, intimacy, power relations under the sexual assault, so that the victim under pressure to cooperate or difficult to say no, the force of violence, let him violate his will to enter the relationship.

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Q6. What are some of the world's most noteworthy cases of sexual assault?

Q7. How do the survivors of sexual assault embark on the path of sexual invasion and rehabilitation?

The process of sexual invasion and recovery is like a broken mirror, the original mirror reflected in the real self, now all pieces of fragmentation in the ground, and their own body dripping with blood. The fragmentation of the mirror a piece of the process of picking up, may also be able to cut themselves, how long it will take, there is no standard answer.

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Q8. Is it possible for the perpetrator to reconcile with the victim?

"If we are unwilling to acknowledge that these violence are man-made, we do not want to give a chance to assume the wrong, and we will only continue to ignore the continuing violence in human society." If we continue to give victims the impression that they are secondary, how can we allow them to rebuild their power? 」

Of course, we must also say that each case is different and some pain cannot be reconciled.

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Q9. Why is gender education important in preventing sexual assault?

At the table, Scarlett said to her mother with the butter on her bread: "Our tutor seems to have everything, that is, there is no sex education." 』」

Mother looked at her in amazement and replied: "What sex education?" Sex education is for those who need sex. Isn't that what education is? "Think of Qi for a time to understand, in this story parents will be absent forever, they are absent, but self-righteous still not school." 」

We have to talk about physical autonomy and the right to consent to sex.

Family education is very important, and children talk about sex: Taiwanese parents, you don't have to be so jittery.

The campus education is very important, starts from the class outline, gives oneself to have a lecture "gender equality Education"

Q10. Face the sexual assault, from now on, what can I do?

Face the sexual assault, if you want, we invite you to accompany the survivors, without critical listening to each other's traumatic story, let him feel the same.

Reference Practice

Finally, we invite you to share women's obsession with sexual assault: The path of gender education that accompanies, speaks, and recovers , and we work with the modern Women's foundation to help the survivors on the road to recovery. Share out, because you do not know who may need to be around, we have the ability to let the pain is said to export, but also have the ability to jointly weave the protection network to undertake the pain.