Woman fan I love my lonely season, with you to make an appointment May 21 with us to perceive the meaning of solitude, through the search for self to find the love of life, in the salon alone, with the self real dialogue.

"A person walks fast, a group of people go far".

This year is the 6 anniversary of the founding of a woman, and we want to sincerely thank you for your continued coexistence with us. To the female fan, the reader is not only the reader, but also the Guardian and the irrigation woman fan content partner, the comrade, relies on.

This year 525 I love my lonely season, we want to be closer to your dear you--an exclusive to the beloved member of the fan-day, holding up with you all along, is your thought to achieve a woman fan, inviting you to leave your extravagant holiday, let us put the most sincere gift to you this day.

recently, we received a lot of members of the "single season fan-day" warm wishes, we heard the hearts of everyone! Thank you, dear. You love us with all your heart, and your love encourages us to move on. Therefore, this year, fan-day is particularly open without membership points exchange, full heart gift feedback "Limited limit" free registration!

"Dear, how lucky, can meet you in the crowd." ”

Fan day x Intimate Proximity: This moment we want to come closer with you

Women fans Create the 6th year, every day of the year, thank you for having you with us, we meet in the air, in the physical activities together. Dear you, every time you meet, you always give us a smile, a hug, a phrase warm words.

2014, woman fan first held online I love my festival, 2015, we invited thousands of readers and growth instructors in the W Hotel to talk about love themselves; 2016, the City Square before the plaza million people to love as a starting point to lift the age of the big girls. every year I love my day, thank you for loving yourselves with us. (Recommended reading: I love my big girls Age: from the hundred meter dash to the Marathon Challenge )

May 21 Fan days me day, thank you in the palm of your hand, this day, inviting you to make an appointment for 5 hours, back to their own life, believe that they have the ability to move, also let us love you. female fans to the palm of the temperature, the heart of the light to pass to you personally.

Fan day x Time Salon: two unique salon dedicated to the most precious you

Sharon originated in France and is the intellectual space to play with knowledge. the French Revolution leaped free, equal and universal in the salon, and the hostess brewed the cultural field of the 18th century Enlightenment, and in Sharon's own life, she debated a new universe. When women are obsessed with Sharon, we will deliver such a salon to your hands, allowing you to be wild, heartbeat, loyal and enlightened. (Recommended reading:"scene straight hit" Woman fan Salon-she and he said: The exhibition of their own, from the text to life )

(A salon that has been held by women fans)

Two-time salon, please come to accompany the female fans grow up with the important author, from solitude to see relations, female force, two salon hostess Wang Yu, Raipexia, join hands with you have never seen yourself meet, with solitude to create the space of dialogue with the world.

Wang Yu: I would like to listen to myself in the noisy city of all sentient beings.

"Wang Yu x Taste" salon owner, some people say she is a new generation of artists, the most beautiful fat girl, she said, I am myself.

She was out of place, so she became a square. In this era, we need not the standard beauty, but the beauty of the singular beauty of the shocking. Wang Yu is such a woman, life alone time, without applause, she is becoming herself. (Recommended reading:"The film hits" My Life. Wang Yu: "Put a favorite label for yourself."

If you are afraid of different people, but the heart is unwilling, the exclusion of single, hate loneliness, have to get along with themselves, but do not know how to do, please take the life of choice to take back their hands. Listen to Wang Yu from her unique life experience to talk about solitude, in the dialogue with her own, gradually develop the free space of the mind, grow their own aesthetic, value and belief. These exercises are not easy, but the harvest is very bright, let Wang Yu to learn the attitude of the elder sister to share with you experience, gradually understand your self confusion and anxiety from where, and then out of their own unique path of life.

Would you like to leave a blank time for yourself in this bustling and noisy city? You may be surprised to learn that such exercises can help you live free in a notoriously secretive society and see the power and beauty of self-confidence.

Raipexia: Practice solitude, I want to keep myself in a relationship

Raipexia, owner of the "Solo-time X" Salon, the publisher of the "Charm" magazine, the spiritual mentor and the author of the gentle amplifier, in the age of women's multiple horns, listens to her from her own experience and shares the importance of solitude alone.

Women's life, at different stages have different intimate relationship needs, sometimes as children, sometimes as lovers, may become wives, mothers. keeping yourself in a variety of intimate relationships is a lifelong challenge and practice, and a person's ability to be alone will return to the relationship. listen to Raipexia about her independent stories, how to talk to each other in intimate relationships, practice reorganizing yourself, and let us maintain our shape in a quality relationship. (Recommended reading: happiness is growth!) Spiritual mentor Raipexia: "You are willing to admit your shortcomings, you can find strength")

Solitude, is a good time to exercise the endurance of the heart muscle, is to look at how they face the intimate relationship of the time, is to clarify their real desire of the time, reluctant you do not leave yourself.

Fan day x Private whisper: This little secret, especially want to leave you first

"A man's wings are taking off, and a group of people flapping is the wind that changes the world." ”

we've got a little secret. In particular, we would like to give you the most close to the heart of the day, inviting you to follow the woman fans along, inviting you to lead their growth, spread their wings and we soar in the sky together. Do you believe it? The world will wind up because of us, will change the wind because of you. (Recommended reading: I love my good Times team Picture: A person's wings are Take-off, a group of people flap the wind is changing the direction of the World )

Pink Day X I love, I say: in 5 minutes, tell the story of my relationship with women fans

"Female fans are gentle and firm, sincere and delicate, dazzling and unique." "-Woman obsessed reader Zhang Qiting

"Because of you, with me, I can walk through countless days of low ebb"--woman obsessed reader Sunnie Wu

"A woman fan is like a place for me to be comforted at any time with the idea of what you need." A precious antidote to the mind. "-Woman obsessed reader Guzhihan

to my dear your fan day, without fanfare, we want to give you the most exquisite moved, back to our first acquaintance that day. Why did you meet a woman fan?

every time you have a relationship story with a woman fan, you may be happy, maybe sad, perhaps enlightened, or you may be accompanied. We all have a 3-minute chance to tell the story of a woman's obsession with her in the pink day. Your life narrative, worthy of their own voice, worthy of the scene more people moved, dear, as long as you want, we will always stay a stage for you. (invite you to the scene registration stand on stage for love voice)

2017 of the time, we would like you to save more space for your story, do not forget to leave a moment to thank yourself, do not forget to leave time to believe in love and goodness, don't forget to leave time to look at yourself.

Just because you are very particular about your time, you are not going to live.