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Talk this week about persistence.

In the previous weeks, Gurio, a vice president of the United States of America, told the new media about his attitude toward the workplace, saying:

Work is to develop the ability to judge, the right thing to insist that the wrong thing Dang will suffer.


I think it is very useful.

A person to have to insist, the workplace is.

Your insistence indicates what you care about, and the direction you stick to marks your benchmark as a professional worker. In the workplace days, time accumulated experience, to cast the heart that ruler, let you know, what things to do, what to say, what problems to face, what bad habits should be changed. (Recommended reading: Workplace notes to 2017: Be a worker who makes the effort to be a success for others )

Insist that there must be subjective feelings and objective measurement benchmarks, subjective feelings from your understanding of their own, what I am, what I want, what I want to be; Objective metrics come from a great understanding of things, do I collect enough data? Do I have industry knowledge? Can I make an appropriate judgment?

Insist on, to be equally equal, in order to live up to their own, do not spoil the work handled. A man is a professional if he can really respect what he is doing.

Adhere to also should have flexibility, adhere to is not the excuse to refuse to admit or resist change, adhere to is a ruler, priority on their own measurement, remind themselves or even review their own, revise and calibrate their own direction of progress. With perseverance, with flexibility, to be a resilient worker, can be put, relaxation has degrees.

Say two stories about persistence, one is a friend, the other is my own.

Friends in a large company for several years, ambition has ideals, over time to find the company everywhere, many senior executives sinecures, the day is easy, no insist. At first he was willing to ask questions, rolled up his sleeves and tried to speed up the process, and for a long time he was tired, as if he were the only one in the business who cared, he no longer believed he could make any difference. (Recommended reading: Workplace notes: Workplace achievement gas field!) To be a character worker )

A person who insists on being in a workplace environment where no one wants to make progress, there are two kinds of results, one is that your insistence does influence the environment and corporate culture, and it is a kind of environmental catalysis that you become a person without persistence, and you are hard to know. And the stories we've heard often are the second. I feel a pity, so advised friends to go quickly, Dang, will be hurt.

At the same time, I also think of my own story.

First into the workplace, I am young, deeply proud of their stubbornness, said that stubborn is good, in fact, is self-willed, do not care about the mood, do not want to do things, but also thought that they have insisted that there is nothing for. What I didn't think of was that, in the absence of a basic understanding of the matter, and understanding of myself, my insistence was blind and baseless, and I let myself miss the opportunity to accumulate experience, and lack the flexibility to grow. (Recommended reading: Workplace notes: To the 23-year-old confused, growth is not learned is to get )

Insist on the need for the support of the environment, but also the need for personal practice, in the mean time to insist that the most need is also. I hope we all start from the things we handle, put in the time, carefully consider, through the accumulation of learning, so that the future we can insist on doing the right thing, but also insist on getting rid of the wrong things.

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