Who's Gurio? Not only is Ogilvy vice president, he is in the micro-letter public number on the fire, China's 1.3 billion people, why do everyone want to listen to his new mode of media marketing?

Gurio, Chao, vice president of Ogilvy, head of the Austrian-American social Shanghai, the title to listen to frightening, 13 marketing experience, he emboldened vigorous, the concept of transparent, Gurio run from the media, talk about a new type of marketing, simple dismantling complex concepts, a gentle voice, talk about hard knowledge, in the micro-letter public number on the fire.

Over the weekend, he flew from Shanghai to Taiwan to hold a game of closed-door meetings. Play solid two word has its stubborn nature, Gurio said, play solid behind closed doors, in simple terms, is to help the community find a new solution to do China and Taiwan's resources docking, media and three parties, with the content of the value of finding a way out.

Flash two days, Gurio itinerary is busy, a moment not idle, see Taiwan potential team. Sunday morning nine, with the end of Fu hang early, wipe off the tip of the mouth sesame, he and Gurio Fan special page Taiwan Agent Zhang Jialing and accompanying assistant, into a woman fan.

He is a blue Oxford shirt, sit down and joke, who also said that Taiwan is comfortable, I contact this group of people can fight AH. (same field Gayon:"Gurio column" is this not my job?) Stop making excuses for your laziness.

Being picky is the only way to get things done.

Gurio talk to himself, a word, cylindrical side.

It looks nice, soft, with a lot of principles and a stubborn temperament, "I think it's the only way to get things done." Many things I am very insistent, even if the audience is not much, I also want to promote development. The two of them accompanied silently nodded.

"Now I find the problem is that the whole industry is very confused, everyone talk from the media, think is to get a sum of money, to find ways to fire to the end of the year;" or I this marketing how to do than last time more effective, one-time, no one wants long-term solution. "Stop," I thought, and I'll come. 」

Then I come, a simple one, behind is insight. He perceived the brand end and content of the contradictions, in fact, each has resources, their own difficulties, "we are competing for consumer time, how to think about how to cooperate to create interesting content, to achieve maximum value." "Play solid behind closed doors will emerge, the first station in Taiwan, the next stop to Guangzhou and Hangzhou."

After discovering the problem, the acupuncture-style treatment, he said that the two years, his own practice to implement the word, self-discipline. "Over the past few years I have become more and more aware, hit the trough, persisted, will soon become very good." Many things do not want to insist, can not achieve results. 」

Would a man with an old experience like you have a rough day? He immediately talked about playing a closed door to the Guangzhou court, the difficulty is not as good as Taiwan fire, the event is imminent, the venue has not been discussed. He asked his friends in Guangzhou, a pull 20 hundred, Gurio to talk about frustration is very light, look humble, "I want to promote the community, can sponsor very good, more important is to listen to, at least know the idea." 」

"What I'm thinking about is the Gurio brand, not the ticket price, but the actual fan group, and our discussion really has a value in output." 」

Personal professional, frustration grinding, bitter is the common, in the mind of self remind, really want to do things, that should stick to advance. (Recommended reading: winter or Summer?) Zheng Guo Wei x Lu Zijun: "The media confusion, because the audience and the problem is not")

New Media Marketing 2.0 times: Traffic, content, users is the real value

Hyun Feng to the front, he heard the rumors of Taiwan, said the Taiwanese advocate small indeed fortunately, live too easy, but he came to Taiwan contact with a team, Taiwan bar, pictures and texts do not match, can all spell very much. "Very hard, probably because do like to do things, do not sleep at all." 」

"Mainland content producers, instead of this spell, the mainland utilitarian thinking, do content is to get effect, the figure is more people look, it is clear." What I see in Taiwan is that more people are doing what they want to do, and asking for content value. "Gurio points out that the core of contradictions," the mainland from the media and brand, there is a common language, want the same thing-the effect; instead, Taiwan's content producers and brands a value, a result, the interests of the conflict is greater. 」

Gurio Han, speak clearly, Marketing 2.0 ERA has come, new media authorized public, marketing is not only broadcast and inform, Brand needs to have media thinking, always a sentence, traffic, content, the user is the real value.

