Interview small A Spicy, see how she "uncomfortable not listen" to the noisy world deaf-mute, keep the original intention to live as they want to look, her spicy from a lattice, in addition to appearances more is temperament of free and easy and self-confidence.

Hot summer afternoon heat wave, pushed to send the most hot this season, women fans paradise also ushered in the fiery net red "into spicy baby" small a spicy and Lin Jin.

Before the interview, we first to the third floor to take pictures, three air-conditioned fully broadcast, plus two fan operation, all or sweat flow cencen.

The little a in the shoot put on a variety of postures and expressions, he pulled up his long hair, the photographic smile, but the beautiful hair but sometimes because of sweat sticky on the back.

I looked guilty, into the spicy baby a little complaint also did not, small a spicy attention to take pictures, Lin Jin in the side of the action side of the comedy, so that everyone relaxed.

The studio was hot, but full of laughter.

Network Red Market is also white-hot, into the Warring States era, small a spicy and Lin Jin "into spicy baby" but firepower, won the majority of netizens and media goodwill, this result is not surprising. A high temperature studio, two professional and serious, eight staff members of the honor and laughter, red all the reasons, in the 10-minute opening shoot has been developed.

Little a spicy and Lin Jin, little ㄌㄨㄥˊ girl and past son

I asked small a spicy three words to describe themselves, she said she is a butterfly, beautiful, also like foxes, lusty debauchery, flowers, full of fragrance. Describe yourself as short, but when it comes to Lin Jin, you say it carefully.

"Lin Jin gives people a very warm feeling, like the sun; want to do something directly to do, not afraid, go forward;" But Lin Jin also like crazy, small a spicy example, "He saw something will be unusually excited, such as bars ah ... or hot weather walking in the street, he will suddenly say" Ah ~ ~ Very hot! " "Then lay directly on the ground, and the passers-by would be frightened, and I would be ashamed to pretend I didn't know him." 」

Small a spicy and Lin Jin are each other's control group, small a spicy deliberate, will want the consequences.

"Everything is going to be the worst, ask yourself if you can accept it, don't do it." "She often pulls the Lin Jin, lets the Lin Jin not be too impulsive." But small a spicy if determined to go forward, absolutely no return, criticism on the annoys. "The mouth is long on others, do not go to the tube, hear not to heart." (Recommended reading: leave behind the expectations of others!) Joanna Wang: "I am a stubborn king eight eggs!" ")

From childhood like Jin Yong Martial arts of small a spicy said the most like Dragon Girl, "if there is a chance to film, I would like to play Little Dragon Girl." But ㄌㄨㄥˊ is deaf to hear, little deaf girl ~, male lead too son, is over move! "I have been laughing, small a spicy laughter is very special, oh oh ah, a string of climbing from the lower scale, and then rolled."

She said I just found, small a spicy and Lin Jin, is "not listen to" the Small deaf woman and "over move" the combination of the children, two people attack always make everyone fun, but mutual support of the children and deaf girl, also a little warm.

Wait 15 years, become net red unexpectedly in give up an instant

Small a spicy very small when want to become famous, "Country lowercase composition topic" My volunteer, I wrote "I Want to be a star, when there are fans." "But people will laugh, laugh at you what ah, so disgusting, sissy, long so ugly, I will think, well, it doesn't matter, you will know later." 」

State High School, other people's ridicule and speech bullying no less than, she actually think "wait a moment, you will regret." But waiting to see the end.

After graduating from college, she began to do the live broadcast, while in the hotpot shop to do outfield.

"I work in a hot pot shop, from two o'clock in the afternoon to 12 o'clock in the morning, 12 o'clock after work not to go home to take a bath and sleep oh, I was then put on makeup wearing wigs, and then live from 12 to six in the morning, bedtime from the morning six to one o'clock in the afternoon, and then go out to work." This kind of life lasted more than a year. 」

Did I ask her not to be tired? How can hold for so long, she lightly said, "At that time want to red think crazy." 」

But for a whole year, there was no improvement in the number of live viewers, only hundreds of people. She felt that such a life could not last, decided to give up.

"I put a women's dress male singing film" A Bad "" a bit Sweet "po on the FB fan page, want to say as a memory well, henceforth no longer live. After the PO went into the hotpot shop to work. 」

That day, small a spicy colleagues while rest time watching TV, news screen unexpectedly appeared small a spicy, colleagues hurried to tell her. "I hold off until the rest of the time to get the phone, touch, found that the phone has been shaking, the message has come." 」

The phone is shaking, so is life.

