Every Friday "If you Want" series, if you have desire, Why don ' t you just do it? Five Secrets to get you out of your way and to please yourself.

Urban women, heavy pressure to flatten your fantasies of life, you run in the city but do not feel the wind, the original reality and the film is different, the brain wearing high and mental Sassou cat step through the zebra crossing, there is wind to blow your hair, just good hair flying, give passers-by a review; the actual city life is like this, You hurriedly grabbed the ground such as pickles dry clothes, the side sets brush teeth, the one hand held the coffee spilled, before crimping these embarrassment had to turn a blind eye.

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When life can't be put together with fantasy, don't forget that you have the greatest advantage, is very can dream, let oneself have some Secret pleasure of time, urban woman, can't walk the stretch stage cat step, also have to unrestrained in life unrivaled, is a life must, life if not a little rape small evil, how happy.

If you want to have your own Secret pleasure, five secrets, let you take a sneak, life should abide by the biggest rule: concentrate on pleasing yourself.

Secret Pleasure 1: Willing to be fat, my sins on Monday

Restless Sunday-Every week will face the day-to-day, facing the work of the weekly challenges, often have to ask for knowledge support, with a long night to resist too fierce work plug-ins, when the daily attack to the blood is too low, give yourself a "evil Monday" Bar!

Let the full of sweets, fried things, any of your favorite food fill your empty heart, facing the Great lord, you have to have the more and more stubborn, life is boring, the more you want to live beautiful, you have a good.

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Secret Pleasure 2: An afternoon getaway to the city shelter

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In the city for their own time, with the afternoon one hours, for their own point of a cup of some bitter coffee, life is not like this, bitter entrance, and finally became the days of the back Gan.

Collect your sanctuary and deliver yourself there when you are bored, in the city corner of Watson, feel the time to go shopping, or to the park to bask in the warm sunshine of the afternoon, these only half an hour of pumping away, can let you feel decadent, it happens to help yourself.

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Secret Pleasure 3: Finishing home, I will learn to break away

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Feel the days are mixed, pull out a period of time, a good arrangement of their living environment, work location, or even stuffed with carry-on bags, an outlaw himself: now what kind of life do you want?

The people who disturb your heart, things and things sorted out, the so-called root of the problem, there will be trouble, decisively to empty their life, only to learn to break away from the past, and those no longer important to say good-bye, you have a big space to take on the freshness of life.

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Secret Pleasure 4: Turn off the phone and date yourself today.

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The age of information explosion, the feeling of suffocation, daily submerged in too many messages in the sea, from a large number of words in the selection of available messages, in each private message to withstand work and other emotions, technology brings convenience, to gradually occupy the life.

Urban women's happy moment, today is to willful turn off the mobile phone, who can not disturb your thoughts, take up your time, with a day of good date with yourself.

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Secret Pleasure 5: Learn to refuse and enjoy the pleasure of saying "no"

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Have you ever had to take responsibility for others and finally push yourself into a hopeless situation, but only to bite the bullet to complete the experience? To warm and kind to you, try to enjoy life said "no" pleasure Moment, the so-called kind is, you have to put yourself in the first place, in their own and do not have the courage to say no, not to let you look at others, but always remember, your good will not first disappoint their own.

Learn to refuse unreasonable requirements, enjoy saying "do not" pleasure, urban women's survival rules, hectic life, you have to rest assured on the first!

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If you want to pursue some Secret pleasure in the city, start from the tiny place, keep in mind the living standard of the urban women, let us live in the time, do not treat others, do not wronged ourselves.

The secret of five city women to sneak in, if you want to live more comfortable, more courageous to do yourself, why don ' t you just do it?