The 24th Female Film Festival X women fans exclusive cooperation, editor for you to choose the film, Queer Special topic "must kill the trick to fall in love with You", when the love with the destruction and the Rebirth Instinct, lets the queer love have more open ending, becomes own road, lets us talk about the dirty but true love.

I remember the hour, I watched 1999 years of "Boys Do Not Cry", Teena brandon"like a man in the bar to drink, fishing women, fooling around, he because of women disguised as men, sex with women, was raped, and with a gun to death, this is a real case occurred in 1993. The back of the movie to this day still make me sad, that year, I think the heart of love is hurt.

These years of lesbian movies, slowly from the perspective of cruelty to pull back to reality, lesbian love finally not only qingsha crime, as usual, the outcome of the lens, all is back to love, sometimes you come sometimes I go. "Blue Is the Warmest Color" Adèle forward, facing herself, leaving all the queer complexities behind. "Because love You" Terese attention Carol come, like she once came crashing into their own world, as usual back, they experience everything so cold, but Carol put on Terese shoulder of Shen Dian's hand, or warm like never been loved coldly. (Recommended reading:"Blue Is the Warmest Color" taught me seven things )

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I've always felt that lesbian movies need more open endings in 2017, and that lesbian movies can one day be able to skip the discussion of "sex scene is not negative enough". This year's Women's film festival "The Killer in love with You" come to the time, it may not be the most classic lesbian movies, but for the identity of lesbians, knocking open a "political correctness" window.

Mothers who have been abandoned by the world

The movie takes Chicago as a living field, bringing out the local immigrant status, Bollywood-style comedy soundtrack, and cool kids crying and laughing. Zanna, a female lawyer from Pakistan, often makes her despise her own source-Palestine, a growing hinterland that is neither progressive nor open. She is a lot of immigrant marriage cases, English is very standard, wearing a hair cut short, daytime drinking a night stand, seemingly outsiders to "queer" imagination. Mother looked at Tina, often preaching: "You don't, this is too American." 」

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The mother of life and the reluctant to go out of the home, mother tied together, often through the small window of the house with binoculars, Chicago has potential shares, can marry daughter. Mother's husband died prematurely, she followed her daughter to Chicago, feel that the home is not their own, but parasitic in the daughter's life. She was very fond of watching the Palestinian idol drama starring the Goslin actress, that is, Zanna saw roll's heterosexual standard narration. Like "Romeo and Juliet" of the replica, male and female protagonist from Love at first sight, by the family Xiehaishenqiu obstruction, to dissolve everything, the mother in this House life with the television voice ups and downs breathing.

She also misses her dead husband, a mother who has no attention, likes to be at home with his husband's Manly mechanical watch, put on lipstick for himself, and then use his hand with a watch to hug himself. For more than 20 years, she has been so, a mother, a daughter, no man's shelter, so growing. (Recommended reading:"single diary" Everyone's strong, are soft and raw cocoon )

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The mother's love for Tina is very overbearing. "You are my daughter, why are you talking to me like that?" How come you're so late? You are perfect, except for the short hair. The Director also molded this kind of "typical mother" of the lovely pitiful, too long time, she alone, in the home to herself, adjust home decorations, because know a little knowledge complacent, like to bargain with daughter. Take a telescope and look out, think it's all. The mother had been so jet-lagged until she was ready to go out of the house for Lena, and she had stopped in the passive state of waiting for her husband to wait for the world to turn back.

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A lesbian's secret fight.

The script pulls out another woman, Zanna dating the object of Emma with her mother, sewing out a new conversation possible. Emma is the object of a one-night stand, two people talk about a "seemingly open" relationship, the director set Zanna and Emma's mother are wrestling players, with "wrestler's nurturance" hint "cool son". Zanna is a meat player, she once said: "I wrestle not to win, is for the meaning of existence." "But it doesn't mean she knows the wrestling, it's just a sign of her understanding of the wrestling path," she said. (Recommended reading:"Relational Diary" Shagao-style love, let oneself happiness is the only moral )

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The wrestling is the same for Emma's mother: "When I first started wrestling, I didn't tell your grandparents, they knew it would be very angry, but I wanted to do something different." I want to be like the men in the ring, I want to stand in the center of the ring and be masked by the energy of the masses. "In the past, people thought women were not supposed to play wrestling, women sneaking around the underground clubs and Emma's mother said:" There are too many secrets in the Mexican wrestling session, but more, only "We know the secret." 」

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The sense of identity that is conceived in the secret, which is born from night, may be more secure. Like lesbians, cool as.