"It was so exciting that there were a lot of messages from the fan group, like," Hello, I'm a journalist at xxx newspaper. "I thought I'd finally get the chance to go out and have an interview. The media can on the top, one weekly, Apple Daily, joint news what all go. 」

The most frustrating time in life unexpectedly and famous moment, seamless and connected together, I heard the whole body goose bumps. "Really is the God to give the opportunity, very twists and turns bizarre!!" "Twists and turns bizarre these four words she said very forcibly, 15 years wait, fame but heart dead moment." (Recommended reading:"Workplace notes" Your luck is because you work hard )

NET Red Career Most thanks: Brokers and Lin Jin

Waiting all the way with little a spicy, and her agent.

Small a spicy said net red career most grateful, "probably is my agent!" "The broker always takes care of her when it's not red at all."

"I am the eldest son, family income also need to bear and help, in Taichung when want to earn a bit more, the broker said to me" ah, or you go to Taipei development, I help you pick up case! 』」

But there is no red people, what cases can be answered?

"He's like a big brother taking care of his little brother, not thinking so much." When I was in Taichung, he had found a good place in Taipei for me to live in, everything to help me get good. I came up to Taipei, he also accompanied me to buy daily necessities, the home layout is very good, very textured. 」

However, a newcomer to Taipei's small a spicy, metropolis look in her eyes is very scary.

She remembers very clearly, "I came to the north in November 2015, because the study is in the middle, the soldiers in the Penghu, the first time to the metropolis, out of Taipei station to see a group of people crossing the road, dense, walking speed and fast, I feel terrible, in Taichung did not see this picture." 」

The first time to take the MRT is also very nervous, she remembers Dashou escalator standing on the left was scolded, remember the MRT station can not find the original road back to the car, panic dizzy.

The giddy must also colorful, Taipei, like the fluorescent night Zoo.

"Taipei is not a night city, handsome and many, I am now immersed in the world of Taipei." "She again hehe lol."

What kind of presence is Lin Jin to her? Small a spicy think, said work Lin Jin help her a lot.

"Lin Jin is very smart, he will study the photography app, cutting technology, and so on subtitles for special effects are he taught me, I will only want to stem, want to plot and film, I do not understand the shooting skills can ask him." He asked me all about feelings, asking me opinions, how to deal with, the two of us are complementary states. 」

May be that this is a little bit no stem, small a spicy thought for a moment, fill a sentence: "I asked him are technical issues, he asked me are physical problems." 」

Dress for the first time: I think it's right, but my friend thinks it's vulgar.

Talk about the physical problem, small a spicy now give people feel very understand, but the past has a very long groping, not to mention the flesh, he spent 17 years to know that they are the most suitable for women.

Primary six grade that year, she found herself like other girls want to become beautiful, "start playing mom's cosmetics and wear lipstick, of course, my mother beat half to death." 」

After graduating from high school began to steal clothes, "I bought from the Internet, after all, the appearance of boys, not confident to go to the women's shop." Sometimes they go to the market and buy them in the same places that moms visit. 」

She feared that the young shop assistant in the clothing store might have looked at her differently, "but the mother-grade clerk, they don't see it, or they don't care." Occasionally will deceive them to say "is helps the female friend to buy!" "She cramped a smile," sometimes with girls and friends want some of their clothes, wear this. (Recommended reading:"to be true to yourself, is a very free thing" the life story of Australian transgender Jazz )

The first time he put on the dress, was startled by the mirror, "the first time is to wear chiffon leopard dress, now very vulgar, but at that time really startled, feel good positive oh!" 」

Wear women's taste and propriety in fact need time to grope, generally 17-year-old girls have 17 years of study time, small a spicy 17-year-old Just start chasing girls progress. So just wear women's time, inevitably be friends say taste vulgar.

"I do not know that some clothes are in fact good at home, wear out can not see." "She occasionally used Taiwanese to restore time and space, feeling very cordial, have a home smell, I like a sudden visit to 17-year-old small a spicy in Taichung bedroom, bed scattered on a piece of inappropriate dress."

See Small a spicy wear women's clothes, mother was very opposed, afraid she was bullied.

"I told my mother that I am not afraid ah, dare to do so is not afraid of others scold, be scolded for popularity, there is a well-known may make money, have money to you ah!" She joked, but in fact, mother is most afraid she can not open, see small a spicy self-confidence happy appearance, also let go. "The emphasis is filial piety, if their child is very" normal "but not considerate parents, ah not the same? 」

Compared with his mother, Dad was more receptive to her dresses from the start, but now she's worried about her dressing too hot.

