Before the 5/24 marriage affirmative action Bill is gazetted, let's review the 2016-year journey. More than 30 years of long-term anti-Japanese War of high speed fermentation in a short span of one year, the day seems close, but also the departure of the next Mile Road. There is so much we can do to support human rights.

The first gay marriage release in Taiwan was debated in court last month, and May 24 4 o'clock in the afternoon the judge will publish the unconstitutional or constitutional reasons for the first formal deal of gay marriage in Asia.

The release of the Constitutional Case 2013 Chi Jiawei and male partners registered marriage was dismissed: civil law relatives of the 2nd chapter of the marriage provisions "so that the same sex two human being can not establish a legal marital relationship" is a violation of the Constitution, a claim for interpretation of the Constitution. If the Chief Justice proposes that the "constitutional interpretation" will maintain the status quo, "constitutional censure" is the Chancellor's view that the principle is constitutional but will point out that the system needs to be reviewed in order to require the competent authorities and the legislature to deal with it.

If the result is a unconstitutional decision, there are three possible: "Unconstitutional invalid" performance of the provisions will immediately expire; "Unconstitutional periodic failure" means that the existing provisions will expire in the provisions, so that the competent authorities have time to carry out the law; "retroactive and ineffective" means that the expiration of the provisions of the effect will be retroactive. (Recommended: in Australia, I expect the Chief Justice of Taiwan to release the constitution: ending marital inequality and making affirmative action)

Another result of the Huang analysis of solicitors who have repeatedly asked for the interpretation of the Chief Justice is that the existing provisions may not be consistent with the constitutional protection intent and that the relevant units should be invited to review the improvements.

Taiwan marriage Equality: The law can not be prejudiced service

To this step, the people for the marriage of affirmative efforts, the pace of hard, still a firm foot.

In October 2016, Professor Biansen fell from the 10 floor of his residence, and his Taiwanese companion, who had lived with him for 35 years, died of cancer, and Biansen was unable to make any medical decisions for him in the absence of a legal marital relationship when his partner was ill.

In the same month, the gay parade more than 80,000 people in solidarity with marriage equality, the day President Tsai in his face book said, "Love should make people feel free, feel equal, feel strong."

In November 2016, the Judicial and Legal Committee of Taiwan's Legislative Yuan convened a committee of the Civil Law amendment of the United States of America to the Commission's agenda, which is the second time that the Marriage Equality Act was examined in the Legislative Yuan. Against the same wave of rising: The Guardian of the family for the emotional number of strokes, misreading sexual liberation, the spread of fear of the same message. (Same field Gayon: "marriage affirmative public hearing" opposition position: "Let gay marriage, there will be the same ripple effect of the cockroach spread")

In the December 2016, Ketagalan Avenue gathered 200,000 people to "make life no longer dead and stand out for marriage equality". Huangchong, a spokesman for Taiwan's presidential palace, said late this evening that the President Tsai support for equality in marriage and that "gays have the right to marry". (recommend you see: Sex Observation: 1210 Caldor See!) Comrades need to live like a human being.

The public hearing held several times, Qingdao East Road still has the rain sun people. When Judge Hsieh said, "Comrade is a cockroach, there will be a ripple effect," said Lin Zhijie, founder of the Queer Film Festival and Jed's CEO. We want to be very simple and hope to live together with our partners and children under the protection of the law, said Ranxinyi, secretary general of the Northern Alliance for the stability of the north. "Justice is like the Queen's chastity, not to be questioned," Zhang suspended the declaration: " The law cannot change people's prejudices, but the law cannot serve as a prejudice. 」

At this stage, the next generation of happiness Union, using the death of a female writer this month, wrote: "We have to do the next generation of sex education, not sexual liberation." We see that some of the fear-camp dialogues still focus on "not letting children have full knowledge of sex", inducing women to think about sex in a single choice--chastity education.

In their eyes, "unclean" and "unclean" are not only forced sexual intercourse, but also reflect homosexual sexual behavior will lead to the destruction of the world order. (Recommended reading: The sexual liberation of the school sister Fan: "The liberation of not only lust, but everyone's freedom")

We reaffirm over and over that sex liberation is not sexual promiscuity, and that understanding does not make an individual's choice of sexual behavior seem abusive. Sexual liberation is a fair and just way for people to choose their sexuality, so that all shapes of love can be made into gestures. is to no longer allow a single heterosexual standard to oppress anyone's imagination of love, the identity of the ego. (same field Gayon: sex education is unqualified!) Teacher, please do not teach me moral discipline )

To all who work for gender: there's more we can do.

Even if that malicious people discouraged, we can not extinguish the fire in our hearts, because we have to illuminate more people's darkness, we have to continue to communicate and correct, but also to carry out practical practice-sex education can not wait, the system of sexual assault and control system can not wait, the child's gender temperament freedom can not What we need to do more is not to mix the public opinion, but to start the patch structure loophole under the child's needs. If you want to start the action now, you can refer to the following dialogue full meal:


Finally, regardless of the outcome, let us continue to move forward with more positive and gentle, in addition to waiting for the results to come out, you can do these things:

Keyboard support: Similarities and differences affirmative-support marriage equality Lighting program

Light up your domicile and let constituency legislators know that supporting marriage equality is the majority. No matter what sex, race or sexual orientation you are, we are quite equal, with affirmative action in support of marriage to illuminate every corner of Taiwan!

Stand up:0524 Court for affirmative action Platform

5/24 marriage equality platform will be launched 15:00 on the same day "light Taiwan, Asia Lighthouse" event, announced the "Marriage equality and war", regardless of the outcome of the Constitutional Court, we will eventually go back into the Legislative Yuan, 5/24 is not the end, but the next departure.

Spreading public opinion: sharing the topic of homosexuality and declaring your position

Invite more people do not understand comrades together "see Comrade" real life-like, they love to live as much as the need for human beings must have the survival conditions. We are not defending gay rights, but basic human rights.