Tina, dressed in a lawyer's suit, when her coach invited her to a wrestling match, said: "No, I'm a lawyer." "The coach scoffed, indeed, how easy it is for a wrestler to retire from the elite into an underground corner?" But the question the director raises is: Why can't we all be? Both a lawyer and a wrestler, a lesbian and a good daughter. When the end of the camera, Donna's mother saw her daughter in the ring fell and fell, nervous anxiety, and angry funny said: "My daughter is a psycho." (Recommended reading:"Cool Child Study Notes" Loneliness is the norm, "home" is the gay exhaustion of youthful understanding of the word )

Like a hug for years of suffering lesbians, a wide bosom.

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Family, not a way back

With Zanna's mother-daughter relationship and intimacy, the show points out Chicago's "Progressive queer species" like Emma. Emma has a lot of tragic narrative lesbian love, she always do not care to say: "We just have sex, do not enter the relationship." Emma was afraid of the "heterosexual" family, and she was fortunate enough to be born in a democratic environment, so she always felt a headache when she met her girlfriend's complicated family revolution.

She was very angry after seeing her mother and said: "What we are doing, all this is too lesbian, I am fed up with all this", and even strongly worded: "I do not go back again." "Zanna was terrified, Emma said back, but the first experience of her life changed."

For Emma, the dialogue with the "unable to communicate" is tantamount to a "go back", in Taiwan with the marriage of the Constitution passed the year is very suitable for the thinking, the young generation of how to do the understanding of the different temperature layer?

I am not blaming Emma for the kind of human beings who have equal resources, it is hoped that through this film, more people with knowledge and background can be invited to reconcile themselves with the previous generation through the success stories of Lesbian and queer life: "Dear parents, even if we are a little different, we can still have a great experience." (Recommended reading: comrades make me a better person: I am straight comrade, I am them )

"Your road is your road, it looks beautiful and inspirational, but it does not mean that your road is better than me, they are just different." Yes, I'm in a weird and lost relationship with my mom, but that doesn't mean it's wrong, I'm in my life, my way, it doesn't mean I'm going backwards. --Lena

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Perhaps being a heterosexual, transgender person is more afraid than anyone to look back on the "Old World", where the roads are rugged and there are too many bloody tragedies. Emma does not want to be a "framed" lesbian and does not want to be trapped by the "family dogma" before she understands that many of the world's families have the right to know what kind of world they will see when they go through feudalism and leave the patriarchal culture.

The world is too new, the mothers are afraid, but they need not a theory of defense, but the daughter is still her understanding of the daughter.

My love is dirty, but this is love

Although the love of the movie discussion overshadowed on the Libra of the family, there is also the place to read. Two heroine prototype, a liberation of their own, a family liberation, everyone faces different worldview, the subject is also different. The only thing they want to clear together is love. Emma is a girl who does not want to "lose" from love, so defining her intimate relationship is "very cool", with no restraint, no marriage, children, imagination. (Recommended reading: the righteous love!) Interview Gushinyi: "We finally, did not become that dead comrade")

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Zanna is the type that wants to "bring home the beloved" She talks about love is very conservative, cautious, this conservative play also reflected in her wrestling kungfu, her wrestling instructor straight to see her head, said to her: "To catch the girl's way, is not afraid to lose her." Because the key is not win or lose, but win or lose everything. 」

Two people's love is from which point of intersection has the consensus? Perhaps Emma's mother's love experience is crucial: "In love, someone is considerate of you, not necessarily a terrible thing." "How can love be corrected with political correctness and precision?" Sometimes I think that only the imbalance is love, love itself with destruction, rebirth, force the existence of instinct.

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In the loss of time, we are afraid we will lose happiness. No love is imperative, no lover can love no worries, whether you are a lesbian, love is already worried about. Gucheng also wrote very well: "You do not want to grow flowers/You say:/" I do not want to see it/a little litter ""

Love is, even if the pain will hurt, will go back again, or can only choose love. What is the right thing to do? In the cool world, do not give up walking in their own subjects and roads, is the right. At the end of the movie, Tina kissed Emma and then returned to her mother, with her mother's heavy burqini body walking back to the road that was long, but at least she was on her way.