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, < I may not love you > to get a big boy from "A Boy A", to see how he captures this generational sensibility!

Qu Youning, "The bear boy from the Flower A" is a director. Don't call the Pooh bear. The Pooh bear is gentle and adorable, and it is quite calm.(Recommended: Pooh Pooh Pooh philosophy: You don't need to piece together, just feel it )

In an interview with the day, the sun is red, and Qu Yu-ning, wearing sunglasses, sees us outside the door, and the face of the sunglasses does not have an expression.At the opening of the door, the heat flow swirling into the cafeteria and colliding with the cool air in the room.We immediately took the seat from the seat.

Don't you all say the Winnie bear?How come the North American grizzly bear?

A grizzly bear sat down, didn't say anything, and didn't plan to take off the sunglasses.

A colleague said to me, "You go to Qu and the bear's meeting with the bear is definitely interesting."Other editors often describe me as a bear, a snack issue, and a move to make a decision.The current situation is that the bear is beginning to see the big bear, and it is deterring and deterring.

However, the bear on National Geographic Channel will follow the big bear in vain.

" Qu leader, can you please take your sunglasses off?"

" Oh?Yes, yes."It seemed a little unexpected," Qu was forced to take off his sunglasses, and his eyes were afraid of the light.He rubbed his cheeks with his hands, as if he wanted to rub more.

is a somewhat weary bear.My shoulders are slowly relaxing.

Seize the sensibility of this generation, from


Qu Youning is editing a series of films (hereafter referred to as ""), and takes time from the tight schedule to take time to visit, and before the end of the night at the end of the night, he replies to the sentimental messages of a netizen's special page in "A" and "Qu Youning".The bear's hibernation period has passed, and may not sleep recently.

TV series now shows six episodes, and the first episode explode the subject, the whole of Taiwan's hotness, and the young writer Yang Fumin's novel, "The Boy of the Flower Show", the ratings have been spiralling, and the final episode of the "Flower Away" broadcast on Friday evening, the last episode of the 7/7 interview.

At the end of the episode, we can freeze the time that we don't watch.But life is not going to work, just like the mania, the boys will eventually turn into big people.

I may not love you, and also a television work directed by Qu Youning, who has ordered the entire time of the last time to press the Pause key.

Forward counts,


, and many of Taiwan's canonical dramas are from Chu Yu-ning's hand.

His ido-drama, the personality, the personality, the vivid depiction of the female position, even the woman who doesn't normally look at the drama is going to be sucked in. " Ah!That's what I'm doing!" A woman will see his play and share countless private cries in front of the TV.(Recommended reading: An Interview < I may not love you > scriptwriter Xu Yening: Are you going to be happy about yourself, or others' envy?)

The romance of romantic love in the seventies is Chiung Yao, and the women in the factory see Chiung Yao's romance. Most of the young Taiwanese women in this generation talk about Qu's ido-drama, and they always create a sense of shared sense and friendship.This time, his main character was changed from girls to boys, which resonates with boys in the whole family.

Qu Youning seized the time of our generation without distinction between men and women.

Qu Youning's Drama: 50 % Chiung Yao Love, 50 % of Jin Yong-Man

Yao is a woman, and she is also good at portrayal of female emotions, but the bear's man Qu Youning, how come she understands the feelings of women?

The human body also has the soul of both male and female students, but it is only possible to have a little boy and a little bit more.(Chu Yu-ning's explanations.)"I feel like 51 percent of men, 49 percent of women,"

Every human being has the soul of both a boy and a girl.

Qu Youning

Where is the small 1 % difference?" Because now I'm a boy.The expression was a little scary, but the tone was already soft.

Qu's father died when he was one year old, and he was raised by his mother, aunt and grandmother.His paternal aunt and grandma took care of him, and the woman looked after him all the way. He saw how they worked hard in a man's society. He was more of a woman's tough and emotional pull. He was better at observing and feeling than others, and he knew better than other men.

This may be due to the fact that, in the past, he was more female than the male, often more powerful than men, and had a feminine character in his personality.

" When I was a kid, I loved Jin Yong's chivalry, and I liked to see Chiung Yao Love and Love films. These things give me a lot of nutrition.He explained that he had made love or art films, and that both men and women in the leeway had to have a little bit of a martial arts expert.Chiung Yao hints at romantic love, what is the heart and emotion of a person's heart.My operas play between the martial arts and the love of love, and it will look good."

is also seen as a story of the martial arts masters who come to the modern Taiwan society and be folded and lost into the Luthor by various frameworks.

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The Avatar, who is the embodiment of Lu's, will eventually learn from the experience of a long life, from becoming increasingly tough on oneself, knowing how to love, and how to be loved.

It sounds like Qu Youning's own story.

The Rue of the Rue, the Boys of the Boys, the Transcers of the Big Man, The Two Way to

he was young, he felt that his future should be great. " Before I went to college, I looked at the books, theater performances, and university studies. My professional knowledge and the art film database of my brain were even richer than my classmates. I hadn't graduated from college, and I had won several awards for the GIO screenplay."

