Silicon Valley's technology creation circle was revealed to the New York Times that the culture of sexual harassment was being sexually harassed. The founders apologized saying, "I just flirts," which is why so many women are concerned about this kind of flirtiance?

In a New York Times article on June 30, the New York Times article, " Women in Tech Speak Frankly on Culture of Harassment, reveals the history of sexual harassment at venture capitalists such as Chris Sacca, a former investment Uber, and Dave McClure, the founder of 500 Startups, to conceal a culture of sexual harassment in Silicon Valley and before being pushed to the spotlight.

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report article, one of which sent signals to women entrepreneurs who had been sexually harassed around the world, had been implying that sexual harassment would have to be tolerated, lest women who had been pushed out of the venture would be exposed to risk exposure and to identify a culture of sexual harassment that had been created for a long time.

24-bit technology-startups of female sex workers are identified.

to the New York Times, more than 24 women workers in the tech startups showed up, some of whom explicitly identified prominent venture capitalists such as Chris Sacca, who invested in Uber, and Dave McClure, the founder of 500 Startups, as well as Twitter's investors.

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In the New York Times report, many female entrepreneurs were frank about what happened to them.

Francisco's founder Lindsay Meyer, who was also an Asian American, exposed the $5,000 to her startup, which was Calbeck's reason for Caldbeck's continued harassment of her, and revealed some of them, including Caldbeck, who asked Lindsay whether Lindsay was attracted to him and why she preferred her boyfriend.

Lindsay also revealed that there were creative people who had unlicensed to touch her body and kissed her, "I think I have to swallow, because this could be one of the costs of being a woman and not a white entrepreneur."Lindsay told the Times reporter at the time she felt the humiliation and the status she felt.

New York Times reported more than one experience similar to Lindsay.Sarah Kunst, founder of Sarah Kunst, discussed with 500 Startups a chance to join the job, but during the recruitment process, 500 Startups' founder Dave McClure said through Facebook, "I'm not sure I'm going to use you or flirte with you."" (with an upper bed hint)

When Sarah and another employee of the company and Dave McClure's colleagues discussed the situation, 500 Startups ended up talking to Sarah and ended a conversation with Sarah.

"Sorry, I'm a disgusting freak." Is this an acknowledgment or an emotional blackout

As soon as the New York Times reported, Dave McClure tweeted on his Twitter feed, " I'm sorry, I'm a disgusting freak.(I'm a creep. I'm sorry.) Tweets are attached with a link leader to his medium apology.

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He described his sexual harassment as "an unfit behavior," and asked people not to be blamed for the company's 500 Startups, and to put all the blame on him.In the article, he seems to shoulder the burden of his responsibility, but also evades his behavior lightly as "unfit and unfit", and adds a headline to the tone of his emotions, and many of his friends have been pushing him back and pushing him.

" Your performance is only a normal man, I hope you haven't apologized!"You
n't need to feel ashamed, you don't need to consult, you're a man, you have to live like a man!""

As if it was just a man pursuing another woman, and that was nothing wrong, and there was no need to apologize.

But soon after, another female entrepreneur, MaGic, released a weblog that harassed Dave McClure's details, such as trying to strengthen her bedside and short message, and specifically pointed out the psychological warfare used by people like Dave McClure: "Make it feel like he's just a good person who likes you."The post-mortem apology was not sincere. "If I had misread certain news and had an unfit behavior, I thought I should apologize and apologize.""

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This type of sex predator is an adept at using emotional blackmail and making your rejection feel guilty. When he makes a compulsive move, he constantly doubts himself, whether I misunderstand each other's meaning, while the women are taking the blame and making them prey to the sex of the prey.

For example, he would say that I just love you too much, and that when you feel uncomfortable with the interaction of the two people, he might say, "I'm a terrible person," and that makes you feel too much to express yourself, and that you need to make concessions.

