Women fans of the book "Fascinating book Bug" series, for you to choose the love of modern urban women, from the book to broaden the imagination of love, see the diversity of love, all kinds of intimate relations let us try to define freely.

Time goes fast, in the blink of an eye to September, this year only the last season, you know a few new friends? How many books have you read? Imagine whether the border is further postponed?

A woman fan editor receives at least 20 new book information from the publisher every day, at least 5 Book of entities, the table is always filled with all kinds of good books, from gender, feminism, intimate relations, travel, poetry, review set, prose, food culture, art and design, history, fashion, pro-professional education to painting books and so on, almost drown me, Sometimes I have to move to the sofa area where women are obsessed. (Recommended reading: The words you read, decide what kind of person you are: 20,30,40 's life book List )

But we enjoys.

The most beautiful thing in the world, is to be able to expand their own experience of the personnel meet, the book condensed the essence of meeting, do not have to be subject to a period of time, you can read at any time, you can note, in the book left their own stages of thinking traces.

Every time a good book comes to a woman's fan, we are more than happy to serve the readers who love to read the book, which is the work of the Bookseller.

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As a fascinating bookworm, women fans especially like to have sex consciousness, can lead the reader to break through the social framework of the imagination of the books, such a good book is always unbearable to share with people read. You are also welcome to leave a message at the bottom of this article, say you/You read the editor of the selection after thinking and feeling, but also welcome you to other books and worms recommend similar good books:

Are you ready to meet with the book? Let's all start to read this month's fascinating book!

30 Modern female characters you may have:"woman flip" thanks horsepower

The world's name for women is very flat with labels, you look beautiful and happen to be a legislator, you can only call a beauty legislator; you're 30 years old and you've never been married or engaged, you're called a loser, you're stuck in a relationship that's not one-on-one, not Shong.

These label labels always drag a long line of stereotypes, plus vulgar rotten to the dog's blood text. Taiwanese women are still suffering from the flat imagination of women in society.

If you really feel enough, I recommend you read "Woman Flip".

Xie Ma, a woman drawing and coining, such as in the Chinese context for the shape of women in the creation of the epoch-making nu wa, sticky to fill out what we may be the true appearance.

You may find yourself in this book, and more than one, you may be at the same time is the female and the candle female, is the rainbow female is also the glass female, is the red envelope female is also the shepherd female, opens this book you almost may discard past all psychological tests. It's enough to have this. (Recommended reading: cute and charming villains!) Be a free woman: "I love you, it's none of your business."

If you don't feel enough, you can build a few more character prototypes for yourself!

Come on, think about what kind of woman you want to be.

Dare not confess let the poet for you to say:"ambiguous come just good" silver racer

Poetry is the condensation of life, and the most popular editor of women is reading poetry for the Bookworm.

Go to the summer of love, and you ambiguous hand walk people whispered, good hot good sticky, many hope to quickly turn cool into autumn. You thought to yourself, the person who is greedy for ambiguity always does not divide season.

Silver Quick Sentiment Anthology "Ambiguous come Just good" before the Tanabata hot, the book contains love poems throughout the year, so do not worry about ambiguous and careless, overflow summer, extended to autumn, winter or spring. For example, in the winter you can choose this song, your kiss like frozen fish:

"The snow has begun.
In the lake where I'm not on guard
Your kisses are like frozen fish
I breathe in my soul.

But the book waist has already written: "The love comes but does not dare to confess, lets the poet say for you." "Ambiguous don't drag too long, too long will lose beauty, and engage in ambiguous, people will be tired, which day suddenly tired, buy this book to ambiguous object, hint he:" Hurry to choose a poem confession, end this round! (Recommended reading:"Tanabata for you to read the poem" Your Kiss Like a fish, in my soul breathing )

Love can be an experiment:the Sex/Love of the Future style Emily Vera

If you're just out of a relationship, or you're in a relationship but it feels like something's not right, it's highly recommended that you pick up the book and flip it.

The author, Emily Vera, has a perspective on gender and does not dump the moral framework that society gives women, and she wants to be as loyal to herself as possible, to observe or experience the new forms of sexual or intimate relationships in this age. Reading this book will assist you in expanding or converging your imagination about love and sex.