At that time, the director of Chen Yu-hsun and Li An, who won the prize with him, was undoubtedly a group of victories in life.He was in the ranks of the adults himself, but now I think back then, I was just a boy.

The boy must be confronted with a huge frustration and reface himself, and the "The boy" is also talking about this concept."

Qu Yu-ning says that compared to women, men experience frustrations that are easy to avoid, self-pity, and self-pity, and they are even more worried about people than they are." But you look at women, and you have a career in frustration. She may have to go home and cook and cook the laundry and bring her children. She really doesn't have a job, and she's looking for another one.By contrast, men are more like a child."

man in the Flower A, each of them is a boy." A man like Uncle 4 is so gentle, he can face the past, but he doesn't care much about his wife.If his wife lost his child, she still tried to get to the director. Her husband had collapsed, and she knew that she could not collapse." Even though it's a diaunt, it looks blind, but she arranges all the details of her home and her work, and she is fully committed to her husband, not to mention Big Brother's wife ... (Recommended reading: A man has a game: Don't make a cry, can't be a girl, don't be a good friend, )

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The call goes back and he says that he has a long way to go to the big people.

Qu Yo-ning's first big setback was early. When he was 25, he made the first film, "Superman," and sold only $49,000 in Taiwan. From the box office to the office, it was all defeated.

The film is called "Superman", but the "Superman" is not, it's just an allegory.I saw my mother having fun in the movies with a baby, and seeing half the kids cry out and say, " There's no superman at all!"Mommy just returned to him," You want to see it yourself, blame somebody!" "

Now, when it comes to laughing, weightlifting, and weightlifting, this movie made Qu Youning, 25 years old, back in a moment with a few million debt, and he couldn't smile.

" After I finished filming, I realized that I wouldn't have any idea. A lot of things only knew that fur, detail laying cushions and content were not thick enough.So I started doing a lot of different kinds of plays, and I was a little bit of a show, a little bit of a show, a little bit of a movie, and ... he paused for a while, " Uh ... I'm not even sure what I'm doing is best, but I'm not even willing to do a real drama."

At the age of more than 30, Qu and Qu slowly understood why they were so popular. "A lot of emotions come from me, and the real thing will naturally move people."He was afraid of abandonment, longing for love, love, and love, all of which was in his play, transformed into a character.This may have something to do with his native family, and Qu's experience in the wake of love and waiting for his mother has grown.

When I was in junior high school, I went to the alley every day to wait for my mother to get off work.Mom went home at nine o'clock every day, and she had no one in the middle of the night, and she turned from the bottom of the alley at nine o'clock, riding a long road, and you saw a motorcycle lamp slowly going forward. It was about three minutes later before I rode in front of me."

When Mom rides home, Qu Yu-ning ran back next to the motorcycle, "That's a job fixed at nine o'clock every day."But if we wait until 9:00, I'm going to start to think of the end of the world.When it comes to this, Qu's term suddenly sounds like a junior high school boy.

At that time no cell phone, Qu Yu-ning would always run from the mouth of the alley to see if the phone was ringing, "then run back to the alley, and run back home, and ... ..."

He always pays love, cherishes each other all the time. Love is a long and old age. It's a pity that it's not, but it's not.

" Another person's huge defeat is divorce."

After so many romance and romantic dramas, your marriage ended in failure. " At that time the world recognized you as a sinner, a loser.Divorce does not have any third party, or any rough or verbal imbalance.She just told me that the feeling of love was on and off, her switch was missing, and there was no way to open it again."

He longs for everlasting love, and Qu Yu-ning, who grew up in a single-parent family, always believes that marriage is the perfect end of life, finally finding love, but without warning of being divorced. He was struck off by love. " Before that day, I was also very good with our emotions.Qu Yu-ning, who feels it feels fine, starts to think about how he couldn't find out, how to let the other party lose the switch of love.

" With three or four years, I've been trying to remember the details of each of these things, which is not good enough or something wrong.For example, if we have a book to write to each other, I often see these sentences, don't think that it is a fundamental misunderstanding. If I have been mistaken for so long, I will definitely have a problem, and it is very difficult to forgive myself.(Extended reading: How do you get out of the pain?It is only by itself you can complete your own )

Before, he looked at my company's < I remember >, "The head has a line, and I've been crying in the city dance desk for a long time."The phrase says, "You have to learn to forgive yourself, and you can come out."Speaking of which, the cafe suddenly quiet down.(Recommended reading: Goodbye psychology: learn to separate and be able to get together )

And then the big bear is slowly opening up, " All life experiences, you don't want to see it as a failure, you have to learn to forgive yourself, and you can constantly update yourself, and that's a very important process."

Love will not be able to ask for foreign demand, nor hurry to pay. He stops to face up to himself and wants to be a lover, but to have the ability to love himself first, he will forgive himself.

Today, he takes a picture of a group of young boys who have failed, struggled, and even forgiven each other. " This is the process of coming out of the way."

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