Every Friday "If you Want" series, if you have desire, Why don ' t you just do it? Do you have free style? Listen to the Chinese hip-hop music with temperature!

"Do you have free style?" "and" sugar, you help me remember "," I don't think so. "

Have you followed the fiery language of the recent community?

"China has hip-hop", from China network talent show, please to Wu Yifan, Zhang Zhenyue & hot Dogs (MC hotdog), Wilber Cooper as a producer, hoping through rap, find a new generation of hip hop rookie, create a new generation of young culture.

Rap is the product of hip hop culture, beginning in New York's African-American and Hispanic youth Music Entertainment, for them, rap is the most direct expression of the mood of music, can simply tell the life of the injustice, even vent anger.

Through rhythmic, rhyming rap, you can easily say what you want to say. Rap is characterized by fast paced, colloquial content, real and even direct, which is why they look so confident on the stage because they only say what they believe. (Recommended you see: Only the Queen of their own!) Interview Miss Ko: When you really want it, you can do anything.

If you have not yet experienced the Chinese hip-hop charm, or usually do not listen to hip-hop, recommend you five hip-hop rap songs, take you to know the true magic of hip-hop.

Vava〈life ' s a struggle〉

Adapted from Ayo Shawn 〈life ' s a struggle〉

Sichuan spicy Girl Vava, is the strength of the strong rapper, show the beginning of the show Bright Eyes, but also all the way through, into the last four strong, become the only female rapper on the field. (Recommended reading: Teresa Teng of the rap world!) Break his Gethenssang Miss Ko)

Sexy beautiful Her, singing rap gentle and forceful, many people because she strong strength to become die-hard fans.

In the nineth phase of the Devil's game, to wake Up, Vava selected song 〈life ' A struggle〉 adapted from small to large personal experience, the process of letting the audience cry, more known as "China's first female rapper", and finally a smooth promotion of the competition. "

Life ' s A struggle
After tasting the joys and sorrows, there are countless troubles.
Don't be afraid, the darkness won't beat the light you keep it real, you'll be praised for love

Egg fort (Convergent water)

The nineth phase of the Magic Evil egg fort on the Aifujeni 〈after journey〉, Egg Fort selected his first album song, "Water Convergence" challenge.

If you listen carefully, you will find that the rap rap in the fort is different from that of the other rappers, and he is a solitary little rap singer who is very discerning in a rapper. Most of the lyrics to the egg fort to explore the details of life or the feelings of both men and women, from the "Bear" to the "process" gentle and delicate rap style, suitable for lazy afternoon and overcast rainy days press the play button.

It's for dessert or as a front dish
In a rare and refreshing era
The time of a song to make you converge

Once in a while, you want makeup.
But to get back to simplicity, that's the only clue.
How clean and how understood

Laugh 〈228〉

From Shenyang, a single eyelid girl, lively and fresh singing tune, People's mood is also brisk up.

Because like the work of hot dogs, the first in the video to look at the works of idols, know that there is a competition, not hesitate to sign up for. In the 60 second challenge she a brisk clearance, at the end of the game, laugh to see their pass clearance also can't help shouting "Hey Yo!" ", the appearance is very lovable, everybody must see finally!" (Is it a bit like:"a GIRL" but a safe life!) Kim Gorn: 26 years old, is the age to fail

Don't give me the salted fish.
That's too heavy.
Although the gift of light affection heavy
But it's too much.

The same field Gayon: The latest single laugh (We do not know)

Zhang Zhenyue hotdog Huang Xu Gai〈 mortal song

Adapted from Jonathan's "Mortal Song" (Recommended reading: singing the true truth of three generations: a lifetime cannot escape a Jonathan )

One of the most stunning is the person who called the gangster rap GAI in the middle of the song.

In order to protect the Great Wall not to fall, boisterous spear hold well
Seeing time is not early, worthy of the Jiangdong elders
The road has suffered a lot, for the sake of immortality
You see my towering mountains and rivers, the Chinese stand not fall

Indomitable Tiger Mountain Line
To see the light through the clouds
In the dream Flowers open the Peony Pavilion
Fantasy into a true dance

Lyrics A, caused many netizens on the network discussion, it is said that this is from the GAI of the single content, full of Chinese attainments lyrics, so that watching video all goose bumps, it seems that GAI quite Chinese lyrics, the "Mortal song" pushed to another realm.

Hip Hop man Hip Hop: from the oratorio to the free style

Hip Hop man Hip-Hop man with a mask, Zhang Zhenyue and hot dogs applauded: "It's OG godfather!" "And the true identity of hip-hop is the Chinese American rapper-Jin.

I'm a hip-hop man, I hope this mask is for everyone who likes hip-hop.

Because the native language is English and Cantonese, in the eighth episode he tried to sing hip-hop in all Chinese, but because the articulation and lyrics are too simple, finally eliminated, but the attitude and spirit of hip-hop challenge, everyone in the hearts of the hip-hop hero salute.

When he learned he was out of the way, hip-hop said the same thing:

Take the hip-hop spirit, do your rap, write your song, it's not the end, just a start.

If you want, why don ' t you just do it?

A hip-hop rap, it's going to be kind of cool.