"Boys turn to Adults," director of the Guo Youning interview, the article on the boy to adults must be two of the road of cultivation, the next chapter, see how Gui to play subversive frame of view.

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Before I put pen to book I guess, this interview will write very long, long is because reluctant to end. Close your eyes and remember that the director smiled like a big boy, he said, "not big man" smile, there is freedom and tolerance.

Six kinds of Father's appearance, no one is perfect

Guo Youning a year old, his father was absent in his upbringing, he has been thinking about what the real father should look like, "The boy" has six fathers (if the Huailiang also counted), but six are not perfect.

"What is a good father?" Is the eldest brother Tsai later become father? Or like second brother Long Xuahua, take care of everything in the family? Or like three Uncle Kankan, he came home to fight for property is actually hope wife better. Or Uncle Four, has been missing his son is a good father? Even spend Ming, he took the child but feel a kind of original sin, feel oneself not worthy of anyone, such a distressed him, is not the father of a kind of appearance? (same field Gayon: daughter's true confession: Thank you, not because of lack of applause, stopped to be my Father )

Guo Youning A sigh of relief to me five, then he said, he has no conclusion, I hope that everyone to feel. "They are learning to learn what kind of father they want to be, and what kind of people." 」

Even if the wife is pregnant, still playing pornographic phone model flower bright, Guo Youning have a lot of sympathetic understanding.

"Huailiang is a model student, from small to large was taught not to cry, must bear the responsibility of the family, to be independent, only because you are a boy." Traditional values give boys too much weight. And Huailiang as a family and even the hope of the whole country, you go to imagine his commitment to the pressure of how many, when he faced with life events, the object of the family environment than he better, he will carry more expectations, can not make mistakes, not to let their fear appear, this is a great pressure. 」

People do not always perfect, burdened with the perfect image of the pressure is too painful, but people need to export, "so when he began to contact with a strange woman phone, looks very unbearable, should not, in fact, he is in a panic to find the exit." 」

Photo from: The stills of the Times

Guo Youning See every role, there is compassion and understanding and gentleness, "everyone is taking the burden of the awkward and the pressure, everyone has." The last sentence, he strengthened the tone.

"You will find no absolute good and no absolute villain in this story," he said. Oh. He smiled when he had said it himself.

You think of the LU Snake, is the life of the Victory Group

Guo Youning said one of his favorite books, called the method of watching (Ways of seeing), is one of the best-known works of the Great British art history giant John Berg. "If there is any attempt to shoot the boy, what I'm going to talk about is the frame of the watch," he said. 」

For example, he took the sunglasses off before the interview, "for instance, we are taught that this is a pair of glasses, is this only a pair of glasses?" In the impossible task, it is a bomb! "We were amused to laugh.

"Therefore," "the drama of" to ask, men must be like men, women must be like women? Dad must be like dad? Must children be like children? In the play, sometimes it is just like his father to take care of his father's glory. As for the glorious, be despised by own brothers and family, fatigue into mud, the woman still treats to him sincerely, in the piece field we all said, the glorious is really the life victory group. "(recommend you see: The Little pinky wrong?" Who decides what is called a "real Man"

Life and death, urban and rural issues, parents and children, gay and heterosexual, Guo Youning put a number of control issues in the play, subversion of stereotypes, challenge the audience to rethink, inspire conflict also stimulate dialogue.

"Conflict is better than no conflict, conflict will open communication, communication is the most important to understand each other." "To be a director is to do conceptual communication and not be afraid of conflict and collision."

The second episode, Guo Youning to a 3 minute 33 seconds a mirror to the end of the conflict scene, lit the whole Taiwan network topic.

3 minutes, 33 seconds for Lu Guangzhong.

Enabling singers to be new actors is a challenge. If the challenge succeeds, opens the topic more, the drama touches the populace to be broader, but everybody is watching Lu Guangzhong will not act.

As the script went to the second episode, Guo Youning saw a conversation with a brilliant, three-page line, "I thought, if these three pages could be coherent, everyone would know that Lu Guangzhong can act." 」

Guo Youning So and this scene another protagonist Tsai said to a mirror to shoot, "South elder brother has been spoiled said" sell director Main pinch ~ "Because he knows a mirror in the end if NG will be very annoying, very tired. 」

But it turned out that a mirror to the end of the decision is right, June 5, the Face book began crazy biography Lu Guangzhong and Tsai bicker three minutes of film, this is still with Guo Youning "sell the Main pinch" Tsai own upload, has accumulated 7.59 million viewing times, the film is still continuing to burn.

