"Relationship Diary" There is no ideal love, only belong to their own intimate relationship. Malena and Ouray, they love absolutely also suffocate, love may not be to the end, have had each other, on the practice of love.

After 22 years of separation, the New York Museum of Modern Art, she saw him again, an instant, the years passed, he has born white hair, she reached for grip, ten fingers, like that year, so many years, he can so easily enter her, the heart is unwilling, good miss him, her eyes have tears, like they went to the sea.

It's time to see the last side of the Great Wall. He from the Jiayuguan from the west to the east, she from Shanhaiguan from east to west, the mountain 4,000 walk alone, in order to say a treasure break up, after each other, let each other go, others to see the play, said art works, called "Lover-The Great Wall." The Great Wall, disconnected from the fate of love, their own wandering, there are tianya, your things, from now on I have no right to worry and ask.

said that she broke up, but she does not think this is the end of love, love is not necessarily together.

In 1976, Abramovi and Ouray met in Amsterdam, where they were born on the same day as they had loved for First century. Oversees for Braid, not husband and wife, but do the art of twins, flirt space, game sex, their creation, itself also like love, so absolute, so suffocating. (Recommended reading:"Relationship diary" John Lennon and Ono, you are the closest to love in my heart )

The first works, The Kiss of Love, also called the Self of death. They mouth, suck each other spit of gas, 12 minutes, lungs full of each other's carbon dioxide, fell unconscious. Love is deadly, don't you know? Kiss is Love, also fuzzy personal, you have me, I invade you, love let us close enough to destroy each other.

Another work, "relationships in space", they are naked, running toward each other, distance of 20 meters, rub the body over, physical touch, soul rub, the speaker magnified meeting sound, space generated echo, love is gentle violence, love is the force and reaction, if there is no friction, may not be able to thoroughly understand each other's temperament.

Mary and Ouray The Lovers ' whispers, and the art grew more magical, the body is the canvas is also the scene, for example, they have stood face to hand, holding a tight bow, the arrow on the poison, enough to kill, Ouray tight string, aimed at the heart of Malena, two people heart rate accelerated, lasted a full 4 minutes 10 seconds. Isn't she scared? The art of behavior is this, she is ready to die anytime, anywhere, love is the same. (Recommended reading:"Relationship diary" Xiao Hong and xiao June, I love you, let you have the ability to hurt me )

I have never seen anyone play the art of action so much like love. Love Deadly, Love can give you night darkness, but choose to light your life, do your firewood, warm your cold time, love can hurt you, but willing to arms around you, do your sea, become your hometown.

That year, their name was about to become famous, there was no day, driving a broken car, holding the art, holding love, travel around Europe, familiar with the road every can take a bath gas station. Love is to brush the beast pie, art is an heir, the creation process like sweat sex, they love, the world with relish to see, the parties are outside the audience.

Later, they had everything. She shook her head and said, "The artist should not fall in love with another artist," like scolding himself, and remembering the love of the back bone. 2015, people say very sad, ouray a lawsuit to the marina, there are complaints, you can not tear our love, but also denied our common works, Ouray won, white hair Lao both vertical and horizontal, he may just not reconciled, his name disappeared in her history, she is still his sweet wounds.

Love old, to the end became Rashomon door, but I never forget this pair of names, this pair of eyes, it is still like love, to the last moment, also have sincerity.