"The brand does not know to do content and obstinately to do, the content party does not know marketing own brand, the two side pain point, exactly is each other's strength, how unifies together, is very important." 」

He advocated the brand to remolding, pull off the standard thinking, 4P and 4C no longer works, want to think is between the brand and consumers how to create value chain. He cited the mainland "Non-interference" program, the content is good enough to be able to change, there is a user community can do marketing, brand play There are many, do not think of their own residual.

"The brand that I define is the Ip,intellectual property." Before we have products to do brand, now we have to think, it is the first brand and then have products. 」

This process, the marketing also wants the thought axis to turn. Coca-Cola this year to replace the CMO Chief Marketing officer, integrated advertising marketing, commercial customers three sections, the CGO chief growth officer, "it is obvious, not to continue to sell, but continue to grow, how the brand sustainable survival and development." 」

This era, bold, redefine the brand, content, marketing, how to do everyone still confused, play solid door will come into being, gather three parties, greedy to talk about, looking for the new state of the Times possible. (same field Gayon:"Gurio column" Why Small and medium-sized enterprises have to open micro-signal? )

Content is king? I don't agree.

Gurio talk about marketing, fundamental in the content value, content value such as basic horse stance, firmly, have more strokes can play, can thousand recruit hundred style, play beautifully.

He said his requirements for content value is very low, "valuable content is to create a better society, you do content to ask yourself, I created for the community what good?" Or are you anxious to stand up for yourself? "Are you creating a good or overlapping message?" "Good content with personal highly related, I was creative, the most frightening after reading, oh a sound, no next move, information passed on." 」

Gurio team in Ogilvy repeatedly create explosive advertising, he frowned, said this year is not a good garbage many, many content repeatedly chasing hot spots, hot past no value left, not in the world ripples, much pity. On the content value, I ask if you agree that this is still the "content of the King" era?

The term "Wang" is misleading to many people, "content is king?" I do not agree, it is important to have a deep market insight, no market insights, random content, content, and the likelihood of success is low. He laughed, "I really want to say what is king, I say the market is king." Whoever makes the market is the king. 」

In recent years, Chinese social media has a trend of rejuvenation and entertainment, the people hurried to occasion, according to the Hill, occupied by the king, Gurio remind, rather than follow the bandwagon, find their own refined content, to do it well.

"Do not have to do content in the effect and the goal of repeated stalemate, since we are the output content, we look seriously, who needs these content?" Who uses this knowledge? By using data insights to support content strategies, the essence of content is creation, and all created things have their content. 」

The essence of content is to create, rather than to do their own craftsmen, for this world to make some good. (same field Gayon: Editor-in-Chief is a phased mission!) Interview What honor: "Choose to stay in the news battlefield, there is no pessimistic right")

The knowledge pays, that is the false proposition

Gurio Cannon, in recent years the fiery "knowledge paid" word, he pointed out is a pseudo proposition. Now the "knowledge to pay" is the foundation is "the trust has become","only, net red for money behavior in a better coat." 」

Why not pay for knowledge? "You see a lot of people do not charge for the creation of knowledge, we should go to think, why knowledge must be charged to the learner?" Can also be a third party to pay Ah, find sponsors Ah, together to support the knowledge system. 」

He was sharp, not afraid to offend, "If you really want me to say, most brands, have not created a lot of knowledge, there is no charge." For example, Luo thought it, in China, the negative image kept climbing, 1200 yuan a year of membership fees to pay out, the real gain can not see, like a gym fitness card, figure a self comfort ...

