July 13, the British people ushered in the history of the second female prime Minister Trissameil. Under her leadership, they will face the complicated negotiations and controversies of economy, people's livelihood, international and internal affairs after graduation from the EU. Trissameil stood up after former prime Minister Cameron resigned and his European general Johnson refused to run. Her political path is strikingly similar to the process of Hong Xuoju, the president of Chua's election party, who is running for President . Female political figures seem to always be brave enough to "stand up" after the Baying and expected heroes retreat. (same field Gayon:"Female leadership column" Don't be afraid to be the light because the world is dark. )

Tiegu Second! Trissameil became the second British female Prime minister

June 23, British Prime Minister Cameroon launched a national referendum on whether to retain EU membership. The vote resulted in Britain's resolution to secede from the EU by a 4% gap. In less than one months, British politics has become chaotic because of the de-European effect. First, after the referendum results, Prime Minister Cameroon announced his resignation. In the 2013 elections, Mr Cameron announced a national referendum to decide whether to renew the EU, in the face of the Tory backlash.

Despite being the Tory leader in the Liuo, Cameroon and most of his cabinet members are in favour of the party. When the referendum results came out, the euro was a foregone conclusion, representing the two-year-long negotiations to be launched. Britain, which wants to withdraw from the EU, must negotiate with the EU in every detail, for welfare, trade treaties, taxes and so on. It is intriguing that Cameroon's decision to resign at this time was responsible for the defeat or unwilling to take on the historic title of the Prime Minister and the lengthy and difficult international negotiations. (same field Gayon: three key observations of Britain's de-Europe: generation injustice, shaking the world economy, the rise of female leaders )

The second political turmoil is the Faraj of Britain's independent leader, who spoke after a referendum. On the day the results of the announcement were announced, the European general was overjoyed to announce that "This is the Independence Day of England". But in the next few hours, publicly confirmed that the former European faction vigorously promote the political views: after the euro can be paid to the European Union 350 million pounds a week to put into health insurance, actually can not practice. The political view was seen as an important factor in the voter's intentions, but it was an instant comeback after the election.


Then came the Labour leader, Corbin, who was seen by the party members as a catalyst for a lack of confidence, and a number of shadow ministers resigned in protest. Corbin's leader is in jeopardy. (Extended reading:"International front page Learning English" five minutes to understand!) Greek public on bail-outs said No)

In addition to Labour, the Tories are falling apart. After Cameroon's resignation, the Tories will have to return to the party leader and be prime minister before the next election, and start the talks. At this time, the former mayor of London, who is being hailed as the next leader, and the startled announcement that he will not run for the leadership in support of the crowd, is tantamount to declaring a refusal to lead the country back to the moment when the Conservatives, or even the whole of Britain, fall into a state of division and unrest.

At such times, the current home Secretary, Conservative Party Trissameil announced the election and became the most vocal candidate.

In British time 7/13, she is about to become the second female prime minister after Mrs Thatcher in British history. (You would like: in Iceland, politics is a woman's world )

Trissameil is about to lead the British people into the long, difficult and precipitous euro-free negotiations, and it is widely believed in the outside world that Europe has led to a recession in Britain, an upsurge in the independence of Northern Ireland and Scotland, and a new way for Britain to find its home and international affairs.

Men stand back and women get their heads up?

He was the most promising next prime minister until Johnson announced he would not run. But in the political chaos of the present, he retreated, Trissameil but forward. How familiar this situation is. Female politicians in Taiwan seem to be in the same way.

Still remember the 2008 Taiwan presidential election, the Democratic Progressive Party, which was deeply criticized for the corruption scandal and economic recession of former President Chen Shui-bian, sent deputy president Frank Hsieh to stand for the election, and to the then political star Ma Ying-jeou, the result of course was a fiasco. After Mr Hsieh resigned as chairman of the party, the DPP was plunged into a no-win situation. At that time, important political figures within the DPP, such as Su, Frank Hsieh and Renci, had no intention of running for the DPP's presidency after the defeat.

At this time, Cai English announced the election of the party chairman. Prior to that, she had not participated in the campaign, nor had she been expected to run for the party's chairmanship at a time when the DPP's morale was low and Mac. After that, in the 2012 presidential election, she was a Democratic Progressive Party representative candidate. By the 2016 presidential election, who would you think of as a DPP, besides Cai English? (Recommended to you: Cai English domineering female force!) Women's political leadership under the lens of Time magazine


The same thing happened to the Kuomintang in 2016. After eight years in power, satisfaction, approval ratings and the prestige of the ruling party fell to the bottom of the Kuomintang, on November 29, after the five mayors and county mayors election fiasco, morale swing to the lowest point. Who has the courage to fight at such a disadvantage in the face of a presidential election that is almost a losing battle? At this time, the expected candidate Zhulilen announced that the new North mayor to do a full job, the rest of the possible candidates such as suckers also have no will. In public, Tuirang, waiting, Hong Xuoju announced the election, and smoothly through the party primaries to become representatives. She said: "Our party no one out, just i this 250 run out", but she "beat to death." (You will like: my female power times!) Hong Xuoju: I can lose the election, but I have to be honest.