"Now that I'm back, my dad will see that I'm wearing a short dress and I'm going to ask," Ah, isn't it dangerous for you to wear this? "It's like talking to your daughter," she said.

Hope that their children "normal", the purpose is always hope that they do not live harder than others, to be safe and healthy. But when the "normal" back into oppression, no longer ensure the physical and mental health of children, trifles is not an option.

The simplest and most powerful mind of the world is to see you happy and safe, which we call love. If parents know, let children do themselves can forever health, and how can block?

He likes you, you should like all of you, I do not change the appearance of the body

Cross-sex to be yourself, some need surgery, let the body keep up with the soul. I asked little a whether he thought about changing the body, and she answered bluntly, "Yes!" 」

"When I was in college, I thought about changing the body, the chest and the following whole (surgery), after all, move on all ah, do not move half." 」

Later she listened to her friends and said that some people were happy because they became real themselves, but others regretted it.

Her thoughtful character ran out again, "although I am not afraid of pain, but I think, is this necessary?" 」

"I am the girl's appearance, I like the boys, are like heterosexual girls, you think, if one day they say to me," if there is a chest, "I do for them to do the chest, they may wish I have a vagina, then I am not going to dig a hole? If I really for each other to transgender, which day and said to me, "I hope you can have children", how do I live!? 」

If I really want to change for each other, which day he said to me, "I hope you can have children", how do I live!?

Little a spicy

"Don't change yourself to please others." Will like you, will like you all. No matter what the sex of your body is, he likes you to like your personality and how it feels to get along. "Small a spicy said, in order to each other and step back, the end will not even a little of their own, then you will like yourself?" (Recommended reading: love, just like the way I really am )

"And in case of failure, wait for your chest to be too open, hahaha." "Serious talk can only be three seconds, after that must be a mess to get back."

To be my own little deaf woman

I said that little a spicy is almost not swayed by criticism, very strong, there is no centroid can be shared with the reader.

She said it was simple, "don't change what you want to do because of what others say." For example, if you want to sing or act, if others say you play rotten, singing bad, because they speak, do not insist? Although some people are born to be good at, but also can practice the day after tomorrow. 」

"My idol Jolin Tsai, before also not be optimistic about, but later she worked very hard, what have done, you can do." So if someone tells you, dress is disgusting very ugly, you say "how, dress up to make money ah, you can, I can earn more than you!" "If someone says you are very niang, you say, how, I am the Niang!" 」

The momentum first take out, is to do their own start.

I asked her if she was happy now? She said, of course, there are not happy time, but now is a satisfied state.

In the future, she wants to have a song of her own and perform on the stage. "Can be in the KTV or the road to hear their own songs, will be very happy things." "She said, of course, next to the hook with a handsome boyfriend."

* Edit PostScript

Interview to later, for a while, small a spicy began to ask me questions.

She said she only last year to pay the first boyfriend, "My 10-year-old girl friend said, like I have not talked a few times love, and fast 30 years old, will be cheated very miserably, right?" Do you think it will? She leaned forward and stared at me with a straight ball. I froze and said that I had not thought about this question. But love talk more people also can not be cheated, like small a spicy so everything careful, even ambiguous is a person, I silently hope she will not.

We also talked about open relationships, and she asked, "Are you?" "I said no, I just broke up with my boyfriend for years." She asked the reason, I like being stuffed with honest bean bag, 1510 told her, and friends are not so frank. After listening, she whispered, "Lovers together for so long is not really ... will be tired?" "I said the relationship will change, become like family, the world has a lot of attractive people, do not like to change, but the family is difficult to give up."

Little a spicy laugh, "turned me over to visit you!" Haha, haha! 」

She looked at my hair and was curious, "do you like short hair, right?" Why else would the hair be cut so short? Let you stay the same hair as me, you don't want to, but I think your hair is long so it will look good! ~"

So we chatted about the long hair and the hair, and she combed her long hair to me, and for a moment I was suddenly mistaken for a sister afternoon tea rather than a visit. In the two days of writing, I began to think about whether I should leave my hair back.

However, she also thought of her super forthright and lovely saying, "Long hair is easier to attract boys." Because sometimes straight hair, boys will feel very temperament, good pure, that in bed must be very __. Sometimes when the electric bar is big and romantic, boys will think you are _ want to __ you, ha ha ha. 」

Writing this interview, I really have been laughing, laughing non-stop.