Interview director Zhou Miling, deeply female comrades need their own love narrative, so she filmed, to film record same-sex love of the floating World, let society see more colorful Chinese comrades life history.

"I'm the director of the gay issue, you can just say it doesn't matter!" "When I asked about the gender issues in my work, director Zhou Miling told me so cheerfully. She was dressed in a cowboy coat and came to us with a simple and convenient landing. She was leaning against me, leaning back in the chair, with an open and confident body language, leisurely talking to me about her films, her creations, her ideals: "I think lesbians need their love stories, so I make movies." (Recommended reading:"Sex Selection" "The Price of Salt": gay stories should have more versions )

Zhou Miling, who had won the Jinsui Award for his documentary, has also performed a plan to write Taiwan's "Island Shadow" in 12 films. And to make her reputation more widely known, it is the famous gay trilogy: "Yan-guang-song Ensemble", "Tattoo", "waves of youth", so that the audience to learn the movie to remember the beauty and pain of gay love.

I asked her, is it difficult to be a female choreographer or a gay movie?

Against women's culture, you have to be more professional than everyone else.

Mei Ling director smiled, did not say hard not difficult. The film is the man's industry, heavy photography, lighting equipment than the strength, high working hours, high work environment than the efficiency of the scene, the atmosphere is often a hair-trigger, there is no soft space to reveal emotions. The director as the leader of the film field, all ask only one sentence: "What are you convincing people?" 」

"How can I persuade?" "She asked herself:" Can't afford equipment, scold not swearing, can not respect a few betel nut, a few cigarettes close distance, a thin little girl, what is called the scene of everyone convinced? She looked at me: "I am more professional than anyone else." 」

What is the major? Mei Ling director never in the field "such inspiration", all the preparation work beforehand planning, discussion verification. One into the set, dozens of of people came to ask a variety of questions, props or actors, lighting or scenes, she was free, command, as if the Tai Chi master to slow down faster, leisurely rely on is more thoughtful than others, the preparation of the earlier.

"As soon as I get there, it's shooting in 5 minutes and never let anyone else wait." When you work in a beautiful rhythm, the state of work to make everyone comfortable, can let everyone the most efficient completion, the fastest break, once, others naturally took. "Simply summed up, the brewing behind the need for dope of time, in exchange for a shot, it is known." (Recommended reading: Workplace notes: You have to work very hard to look effortless )

Become a mature director who is enough to serve the public, not never experienced the pains. "When I was a deputy director, once I went to the show, the photographer said," Women don't touch my equipment. "Did I ask her injustice?" She biased head, thought: "Is wronged it, but was new, the film is the director and photographer the biggest, impossible to say anything." But now I am directing the film, no one will say how women, comrades, any issue, all need to take the lead people to come up with attitude. 」

and Mei Ling Director care about the gay community, care about the crowd attitude, in her work glance.

What is happening in our time cannot be reflected without a piece of work.

The Liucheng Rainbow Project, directed by Mei Ling, explores the gay issues of contemporary Chinese in the LGBT stories of 6 cities in Taipei, Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Singapore and Penang. The first to be introduced in July is the "fake marriage men and women" who discuss formal marital issues and how people settle themselves in love.

"〈 fake married men and women is the story of gay and lesbian false marriage, why would want to take this, because this thing is so absurd ah! Absurd to I will laugh non-stop, and then smile with tears. However, I am a lot of friends in the mainland, are in fake marriage, very very popular. She paused for a moment, a little sigh, the original more absurd than the drama is down-to-earth in life, her expression has regrets also have compassion.

Unable to get out of the closet comrades in order to respond to parents and the social pressure of marriage, looking for fake married companions, the husband and wife only maintain a formal relationship. Compared to the late marriage, the situation is quite common in Taiwan, China's formal marriage due to the parents look forward to a family, hoping to embrace the expectations of the sun and a large number of appearance. The prevalence of formal marriage also reflects the characteristics of the era of mobile phone and network. Because there is a mobile phone, there is a network, people can be private to express their needs: as a comrade, I need fake marriage. (Recommended reading: after the same marriage to release the constitution, who does not mainstream gay married? )

Even in such a private matter, the marriage net has had 300,000 members over the past 10 years, and more than 60,000 couples have married through the pipeline. In other words, there are 120,000 gay men and women breathing the rarefied air in a false marriage relationship, day and night.

"I personally don't support fake marriages because I think it's a twist, but it's cruel to shoot it in a critical way," he said. "The strength of criticism is that it strikes the stubborn social structure, but it inevitably hurts the most deeply involved, but also the most innocent group of people." "Pseudo-married men and women" thus presented in a comic way: Uninformed mother saw son bed naked male, chicken fly dog jump at home chasing dozen; daughter in the middle of the night and Brother Exchange room, the husband back to brother, but was just also get up mother caught, had to hold pillow card on the door frame dilemma. The plot is amusing, the soundtrack is playful and brisk, yet it is not a straightforward sadness between the loved ones: it turns out that no one can come out of the closet from the heart. (Recommended reading:"Daily Dialogue" director Huanghui: Gay mother taught me not Hate )

The director said, "Fake married men and women" as a comedy, the atmosphere of the scene is also relaxed. "Tangzhengang and Zhou Houan Ah, they are able to drive the scene of Gay atmosphere, very comfortable, very lively." There is a doll in the shape of a penis, there, they will always take up hugs and kisses, make everyone very happy. The director of Mei Ling said with a smile. Writing an interview manuscript at this time, I think of her at that moment sweeping the heavy smile. The scene of the film and the core of the story seemed to stand at both ends of the spectrum, and the pressure that had been so heavy that people could hardly load was the space for another group of people to breathe.

and Mei Ling director of the interview in the same marriage to release the constitution, interview online now we ushered in the dawn of marriage. Hopefully, no matter which city in the world, it will eventually lead to a moment of laughter for sex, physical and sexual orientation. No city, no more fake married men and women.

