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"Young political earthquakes" of the youth generation, shaking the British election results

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The end of the British election, the final result of a political restructuring, foreign media reported that the election result is a political shock caused by young people, they described this phenomenon as "Youthquake", the young voters choose to get up action, focus on politics, using the ballot paper to stand for generations.

According to the BBC , British Prime Minister me three years ahead of the general election, mainly because of the view of the left-wing Labour leader Corbin and the majority of members of the party discord, polls depressed. Me wanted to use Labour's infighting to win a huge increase in parliamentary majorities. But the results were surprisingly good, with the Conservatives receiving 381 seats, still the largest party but not halfway through parliament, creating a "suspended Parliament". (Recommended reading: Gender watch: Trissameil!) Why do women leaders always "come out"? )

The "suspended Parliament" is also known as the " Minority Congress " (Minority Parliament) or "The balance of Congress " (balanced Parliament)
It means that no party in a parliamentary state obtains an absolute majority in Parliament.

The report pointed out that the main reason for young people's active investment in the British election is to say that the government is tough to take off Europe's discontent.

June 23, 2016 Britain held off Oupang vote, polling agency YouGov survey, 65 years old people, only 36% chose to stay in the EU, 18-24-year-old population, 71% support to stay in Europe. Although many young people in Britain believe that the European Union has threatened their jobs and the right to migrate freely in Europe, they have not been active in the referendum, and the result of the referendum was the British de-Europe.

Britain's younger generation has learned a lesson from Oupang, politics is about life, and young people must stand up and participate in democracy. The "Young political Earthquake", which focuses on youth issues and engages in political participation, is a stance of the British general election. It is estimated that the 18-24-Year-old voter turnout is as high as 72%, the British general election two years ago, the voting rate of this age group is only 43%.

After the fear of London, the Muslim Streets sent roses: "We will not let the London Bridge or any bridge collapse." 」

Early in London, the beginning of the terrorist attack, terrorists driving in London Bridge collision pedestrians, and brandished assassination of the people, resulting in 7 dead about 50 injured. After the incident, Muslims in the United Kingdom in Sunday (11) returned to London Bridge to distribute 3000 roses, hope to show the world love and unity, in the streets to add a warm view of humanity. (Recommended reading: tenderness is stronger than hate!) TED speech: "I'm a Muslim, I'm not a terrorist"

"We want the people affected by the event," said 1000 Roses London, the group that launched the operation, "1000 Rose," who raised money to buy roses through the internet, the Sun reported . Show the symbol of love. We will not let the London Bridge or any bridge collapse. 」

The people who received the Rose Elida Ercolano: "I think it's beautiful." This is London. In spite of these things, this beautiful symbol is what the people should remember. It's easy to believe in fear, but we should see everyone's inner goodness, that's the most important thing! 」

"It's wonderful to see a group come forward to share love," says Chris June Collis from Dorset (Dorset). Muslims must stand up for themselves and speak to extremists. Together we look forward to not seeing the horrific killings again. 」

After the event, the "London 1000 Rose" (1000 Roses London) fund-raising is still continuing, they plan to hold another event in the future, through more activities to express the idea of love and unity, let such love pass out.

"See Taiwan" director Zeppelin crash, leaving Taiwan's beauty and sadness

"See Taiwan," director of Zeppelin in Sunday (11) to carry out a plane crash accident occurred, the unfortunate death, causing social regret also expressed gratitude for his dedication to Taiwan. Led by Zeppelin in 2013 to shoot "see Taiwan," Because of the love of land, hope through the air to let the world see the beauty of Taiwan, rekindle the love of the land.

"See Taiwan II" unscoped press conference, Led Zeppelin director pointed out that these years to make plans, see the beauty of Taiwan, also heard the beautiful mixed with sorrows. Over land development and environmental pollution, he faithfully presented the lament of the Taiwan environment to the audience, hoping to arouse public attention to environmental issues through the lens. He once said: "See Taiwan" This film is the biggest goal is to let the world see Taiwan, cherish Taiwan. (Recommended reading:"documentary" See Taiwan: Not Ghost is worth guarding Treasure Island )

In the past because of filming "see Taiwan", led by Led Zeppelin film Taoyuan Kwan-Yin Industrial zone, the big Garden River out of haikou serious pollution, the inspection to eliminate pollution of the factory to improve the deep contribution. In addition, "See Taiwan II", the Director also intends to use the lens to record more real-world problems, including a 22-year-old Dutch youth Slatt (Boyan Slat) to develop clean ocean plastic waste technology, "the removal of the Pacific garbage" plan, and point out the Taiwan garbage problem, Alpine forest status, air quality and energy issues.

