March Nantou A juvenile placement agency for sexually transmitted diseases in four cases of sexual assault. In Taiwan, the resettlement agencies are not uncommon cases of sexual abuse, the media to catch up, the government to shirk its responsibility, a helpless resettlement institutions faced with insufficient funds to discipline the plight of the youth self-reliance out of the power class.

What kind of place do you think the collective sexual assault will take place?

Practice masculine social etiquette in men's prisons? The ISIS field that abducted women as sex slaves?

In March, a 15-year-old was found to be suffering from a sexually transmitted disease by a school teacher, involving four cases of Nantou juvenile resettlement institutions. Between 2014 and 2015, the search and enquiries confirmed that there were four juvenile victims, sexually abused about 10 times, the crime occurred in the body of the dormitory or bathroom, the juvenile was asked to carry out oral sex and anus. It is rumoured that many of the juveniles who have left the hospital may have suffered such sexual abuse.

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Institutions of resettlement: a culture of silent sexual aggression

In the March news, the reporter traced the victim's plight and institutional difficulties to the masked wound: The sexually abused children in the placement agency . In Taiwan, when it came to the issue of power-related aggression, the relationship between upper and lower subordination, dominance and weakness was copied into the field of Team life. From the justice system to the placement agency, why are children silenced or unaware of what is wrong? We further recognize the organizational structure of the resettlement institutions.

The rehousing institution is composed of social workers, life counselors and peer youths, and the name of the Juvenile Placement Institute is home and Halfway house. In Taiwan, the placement counseling and placement agency is a child or juvenile welfare institution that is subject to the relevant provisions of the Child and Juvenile Welfare Act. In common sense, a life counselor to take care of four children, the children here with all kinds of young married together, giving the family the meaning of the development of a natural selection of the family law.

In the resettlement institution, there are also children who come here because of family factors. The children who come here have a common trait--weak family functions. So they are here to develop a new order in which children learn what class is, what is power, and the new small society that runs.

The sexual assault that said it would be worse.

Nantou the institution of juvenile resettlement is not a case, the electric visit in the resettlement institutions in 11, Taiwan Donghai Hill home director Lin Yu-yu, said: "The placement of sexual assault is not news, this is a social event." 」

The victim of a 16-year-old sexual assault at the halfway house in Kaohsiung in 2011 said: "They squeezed the toothpaste on my anus, inserted the sexual assault on me with a wooden stick, forced me to masturbate, and finally threatened to choke:" You dare say it will be worse. A 12-year-old boy was sexually abused by another two boys in a boarding house in Taoyuan in 2015, but he also made similar acts against others. Children are silenced and sexually controlled as a way of disciplining the group order.

Lin Yu-yu's director, from social workers to supervisors, has witnessed a lot of signs of a 10-year shift in rehousing agencies: "The placement agency is not an accident, but most institutions will not admit it because the image is bound to be affected." "I asked the director what might be the consequences of an institution's impact if he were to report a sexual assault."

He believes that the "relationship" between the institution and the local county and municipal governments: "Some county and municipal governments will give you resources to deal with, and some county and municipal governments will feel that there is a problem with your management." The real concern for the organization is the image, after the notification if the county government does not support, he will put you on a "management guidance ability of the volume label", regular supervision of you, check you, for the general organization will be a lot of pressure. 」

This is not only true of the unsound relationship between central and local government and institutions. In general, the child comes to the placement machine through the justice system, will not be subject to judicial and central substantive tracing, the judicial system will not notify the social and political units, get professional emotional and mental health resources, children in the growth of emotional sustained injury or loneliness, inertia choice of silence and replication in the group of behavior patterns, Indirect deduction of the circular sexual assault cases of placement agencies. Among them, the "authorization" to the juvenile use of "power" to maintain the order of the regiment, can be said to be bullying and the beginning of the culture of sexual invasion. (Extended reading: from the "Love Me fetish" incident to see the current bullying: under the power structure, we are accomplices and victims )

The formation of a boss: I can take the place of the teacher to discipline you

Most of the teenagers who come here may not have good family care, lack of emotional identity, and must find a sense of belonging in small groups.