Love is the place where you are to settle down

We turned to the double.

"Why do we need love?" Because love allows us to get settled, to authenticate who I am. "Mei Ling Director Nail story core, from childhood mother as Brother reincarnation girl, finally met another girl, tell her: you are you, not who's double." Being used as a surrogate daughter looking at the mother's eyes is very gripping, and the reality of life is often more helpless.

When the director of Mei Ling filmed the documentary 〈921 legend, he met a little boy who was always dressed as a girl. With his younger sister, who died in the earthquake, his parents and sisters dressed him up as a girl, thinking that he was the unfortunate young daughter who died. He knew he was a boy, but hid in the long hair and skirt, with the girl's shell to soothe the wounds of their loved ones, wiping their tears. "The child knows everything, but he can understand that his family has not been able to get out." All I can do is send a copy back after I finish filming the film. Maybe they did, and there's a different approach. (Recommended reading:"Cool Child Study Notes" Loneliness is the norm, "home" is the gay exhaustion of youthful understanding of the word )

12 years later, the story is still deeply falling in the heart of the director of Mei Ling, when the little boy should now grow up, if not in the family of free to do their own, at least in love may find their own position. How do you find a balance between self and thoughtfulness? "Double" as if a span of time of the answer, eager to unlock a little boy heart deepest knot, contains the director full of gentleness.

I asked the director, if there is an ideal way of love, it will be her lens of which a pair of lovers? She thought very hard, still shaking her head: "I don't know." My own way of getting along is that I am the Lord on the film, and I am as good as a cat when I go home. "If there is an ideal love, it is about the one and the lover." When working together, commanding the overall situation, the girlfriend to keep up with, the private time, along with the temper, arbitrary shamelessly spoiled. (Recommended reading: liberating the definition of "love": Love in the way you want it)

The most fervent love, how touching words have been said, and many years later, Shen Dian down is no need to speak of tacit understanding. Strive for the ideal time, the other side know you choose good stubborn insistence: "Life is just to make money, spend very boring, to be able to splurge for the ideal, find a place to settle the soul." "When the cause of setbacks, the other party with you with no regrets:" Some colleagues really broke up, but she did not. The director said, some shy and some sweet smile. I asked her if she did not regret after asking her girlfriend, not hard, she shook her head: "The old man's wife, asked the vulgar." "True friend, owe thanks to the original is not necessary to say, but rather like a zoning."

The original real life of love, than the drama is also thrilling, enough to support a person to do a good big dream.

Liucheng Rainbow: A sketch of the contemporary Chinese comrade's floating World

The dream, now expanded into 6 different cities in the life Tou. 6 Chinese cities, each with their own sadness and joy, "Taiwan is not a closed place, people come and go between different cities, I in the story of different cities to deal with the different aspects of Chinese comrades, I tried to write is the contemporary Chinese in Asia situation, through the sight of others, we know where we are. 」

Taipei, Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Singapore and Penang, some traditional, some trendy. People move, migrate, disperse, times and fate push, pull them, and moved to a place, landing, rooting. The heterogeneity of history and culture led these people to make different flowers, there is not the same distortion and repression, and eventually to the future. "In the end there is no one to know, but if you do not leave these stories ah, I will feel, is a contemporary regret." "(Recommended reading: the righteous love!) Interview Gushinyi: "We finally, did not become that dead comrade")

The director of Mei Ling has a sense of life, embracing the care of history and people, she looked to the vast river of literary history, and saw the absence of a long history of gay life: "The film is classified as the eighth art, there are so many classics in Chinese literature, but not enough work to deal with the issue of comrades, in our era should be through some form of art, Do it. 」

Rewriting people's imagination of literary history with the art form of film, and widening the field of vision, how does the director of Mei Ling View contemporary comrade works? She said modestly that she did not judge, only said she expected. "Gay literature is a lot of colourful, I try to explain a story, may allow the audience to leave an impression, a little touch, when our works can impress people, portray the human heart, those distorted the plight of humanity may slowly change, which I think a soft entertainment power. 」

Mei Ling Director said the tone of the story is very soft, critical of the strength of a very deep, those who make people laugh, let people cry, let people keyed, let people reflect on the screen a frame to spread out, the floating World painting general let people witness the life history of Chinese comrades. Liucheng Rainbow form is very gentle, spirit and feelings are revolutionary, because the revolution, has always been encounter the world can be a better opportunity, so strive to do a lot of strength, struggling.

"When I have the power, I will expand to other places, Thailand, Japan, Korea, but I will always try to link up with Taiwan." Director Mei Ling for her filming plan left in the finish, this is a caring crowd of long shot, running, Non-stop.