Whether it is in the UK facing the Trissameil of Europe and the political downturn of the party into the election of Cai English, Hong Xiu pillars, they are not the most prominent political stars in calm, nor the media and public opinion when faced with the crisis of the hero. Standing in front of the Johnson, Genssouchet, Zhulilen, in the face of the crisis, deterred, standing behind as Deputy Dean, Vice chairman and the Cabinet of me, Tsai, flood show pillar, but step forward.

is a woman a second choice or a fire brigade?

Trissameil is to become British Prime Minister, Cai English has been inaugurated as Taiwan's first female president, Hong Xuoju is also the leader of Taiwan's largest opposition party. We saw their successes and their commitment. But we can not help but ask, why only the plight, and the expected hero did not play, the female political figure of the stage?

Does this mean that women always play the role of deputies and back-up, while in the role of leaders, men are more likely to become the leader of the people. So only when men Bubing, do women have a chance to stand forward? Women are always second CHIOCE or plan B.

We know that women have the workplace ceiling, we know that the leaders of all walks of life and the top talent is mostly male, but from the level of national leadership to think women are the second choice of this matter, especially feel startling. Who can lead a party, a country, a group of people out of trouble? A man is a priority, a woman is a "Oh ok you Try", "also can only" option. But from "not an option" to "second option" such a long evolution time, women have developed far beyond the second option. (Recommended reading: See Taiwan from Europe and America!) Women in politics make Society better )

The advantages and disadvantages are human instinct. In the face of the impending difficulties, it is human nature to step back and keep your own strength and protect your political life. The man can return, can wait, anyway the Thunder past, he still is the first choice. Women have to seize such a bad situation, in the barren land of hard work to cultivate a lush harvest. Is this a second choice not a fate? I think, the Shenzhou of the courage of the kettle and the confidence of the chaos, but also a kind of strength. "You dare not?" That's me. "How domineering and determined it is!"

There may still be a tendency in our society to see men as the dominant, but I would prefer to focus on the women who are standing forward. They have enough political capital and experience, let the opportunity come to grasp: for example, Trissameil as the conservative president, is Britain's longest in the history of the Home Secretary, the promotion of counter-terrorism and police reform, known as the Iron Lady's second strong reputation; Tsai all the way to the deputy dean of the Executive Yuan, Hong Xuoju is the vice president of the Kuomintang and the deputy Dean of the Legislative Yuan, both of them have a wealth of political qualifications and a certain degree of visibility. If they are not well prepared for the position of their deputies, they are not climbing high enough on the political road, and even if they are not, they will not be able to stand up.


Second, they have plenty of courage. Whether it is the Trissameil of the upcoming European negotiations and the British division, Cai English will have to take over the economic recession, political opposition and perplexing international situation, Hong Xuoju to deal with the Kuomintang prestige and political map fell to the bottom of the crisis. However, when the opportunity comes, they do not flinch. Trissameil's personal stance is to stay in Europe, but after winning the election, she immediately declared: "Britain is off Europe, we will make it successful." We will not try to stay in the EU, and we will not attempt to join from the back door, there will be no second referendum "; Tsai in the election that night, give their own period is" we will face many challenges, the process of reform will be very hard, but no matter what kind of hardships, the Taiwanese have never been knocked down "; Hong Xuoju in the face of the Kuomintang crisis, but declared "The most glorious time may not have my share, but in the decline, I will accompany it through." (You will like: single Diary: Politics and Love are very similar, every statement is very precious )

They are clearly aware of their plight, with a courageous and tough attitude to deal with, but also choose a rational pragmatic but there is no lack of emotional call to express the way.

Most importantly, they may not be the first people in the electorate to stand up for the moment. But in the election they still have the opposite sex competitors: such as the British Minister of Justice Macorgoff, Taiwan independence big old Kang Kan-min, Taipei City councillor Li Xin Heze, but they still pretty win their own battle. This shows that they may not be the first choice, but it is definitely not "no man out of the way" after no choice. (Extended reading:"CEO column" What's the relationship between women and politics?) )

Trissameil's new cabinet: source

Finally, I would like to say that, as a woman, I certainly hope that the world will move towards a more equitable and less gender-differentiated path. But when "the revolution has not yet succeeded, comrades still need to work hard", how should we face the immediate and day-to-day realities of the situation? Perhaps a strong, relying on the impression of a man, is a lot of people in the heart of the typical image of leaders, but is not given to be a hero of the pressure, women have no burden to lose. (Recommended to you:"the fastest real-time" the first woman President Tsai speech: I will use the action to tell the world, Taiwan is equal to democracy, democracy equals Taiwan )

Chua lost 2012 years in the presidential election, but published the most moving election manifesto in history, Hong Xuoju in the election is halfway, but she in the election after the smooth election party chairman. Trissameil is facing difficult negotiations and an isolated international situation. But they can afford to lose, hold on and go far.

The success of Chua's English and Hong Xuoju is admirable, and after Trissameil took office, we look forward to the wonderful performance of her international reached compromises and consensus at home. And women in all walks of life and their jobs, whether you want to be a better person or to do your job, whether your happiness or your sense of accomplishment comes from public or private life, even if the world sees us as the second choice to save the world, we are clearly aware that, in our lives, we live and enrich ourselves day after day, Everyone is their only choice.