Call your heart of innocence, Snoopy teach us the life of learning, even if life is difficult, but also remember to keep working with a smile upward, compromise on their own life is the most need to insist on one thing.

"Hug. 」
When we were alone.
To say this to you
The Fierce Daily
I don't think I need a hug.
By Your Side
and back to weakness.

--Excerpt from "Hug", Lin Yu Yu

Who do you want to hide in when you are so aggressive? Like a child as a spoiled brat, with the warm feeling in the bosom, resist the cold of the day?

Even when you grow up, but you always remember that Bai figure, the face always hung silly smile. Every time in life hit the difficulty, fall sprawling, black and blue, you still don't forget to remind yourself-the more difficult the day, the more to remember the smile is valuable. In the adult world run, you use strong prop up looks mature, but he always in you will be lost when, remind you, childish dot good, see the world is so happy. (Recommended reading:"relationship diary" feather Mountain Autumn People and Cang Tanaka: Rather than love your strong, more cherish your fragile ))

Snoopy accompanied many people's childhood and youth, he is longer than the 1950 years of the common memories of the youth, but also after each generation constantly remember and fall in love with the cartoon characters. We love the history of slavery, not only the smile he seems to heal, sometimes the foolish behavior of the Meng, more is his church world smile Power, let you carry the secret, survived a life of the pit, can cry to fall, but remember to stand up, give yourself a "good" smile.

Together, review Snoopy teaches us life: In the face of life, doing what you like is worth the effort.

Don't forget when you were a child, happy innocence for trifles.

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Schroeder: It always makes me feel good to buy a record, and whenever I feel depressed, I buy a record.

When you feel depressed, do something that always makes you feel happy. Do not ignore your heart of the cry for help, when the reality of your pressure to breathe, do not let the mood like a wormhole to devour their own, you remember? Happiness is always handy when you are young, try to do the little things that always make you happy! Save yourself from drowning, readjust your breathing, and find the rules of your life to keep working.

The Secret of life is to live in the present.

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Snoopy: Learn from the past, live in the present, look forward to the future, but the life must be a moderate rest.

Do not worry too much about the future, learn to feel every moment of life, remember the lessons of the past, grasp the life of today, what is the life than to let oneself moderate rest, happy life more important things? (Recommended reading: have you ever heard of "effective rest"?) The rest of the age of overwork )

The so-called happiness, is to master their own life

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Charlie Brown: The Secret of happiness is to have a period of future and not be afraid of the unknown.

People's life is chasing happiness, always think that happiness is like a fairy tale only heard but never seen, to every person who passes your life to seek the meaning of happiness, but forget that life is their own, the so-called happiness definition: when you understand silly to look forward to the future, it is possible to do a gentle but there is a persistent person is OK, You can expect something about the future, and live your life to the unknown.

Life is about living for yourself, for your happiness.

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Lucy: You will sit and watch the fallen leaves from the tree must be very stupid.

Snoopy: Well ... I'm happy!

Life is your own, do not care how others see your way of life, please compromise on their own happiness, in the face of every doubt and an outlaw, you can confidently say: even a bit stupid, but I feel unparalleled happiness. (Recommended reading:"Work is to do what you like" "the News Lens key Comment Network editor-in-chief Yang Svan interview )

There's always someone to soothe your broken heart

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Charlie Brown: There you are, I think it's not that bad all day.

Drag a limp body, with all day tired into the blanket, frowning eyes closed, hands in the bed to explore, until touch your soft cotton body, a foot up, feel warm and peace of hand. Around you, holding such happiness, well forgive the occasional deterioration of the day.

"Hug. "Hug." 」
You don't know that.
But you
Give me a hug.
Excerpt from the hug, Lin Wanyu

Who is the person in your life that is like Snoopy, only exist, let you be at peace? Needless to say, you can always awkwardly give you a hug when you feel vulnerable. Let you know, life again difficult, all have him to accompany your memory innocence, you together, you do not have to fear the world's claws.