She was a highly intelligent woman, with a degree in the title: Brown University, Columbia University, Cambridge University. Yes, Emily is a life-winning group with many privileges-such as race, class, culture and social capital. We'll see how she takes these chips and goes into the emerging, web-filled, experimental love market betting game. (Recommended reading:"Sex in the Future" I am single, I dare to experiment with the possibilities of love )

However, the premise of carrying out a variety of experiments is to have the ability to perceive and grasp their feelings, it is not comfortable to follow others to install hi is very stupid thing. That's what Emily thought.

She is very honest and she is very confident and likable. Participating in the "Avantgarde progress" of the group, sometimes inevitably kidnapped by its ideology, even if they do not like, still doubt that they can not accept that the concept is too conservative, so that the so-called "progressive concept" to their own tried.

For Emily, trying to kidnap her with a progressive slogan was nothing. For example, she was involved in a full course of "orgasm meditation" in the West Bank of the United States, and finally she got an honest conclusion: it was not very interesting, and it made her feel oppressive.

In short, living in this age, single women can always try and explore all kinds of sex and love adventure, carry out experiments. But her attitude also has important tips: always be enthusiastic, but remember to stay sober or cold. It's not impossible to think about what you really want, to pursue boldly, not to do it.

All women should read: "I can't bear tosee you" Chongwen

This is the love letter written by writer Chongwen to the paralyzed mother.

Received this book, the timing has come to belong to Father's Day of August, a long time since Mother's Day, as a woman fan editor, before the recommendation to ask yourself, modern times is very limited, why should readers read this book, what can it provide to the reader? (Recommended reading: for the lost wisdom of the elderly to create exclusive tableware!) Yao Yanji: "Design is always done to others")

I think of three reasons why this book must be read:

1. We never look at the old scene of physical illness. Chongwen for us, a writer who struggled with the paper keyboard, became the nurse of the battle with the mother, what kind of experience, what has been learned from the body, it is best to know when young:

"I began to be in the urine for a long time, and soon I was able to change the extreme smell of odors," he said. Food and feces urine a line, across the bed, separated by three inches of the tongue. Today, my nursing skills are becoming more and more skilled, not like the first time to do anything panic, not to make a mess of urine and diapers, and will not let the air run into the nasal stomach tube ... 」
--〈 Mother's body is so beautiful.

2. As a love to read love to write a talkative person, it is difficult to imagine oneself will eventually aphasia, or must face day and night the most intimate people can not speak. Read the good speech writer how to face the mother's life finally long silence, may be useless, can not be prepared psychologically, but if there is such a day, can think of the following paragraph is not too lonely, know that this road has been passed:

"My mother and I have a pantomime, not a Chaplin comedy." ⋯ (⋯) The aphasia of the body is the mother, and her magic code is to catch my long hair. Represents (yes) or (wants), two representations (not) or (not). Today only found that long hair has the advantage, convenient for her to catch ⋯ (in slightly) ⋯ mother can only keep touching me with a good left hand. The left hand became the only expression tool, she became the left wing forever. 」
--〈 me and my mother's Morse code.

3. Reading Chongwen This book, remember Inoue Yasushi in the autobiographical novel "My Mother Notes," wrote a passage, such as exhortation knocked me up: "Mother is still alive, the half of the sea of death also let her cover." The screen that was erected between me and death will be completely removed until my mother dies. At that time, death will surely come to my eyes in a very different form from the present. "Sometimes the first sight of death is to see the real relationship between the daughter and the mother." (Recommended reading: Interview Etiquette: The moment of death, everything is reconciled )

"If I go, you'll be miserable." Rest assured, Mother Ghost will also protect you. Mother even before the fall of the words are so earth-shattering ⋯ (China) ⋯ I finally understand why she was in the early days before the fall suddenly told me that you will be very sad without me. I had listened to the thought how can, I will be sad, but at the same time I will feel free. I do not recognize that my sense of freedom is actually based on the sense of security of having a mother, I did not have real freedom, my freedom is a kind of escape, the heart still care about many things. No cares, only freedom. There's only mother left. There are so many people in the world, but none of them are related to me. The brother who has a relationship, naturally has their wife for them. There's only mother left. The world is so much bitter, but it is more to watch the pain of others, it is rare to feel empathy. The heart that can hook up the pain of flesh and blood, count mother. 」
--〈, MOM Ghost will protect you too.