Birds of a feather flock to the law of the existence of the same nature in the institutions of the people naturally assembled together, in the same forces of the group has a level, the level of the high degree of juvenile contact often requires a low level of juvenile, not the line of juvenile handling life, such as laundry, cleaning, washing dishes I have been to many of the Lin Yu-yu director of the resettlement agencies to explain:

"There are big kids and kids in the placement agency, and age is a problem, and children are more powerful when they are older," he said. The other is resources, although the children come here are poorer, there will be a relatively slightly better, common resources such as: smoke. Or someone who would flatter the teacher, Bingyi's teacher would grant him power. 」

The placement agency bans smoking, the rearing mode is not full control, the child will go to work and the class, the Health assistant and social worker are not parents after all, can not completely intervene the child in the school or the work place behavior. Young children in institutions have the power to "not be corrected by the health and auxiliary staff", show in the details of their lives, such as young boss discipline children lined up, finishing housekeeping, the Commander and control team for the health and auxiliary staff can also share the pressure, naturally do not meddle in the power relationship between groups.

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The cultivation of a sexual aggressor: powerless teachers

Once a big child starts, this is a structure that can be reproduced continuously: "If the older child looks at pornography and lets the child do oral sex, it could be a series of occurrences." 」

Who gives the child such power? Institutions are like the Chesen of teenagers, and the health-auxiliaries have great power to limit the freedom of juveniles. disobedient juveniles can Liuyuan observe, limit petty cash, escape or violate the rules and may be sent to court to decide, enter the reformatory school. There is a shortage of manpower, and even if the health-care worker and social workers are caring, they may be under pressure to take on too many parenting responsibilities day after day. The militarized management system is much more convenient than caring upbringing.

The shortage of manpower and social workers requires the second level of management to maintain the order of the group. "Our front-line teacher, a person to take 10 children, some teachers will not consciously authorized, he can not move a few children, he will call the big children to call." "Lin Yu-yu director himself knows the evil of the structure, he initiative three Shen five to warn the teacher, but still have the teacher will Bingyi." (Extended reading: A group of juvenile resettlement institutions behind the collective aggression: the young men who are not cared for)

There has been a constant call for inadequate manpower in the resettlement institutions, in connection with the Li Lifen legislators who have long been concerned with small issues, she also participated in the press conference this year to make sound of juvenile rights, and Li Lifen members considered that the decline in the quality of services was related to the lack of manpower: "The rehousing agencies are not resting for 24 hours and 365 days, It is necessary for the health and auxiliary workers to have three shifts and lack of manpower. We must conform to the labor Standards Law and the health auxiliary staff standard, the general insufficiency. 」

To sexual space? Sexual control and sexual repression in symbiosis and conspiracy

Another issue that must be addressed is to see a child with lust.

How do teens vent their passions during the period of sexual exploration and in a tightly-pressured peer environment? Most rehousing institutions, like the civil education units, do not have a set of methods to encourage children to understand sexual identity, and under the strict system and class order, sex also becomes a means of power and pressure.

Sexual control and sexual repression symbiotic collusion, such a cycle led to silent sexual crimes in the organization, this year's case is not the body of the Independent bulletin, but the school found students strange and inform the police and the social Labor Department involved in the investigation. Li Lifen members that there are many cases of resettlement institutions at home and abroad, we should draw up the internal coping style, in addition to the process of communication, but also the "sexual discussion" of the universalization:

"We can't think of children as asexual people without desires." It is understandable that adolescent children have impulses, and the focus is on how adults can talk to their children. In this Part I feel that it is shameful for a child to talk about sex and to prevent what we do not want in a dark and obscure place, when the institutions can more frankly honest and transparently talk about it. 」

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Li Lifen stressed that the Organization should strengthen the professional training of counselors and social workers, so that staff are sensitive to gender to detect the relationship between the unequal power of children. In fact, the Taiwan social welfare system in the ten years is on the way to maturity, many of the regulations of the resettlement agencies have been revised during the decade, the placement agencies have gender issues, sexual assault or indecent responsibility to do the statutory notification, no information will have legal responsibility, from " care e together " to do online bulletin, In addition to do preliminary isolation, the competent authorities will do the clarification and confirmation of the facts.

The rules are also mandatory for placement agencies, Lin Yu-yu said: "The two-year review will force us to have a gender equality education for our children." The course content is arranged by ourselves, but not necessarily by every organization, whether the county government is a support agency or not, because additional funding applications will be required. "Not every organization has the ability to talk about sex with his children, like Lin Yu-yu, who has the courage to talk about sex through life experiences: masturbation, marital equality, gender identity, physical boundaries."