A TV series, 3 minutes 33 seconds of a mirror in the end (the sixth episode again), Guo Youning used the film's technique and shooting specifications.

And filming is located in the Taichung well community, now has become one of the popular attractions.

"Rui Jing Community is a traditional Taiwanese village, the local is laterite geology, the red bricks made of locally sourced materials, more red than the general brick, the smell of the whole environment is a bit fiery." 」

Although the red brick house is beautiful, but very deserted, Guo Youning described, "Rui Well's old people also left a little bit, half of the house is broken, this is the real situation of our Taiwan countryside, a little bleak, still in the teeth." This state and the characters in the play are very similar, everyone looks like a human form, but the heart has collapsed that piece. 」

When surveying the scene, Guo Youning use the different spatial pattern of the traditional countryside: the road, the courtyard of the Triad courtyard, the alley, to present the tense feeling of the dialogue relaxation, 3 minutes 33 seconds of a mirror in the end, full of magic and tension, it is breath-holding attentively, intently.

"I want to let everybody feel, we this is a very powerful play, also let everybody see, novice actor Lu Guangzhong and Tsai play, a little problem is not!" "His way of caring for his actors is to inspire the actor's strength and build the cast's centripetal force and identity."

The play saw that we all went into the play too deep, as the audience we also consider themselves to be part of the big family.

But the play always ends, the interview is also, "actually can open a 10-hour symposium." Guo Youning said it seemed like the spirit had come.

If you don't make a director ...

Guo Youning is very able to express, listen to him, sometimes feel that if there is such a teacher in the classroom how good. I asked him if he ever thought about being a director outside of his life.

He thought for a moment and surrendered his hand, "I really like the film from kindergarten, the country is small, I did not think of other possible, call me back to think of another kind of life, I do not think." I even think it would be a happy thing to sit in the director's chair and go to sleep and die. 」

Guo Youning hope his life is rich and diverse, director work let him experience the variety of life in the world. "With my work, I can touch the police, the taxi driver, the farmer, the butcher, the murderer, etc." 」

"And I like to create happiness for everyone," he laughs like Pooh, "I hope that when you finish reading my things, the heart will have satisfied happiness." This is also my sense of achievement, so that everyone's life to be comforted. "(Recommended reading: chasing b612! Interview with Hong Kong theatre director Lin Yihua: "My ideal is to be a good person")

I hope that all of you have finished watching my play, in the heart have satisfied happiness, let life be comforted.

Guo Youning

He's in the face book powder to see some people saying, "This play is too real, cry while watching." Even if he works till two or three, he will reply when he comes home in the middle of the night, saying that if you look down at the end, you will get the answer and you will know what is the meaning of life and death. The play will give you an exit. 」

At the end of the interview, we pulled to the back of the café to take pictures, when the Guo Youning has completely become a cute big boy, he is more than the natural Ya, rubbing hair, winking make faces, and just started to step into the café with murderous Guo Youning completely different.

But if someone bullies his cherished family and friends, he can still suddenly become ferocious, but he experienced too much, broad-minded and so generous. His gentleness is in the drama transforms the world the evil, the poisonous part he absorbs, but when he finishes the story, the generation, the city and the countryside, the male and female, the same sex and the heterosexual, perhaps may have the empathy each other possibility, more understands the world to have more gentleness. (same field Gayon:"Single diary" If the injury can be gentle )

What I see is still a grizzly bear, but the grizzly bear works hard and wants to be a Pooh bear that brings happiness to everyone.

Appendix: Big Grizzly Bear Guo Youning to say to everyone

I want to say to you that you have a great trait, but you haven't found it yet and you will find it slowly.

I want to say to the light, really learn to put down, you can only come out.

I want to say to the glorious, although we work differently, but sometimes I will have the same mood with you, I will feel like a lifetime of white life.

I want to say to Ahan, don't live for others, live for yourself, you will live happily.

I want to say to everyone that growing up is actually a process of accepting frustration, and it is difficult to grow from a frustrated life, to find yourself and to see yourself, and then to affirm yourself. Life is actually a history of setbacks, we can easily deny ourselves, feel that we do not, but there is no way, I often tell others, you are a child must have one thing is your favorite thing, but you let go, you may think that can not make money, as if nothing great, and so on, but you look back to think of your favorite things, Put it into your work, it will become your strongest thing, find this piece, you will be happy in the future, and will do well. When he finally found the piece, he saw all the people in the House find it. What you find is not necessarily perfect, but it is the most suitable state for the present.

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