Women's fans take you to the 28th Golden Meloth, good music, and need more people to support, listen, and create.

Best Female Singer | Ayra

Ai Yiliang won the 28th Golden Melop Vocal Singer, and she has not stopped working on her own path through a lot of training, waiting for her own maturity:

" I told you my face would change like this, and you don't believe it.Thank you for the Golden Meloquin Award. I have many thanks.I would like to make it simple to say that I feel like a soft water, and I am willing to be in any shape, so long as I can satisfy you, I am willing to be happy, sad, and wild.One day, I was spilled, traveling, wandering, and spreading out the wild.Back in Hong Kong, I found that all the stones were crushed by my grinding, but they were willing to let me go home.Thank you, my mom and dad, you've been waiting for me for so long.I'm going to push myself faster, and I'll be a little bit more brave."

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Best Chuggets Award | Luckait/ Not far enough < You're a little hard to understand that doesn't mean that the world is not inclusive.

The best composer, Lu Kai-tong, came out of the closet: " It's particularly good to have the prize in the doll's hands. Thank you, doll.Hello, everyone. I come from Lu Kai-tong in Hong Kong.There is one person, and I must thank them today.Without her, I wouldn't write my first Mandarin song in seven years, and I wouldn't come to Taiwan.I want to thank my wife. Last year we were married overseas, thank her, and let my life be more complete.I know that the world is imperfect, my music is imperfect, my people are not perfect, and there's you, who needs perfection."

Walk through depression and manic depression, walk through the music path, and congratulate Kai Tong and see the new scenery of life.

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Best Actives | May Day ArLetters/Chengxin

Each individual's youth has a May Day. A letter was taken from the top to the best writer. Five seconds were first given to five fans: "This award is for you all. If you didn't get this award, my epitaph would write, and this guy never won the Golden Meloquin Award for Best Words."Thank you for being with us, growing older. You, this prize belongs to you."

The dream is to boil the blood and sweat, sweat and tears into the soup of the dry, arid reality.The normal weight of the day has let us not resist, and then discover that there is little hope, hope, and chance to bloom after the fall of the wasteland.' — —

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Special Contribution Award | Zhang Yusheng

This is the 20th anniversary of the death of Zhang.His mother led the award." I was the mother of the rain, and the rain happened to be the eldest son, a good and obedier child, at home, a good brother of younger brothers and sisters, and we were very sorry for that.19 years ago, Chang won a prize for rain and rain. I didn't expect that 20 years from now, I could also give the Rain a Special Contribution Award. How could I hope that he could go down to the bench and win his own award."

"Rain from Singer" to "Singer", producer, and theatrical musical, has done many theater productions, but we know that he wants to make a lot of work. Thanks to everyone's efforts, these works can be released, so that everyone can feel his attitude, passion, perseverance, perseverance, and ideals.The rain was on the way to music, and was inspired by a lot of older people, with help from your elders and music friends. Thank you very much."

"Thank you for using music to create your life, and thank you for your fans and friends who love the rain."Although the life of the rain is short, I thank you for singing his songs to continue the life of the rain."

Best band, best newcomer, annual song | grass east without parties

To win three grand prizes, there is no Party in the East, and this year's big black horses, singing the voices of the new generation to the social resistance and the monologue of the society."Eton never wants to distance from generation and collective, every collective, every now has its nihility and absurdity," he said. "In the nihilis, we have been trying to find the value of defense and find our own voice. Thank you all for hearing our voices.""

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Best Mandarin Album | May Day

Martha said: "Thank you for all the judges first, and on the music we are so lonely. Except for the audience, we certainly hope that different people can support us and hear what we want to say from different angles."Thank you for all the musicians listening to the best albums, and it's a great honor to go through this record with you.Each record is very good. We have no confidence in it. Finally, we thank all our friends who stayed with us for May to support us. For 20 years, you have been together with us today.And finally, I'd like to thank all the members for this 20 years of emotion, so we can make a record like this."

last 20 years of the May Day army, from the beginning of the field, walking past the Big An Forest Park through the Little Big Egg, the only thing that changed during the day was that in May the day of the day, every person's youth and dreams were guarded by singing.

Best Album of the Year | Sambui album-Dry-Dry/singer: Sambui

"Thank God for my ancestors, thank God for all my friends who support Sambui, thank my tribe for giving me the nourishment, thank you for the evaluation, thank you for the Golden Meloquy Award, thank you for this piece of land in Taiwan, for our beautiful cultural language and music, thank you.""

the end, Sanbui also shouted, making independent music in Taiwan was very difficult, inviting everyone to buy a physical record.Good work requires everyone to bet and support, and look back at the life experience of the land, and thank you for having music that can wake us up to this beautiful thing.