Each child can talk about a limited range, can use actual chat or give children book textbooks, network resources. This also reflects that the Government has asked organizations to talk about sex education in the policy, but there is no consistent way to climb the thread, and the teachers in the institutions are very active in finding materials to find resources.

The society and the government are indifferent: 20 points of resources to bring out 100 children?

"Children in adolescence more depressed, more impetuous, there is no thing to do." Boys see a film sex is intolerable, it is very easy to happen this matter. "Lin Yu-yu wants the whole society to be a formal fact, to help organizations to change, not to judge." Most of the time, the government knew that sexual abuse in institutions would not help, and would only put up a poorly disciplined label: "Society and the Government should know that children may have such a demand in their formative years, and we have to do education." I hope that the media resources can be audible, the public is not read gossip and condemnation, understanding of structural problems, rehousing institutions, the demand for manpower, now the entire public sector of the subsidy to this piece of a drop in the bucket, it is like giving us 20 points of resources, to do 100 points. 」

In bad working conditions, agency personnel must sacrifice more of their own time to take care of their children. In addition, the government commissioned the agency fee of one months each child is about 10,008 to 20,000, only the child's most basic physiological needs, but the organization has different problems of children, Li Lifen members of the public hearings on the Nantou juvenile resettlement institutions were discussed:

"It should be graded on the difficulty of rehousing children, if it is more complicated to take care of a certain type of child, more counselling staff or social workers are needed, we can raise the cost of rehousing, and a difficult type of service should be raised." 10,008 of the price is not calculated to the cost of placement agencies or hardware. So most agencies are going to raise money for foreign donations. 」

The public "seems" to be very concerned about the incident, but in fact, the criticism that fails to help the institution to improve the situation is more like indifference in their eyes.

Lin Yu-yu Director of the event said: "I do not think they need to criticize the pieces, I have been in this field for a long time, I know how hard it is." "This closed Nantou is too over-enrolment for children, but it is the only institution in Taiwan that does not choose to accept the law-enforcement juvenile who is willing to be sent by the judicial protection officer." It is because every institution does not want to take care of "troublesome children", so the shutdown is almost the most troubled teenager in Taiwan. (Recommended reading: after "Fang Siqi's first love Paradise", face up to sexual assault, you need to know 10 things )

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Do the wrong people not deserve to be loved? The downfall of a perpetrator

The perpetrator and the victim who left the original institution embarked on a different path of recovery. The law stipulates that children with sexual offences are forced to accept the psychological counseling of the perpetrator. However, such a child to accept more is actually emotional concern. The child who came to the institution was a child with a traumatic life, perhaps from a estranged family, or with a shadow of a crime. Many people listen to Shangan for sexual assault, abusing children who commit sexual assault cases, this group of children has been on the verge of social abandonment, and more people shake their heads to say that such a child is hopeless, the Li Lifen members are looking forward to: "We want to see the child came to the agency is needed to help, not just feel that he must pay for his actions, Don't let the child go out with the injury again. 」

One of the rehousing agencies in Hong Kong has been blinded by the sexual assault of a long time, a law-stricken teenager in the institution of sexual assault, the informed adults with one eye closed one eye. This subconscious may be a lot of people's eyes on the criminal child, further thinking:

Do we feel that there are children who have done wrong and that they can be punished? In a child-less interest stance, the group insists that no one should be subjected to violence, whether or not they make mistakes.

Whether it's front-line service personnel, or a distant event, we want more children to be able to become self-reliant and socially acceptable adults, right?

After the closure of the Nantou, the children were sent to different resettlement centers across Taiwan, and they had to do their last duty for the children. Two of them came to the director of Lin Yu-yu, who hesitated for a long time, fearing that he would bear the risk of a child becoming worse:

"I used to be in the social work hours will feel to implement the spirit of social workers can not pick the case, now when the supervisor must think a lot, I have to worry about whether the perpetrators will affect our children, but also spend more time to communicate with the teacher." Of course, also worry about "the children over there" will not bring bad our children, I must say, there will be heaven and nature at war, not as before so blood, children out of the situation is I have to bear. But finally struggled for a long time, I chose to accept. 」

I asked why? "There is no reason why, they just need help," he said in an electric interview. The children did not come, there was no place to go. "There really is no place to go where?" The director said that the child would go to the reformatory school, that is, the juvenile prison.

Juvenile prison, shave, handcuff fetters, confinement room, towering cement wall, a 15-year-old youth.

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