He's got a quick head, a lot of possibilities, good content itself has the ability to cash out, consumer fees is a kind of access to third-party funding is one, sold to television stations or video sites, is also a way. He also cautioned that "many people pay to support the" brand "itself, excessive commercial trust is inadequate. 」

To talk about the knowledge to pay, return two to start talking about, one is whether the brand is popular, the second is the content of output can really create value? When the net red, live, vr/ar noun fiery, he advocated these may be the marketing angle bubble, after the bubble has the void, returns the content value, is more fundamental matter.

Work except dream, but also I solved what problem

One hours to chat down, Gurio Hoder, see Recruit, from the brand positioning chat to media future, gushing like Jianghai. I said next to ask a little mental questions, he pushed round glasses, like said to put the horse over, "work so many years, do not think about the meaning of work?" 」

His eyes did not blink, "work for me is a belief, has always been to create and practice their dreams." "He said somehow, everyone took him as a career spiritual mentor, micro-trust on the public number, floated to see the message," I have trouble in the workplace, can not meet you? "He returned seriously, carefully worded, is afraid to disappoint."

Changed a turn, "However, do not work more than 10 years, do not easily take work as a belief." Especially the work of the 35, need is not a dream but steadfast, ask yourself, I work to solve what problem? 」

Dream is the way forward, not to escape excuses, Gurio facing the younger generation, badgered, do not immerse the dream, the real skills have not been promoted, the dream to do empty. (Extended reading: The gentle philosophy of a strong woman: listen to women fans, CEO and editor-in-chief chat work )

There are stages in the workplace, the first stage to think about their own solution to what problems, upgrade what skills? Do you have trouble solving others ' problems, or do you create a problem? You should be familiar with the field has not, whether or not worthy of the heart? The second stage, I want to achieve what I want to do, the work as a mission, so that the work to complete their own.

Gurio talk about the trend of the times accurate, talk about work spirit, finally, he to the future of the new media development Xu three wishes,

One is to hope that all content-creating media do not have to worry about funding problems. He made a look a little embarrassed, know difficult to achieve, but I hope that content to create not have so much money difficult.

Second, is yearning for the world's great harmony Media. "The regional media, causing a lot of information barriers and communication problems, I find interesting people with interesting stories that should be seen." "Also like playing solid behind closed doors will be ideal."

Third, I hope everyone is doing things for others. If the brand, want to do for consumers, if the media, thinking of serving a group. "We do things, initially think of the simple, is to serve the public, over time after the sale of TV ads hot spots, the pace of chaos, forget the beginning is to serve who and what to do." "A lot of people have been in the industry for a long time, not resources and capital, but beginner's mind."

Gurio such as advisers, seek to set and move, this is the golden age of the media, wind and rain sometimes, hot words fly, a manic, you want to know who they are, what do you want to do? Face the situation, do you have the ability to make some good.

"PostScript" If I am a consumer, you are good enough I will accept

Two days in a row, the Saturday morning play solid closed doors and Sunday interview, Gurio left many dry goods, the article listed as follows, do the content, do the brand, do the community have to look at.

  • Brand to think about how "fun and useful", through different models to make money, don't just want to sell. One reason you want to produce a light bulb is not to continuously optimize the candle in your hand.
  • China has been in the media for 20 years, from the core social to the core social networking to the current entertainment core. Content core social, the important thing is that the content is not ID, in short, people who don't know say serious words; the core social relationship, the first to look at the content of who hair, friends in the Circle of fire, entertainment core social, see whose content is most entertaining, this is China's right now.
  • Direct seeding may be a bubble, the requirements of the production side too high, easy to eliminate. In fact, the better the economy, the less time we have to watch live.
  • There are 2000多万个 public numbers on the micro-letters, most of which are: low income, anxiety for content output, no business model.
  • Your content strategy is unclear, because you have no idea what you're doing and lack of data theory to support your next step.
  • Many marketing ads are unclear, content aesthetic needs to be improved. The content esthetic several words, the artistry, the value, the readability.
  • The advantage of the brand is the capital, story, channel, from the media's advantage is creative ability, market insight, brand appeal, both can create a win, do not have to kill each other.
  • If I am a consumer, I no matter who creates, you are good enough, I will accept.