Last year, home Run Taiwan led the lead in Zeppelin, filming a nearly 3-minute short film "Seeing Zeppelin", the director also talked about the idea of seeing Taiwan II: "The plan is to build the Taiwan Island, the history of the Taiwanese, and then the international environmental issues, and then concatenate it into Taiwan land, The story of connecting with the world, let the world see Taiwan. 」

Not only contribute to the land of Taiwan, Zeppelin director to let the world see Taiwan, now Taiwan has lost a sincere concern about the land of the director, but its left behind the idea is worth the world with more effort to miss, rethink the meaning of the land in life, in different ways to understand Taiwan's beauty and sadness.

With love to form a home, gay family warm heart adopted four children boarded the "Allen"

Gay parents Rob (Rob) and Reece Scheer from Maryland (Maryland) were invited to the Monday (12) Allen (Ellen show), they not only adopted four children with love, but also extended their love to other foster children who need help, "Their story is one of the reasons I love my job," says Ellen DeGeneres, a warm move that Allen Dichennie. (Recommended reading: Oscar host Alan Allen.) Dichennie Graduation speech: Honesty is the true success.

According to the Gagatai website, Rob and Reese have been married for seven years and have adopted a total of four children, each with their own mental and psychological problems: one son does not speak or walk, and the other son does not know what a hug is. Their daughter will hoard food in her house for fear that she will not be able to think of her meals. The gay father explained, "from the moment they arrived, we knew that they had come from the" home "of those who lacked love. 」

Raising such children is a tough challenge for them, but they don't retreat because "it's the family, you just have to let it work." The children never cared that we were white and gay. What they care about is that we love them. 」

Photo source |abc News

During the adoption process, they did realize that the social welfare system was unfriendly to foster children, and when they went to pick up the children, the children used their belongings in garbage bags. Such shocks have led them to the creation of the "Comfort Cases" agency, which mainly provides foster children with small bags of life necessities to enable them to embark on a new life with dignity in their new home.

At the end of the program, the host Allen also and the well-known travel box brand Samsonite Joint donation of 10,000 U.S. dollars (NT $295,000), and the value of 40,000 U.S. dollars (NT $1.18 million) suitcase, supporting the organization's continued operation, continue to pay attention to foster children issues.

The rise and development of the gay movement: The Washington News Museum will host the 50 anniversary of the Stone Wall Special exhibition

The Washington News Museum (Newseum), June 8, announced on Facebook that a special exhibition on "Getting Up: stone wall and gay affirmative action" will be held in March 2019 to commemorate the rise of the gay movement, to comb the history of gay affirmative action and to explore how LGBT issues are shaped by mass media, It is hoped that through this special exhibition, the society will break the stereotype of the gay community and voice the freedom and equality.

According to the NewNowNextAdam Salandra, the News Museum in Washington, D.C., is celebrating the 50 anniversary of the "stone wall incident" of the gay milestone, launching a special exhibition on the wall and gay affirmative action, in addition to the stone wall incident, It will also be a complete discussion of the important historical events of the gay movement, including the assassination of the first American gay politician, the AIDS crisis, the U.S. military's "don't ask, don't say" policy and the affirmative action for marriage in 1978.

In the gay equality movement, the "stone wall Incident" (Stonewall riots), as a pointer to historical events, is considered to be the starting point of the modern gay affirmative movement, which has also spread to the world as a result of its action to fight for equality for gay Americans. The gay rights group, the Gay Liberation Front, has been set up and the rise of similar organizations has spread to the world. A year after the "stone wall Incident", nearly million people in New York staged a large-scale march demanding designated gay rights and related laws. Then June became a gay pride month. (Recommended reading:517 International no longer fear the same day!) Love without distinction, I love your soul.

In addition to reviewing historical events, this special exhibition will also be a major focus of the mainstream media and society on how to shape LGBT issues, and the phenomenon that television, film and music have long been stigmatized by gay subjects. Prior to the opening of the exhibition, the museum will be planning a series of gay media, religious freedom and LGBT rights activities, continuing to focus on gay equality issues.

"Stone wall Riots", also known as the stone Wall Incident (English: Stonewall riots), is the early morning of June 28, 1969,
A series of spontaneous violent demonstrations took place at the stone wall Bar in New York City's Greenwich Village. The police inspection directly led to the conflict.
Stone wall riots are often identified as the first time in American history that gays have resisted government-led persecution of gender-disadvantaged groups, and are considered a key event in the U.S. and global gay rights movement.