Sexual Harassment, Lobby, or Coercion of Power

According to the PitchBook data, male financing in the past year totaled $58.2 billion (about $176.8 billion), while women were only $1.5 billion (about $45.5 billion in the new currency).

You know, from 2011 to 2013, only 2.7 % of VC money in the United States had voted for the female CEO, and the female CEO was not only hard to get the money, but the money was usually even less.

For entrepreneurs, the power of investors is often very large, because the entrepreneurs need money to realize their ideals, and the power relationship between the two is extremely unequal.In addition, the operation of the venture capital industry depends on the confidentiality agreement between the two sides. Even if the investors behave, most people will not dare to break the silence.(Extended reading: An Interview with SOGAL co-founder: "To the women's platform, we can lift the world" )

In a highly decentralized field, once there is not enough checks and balances or notification mechanisms, the suppression of all kinds of power is born, and sexual harassment is one of them.

Sexual harassment occurs in a field where power relations are well defined.As if rape was not a sexual pleasure, it was a form of violence in power.Sexual harassment itself is also a coercive form of power.(Sibling: gender and power in the [gender perspective] space!After the taxi driver's sexual assault on Han Chinese )

For male entrepreneurs, venture capital may require them to handle matters beyond their limits of power, participate in gatherings that do not want to participate, and force them to show their masculinable masculinators.

For female entrepreneurs, they may be forced or implied to provide emotional, or even sexual services.

However, any person's sexual and intimate relationships are not merchandise that can be traded.In particular, because of the occupation of power, it is not the right to abuse the power of power to the private sphere of other people.

" I love you because I admire you.Where is the line between sexual harassment and fliraction

"I love it because I appreciate it.""At first hearing, but where is the line of sexual harassment and sexual harassment in the workplace?"

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The line is, is your pursuit likely to take advantage of your terms of reference, more easily, and whether or not the other side really has a refusal to fear of retaliation?

In a period of extreme inequality in power relations, your quest for power is likely to be an abuse of power, a promise of a person and a person who is afraid of the reprisal by the powerful.The weak are uncomfortable, angry and humiliated, but mostly because of the power of power, most of them dare not speak more, forming a silent spiral.

How to draw the line?The safest and most sincere pursuit is to protect the two sides' most appropriate way of being separated from the less-equal powers and powers of power.

Because of the power of the profession, it is more important to know that the exercise of restraint is not the only way to oppress others for the real profession.Unfortunately, education and self-awareness, which still lack power in the workplace, are not only the exercise of power, but the need to exercise restraint in the future to be an important indicator of the profession.We look forward to the apologies and their companies to make clear commitments and improve their actions.(Note 1)

"This is something else?"" When she referred to sexual harassment, please stop the conspiracy theory

In the case of Sara Kenst and Dave McClure, many netizens alleged that the appearance of the sex scandal was "a feud with retribution that was not to be done."

Many women who suffer from sexual harassment in the workplace are mostly daring to say that they don't have to worry about reprisals when they are divorced from power, or when power relations are being reversed as a result of changes in the larger environment, such as the discussion of a culture of sexual harassment in the New Times article.

When they break away from the narrow two-party power relations and be honest with society, society is skeptical that they "have another plan": Is it a complaint of revenge, is it a leap of faith, a company that is short of money, a lack of exposure?

Society is a larger power field, and when women are sexually divorced from sexual harassment, they are likely to be sexually harassed and accused of social speech throughout society.That's why the culture of sexual harassment is hard to root out, and that a culture of sexual harassment is not only in Silicon Valley, but in creative circles, but also in society as a whole "blame the victim."

the face of sexual harassment and apologies, society gives comfort and encouragement; but for the victims of sexual harassment, it is easy to be reviewed. We know that confrontation with a culture of sexual harassment must be sustained.

Note 1: Japan already has a clear mandate to harass the rules, and in Taiwan, the abuse of power in the United States has increased criminal responsibility in the penal code of Taiwan.