2017 women's fans Global women's influence forum Gwis interview Chen Meiling, talk about the value of life and contemporary women's problems, about life she said: "You can change the most is yourself, do not have the sincerity of their own life!" 」

"My name Chen Meiling, now 61 years old." "Many people recently recalled the name Chen Meiling, an interview film this May." She, a Stanford education doctor, sent three children to Stanford for a study.

What do people say to do? She's simply saying, family education. The important thing is not the children's high education, but the children know who they are and where they want to go.

Chen Meiling Talk about family education, the knowledge in the inside, one by one count, parents can not do 10 things: Do not use material to encourage children, do not pull the timetable for the children, do not lie to the children, do not help children to choose, when the children ask questions, do not let them wait. (Recommended reading: interview Su Ling: Taiwan's sex education, the biggest bottleneck is fear and ignorance )

Living more than 60 years, life is a long tunnel, she wrote full of Thanksgiving, each character has her real pursuit, she is a singer, took the education doctor, as a speaker, also as a UN Goodwill Ambassador, most like himself is the mother of three children.

Interview Day bad weather, Taipei heavy rain mercilessly, from Hong Kong flying Chen Meiling, wearing a mint green suit, come from the rain, pour the spirit of refreshing, smile to reveal two small tiger. Her character is generous, open mouth to say thanks, but also have not convinced temperament, all the way, she is like a girl like soft and tough, give oneself a rich and grand life.

If you do not have yourself, you will be confused with many things.

The inspiration of family education is probably from her own.

Chen Meiling jokes, as a child, he has no self-confidence, with her sister Halo side, feel weak. At that time to do the volunteer, only to know the weak as himself, but also to help others, the heart secretly made a wish for peace, from now on care. At that time to understand, "self affirmation is very important, a talent to their own expectations, some intentions." 」

Believe that you can, in fact, is a lot of power. But Asian education is less about identity and less about encouraging people to know themselves, as long as you are obedient. "She frowned," if people do not have their own, do a lot of things will be confused. I don't know who I am, where am I going again? 」

Children are not encouraged to have their own personality, did not make choices for themselves, never have the opportunity to bear failure, grow up, will lose their ability to become.

So, she often asked herself questions. More than 20 years old, she asked herself, do you still want to be a singer? Took the rookie award, stood on the big stage, tried the popularity of even taste, the singer identity still have the pursuit? She knew she was lucky, early fame, so thin to think of the reason for singing, the original is always longing for the link, singing is a bridge, the people implicated together, can convey the message of peace. (Recommended reading: to Rosy you!) Interview Jiaoan PU: "A good question makes you want to live a lifetime")

"I was born in Hong Kong, really sensitive, is not a country do not know, but singer identity, so I can do a lot." I was thinking, this may be my calling, I want to use the song to connect people together. 」

Don't be afraid to toss the question, then she often ask the child, then you, what do you like? It's important to find yourself, it's time to spend a lifetime.

American age controversy and Stanford, fighting for the rights of working mothers

Chen Meiling is a gentle person, her gentleness has the strength to have breadth, also mixed a bit bold. Singer identity has its influence, it is used to make important statements, in addition to advocating peace, she also resorted to women's rights.

At the age of 31, just having a child, she took her child to the television station work, it should be unusual, but caused by the Japanese national outcry "American age controversy." She was accused of greed, everything, the girl married, should go home, how to bring the child to the publicity? She thought, well, it is time to fight for the rights of working mothers, even the parents at work, the children who should look after?

In the 80 's, the conservative Japanese society, unable to tolerate her, the incident caused overseas media reports, Stanford professor knocks to find her, "Do you want to get a doctorate in education, the paper on Japanese men and women treatment differences and rights and interests?" 」

She prepared the data, accidentally, but at the same time, found herself pregnant with a second child. Can you have children at the same time and study at the same time? Hesitation, the professor said to her, let her remember for a long time, "You know?" Many girls have told me the same reason. Because the child, chooses to give up the dream. Can you imagine the future when you tell your children that your mother gave up the things she wanted to do because of your sacrifice? (Recommended reading: When a mother is a choice, not an obligation: a woman who does not want to have a child does not have to explain to society )

She thought about it and chose to try it, and it was also a test of contemporary women's problems. Their family to Stanford, the day after the birth of the child, she went back to class learning, her education, eager to solve the problems of Japanese society, two of children grew up on Stanford campus, life and learning always close, rooting the desire for knowledge.

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"I later thought that my mother's study was a good influence for my children," she said. Not necessarily go abroad, Community University, or reading is very good, the child saw mother reading, think reading is natural, good happy, also want to follow. 」

Ask her hard, she tilted head to think, "I most important first thing, or mother this role, children because I came to this world, I have the responsibility, I have a choice." Husband can put aside for a while, the child does not, "she playful spit," the family can bring a lot of impact on life, if successful, but missed the child growth, there will always be a regret in. 」

After returning to the country, Japan passed the Law on equal opportunities for men and women to promote a step towards equality.

If you want to do, take out 120% of the strength, to be worthy of their own

Chen Meiling look to the contemporary Japanese society, changed a lot, after all, not enough. Once the female married, pregnant, immediately dismissed, now under the protection of the law, the situation is less, but usually pregnancy is also the same as the lack of promotion opportunities, women in the workplace high level of the proportion of small, the impact is very limited.

Fertility is a big problem, "Japan or patriarchal, son, I gave birth to three children, are men, the elders are naturally happy, but I think, I also hope to have a woman ah." "Change takes time, Chen Meiling said, his own in this piece of personality, really believe in one thing, try to promote, willing to use time and so on."

Presumably the same personality, let the United Nations Foundation to find her, as the United Nations Japan Goodwill Ambassador, responsible for dealing with child prostitution and child pornography issues. She actively raises money, participates in lobbying, pushes the law, and seeks alliances, "I think it's worth it, I'll push it with all the power." Money can't buy me, power can't lure me, so people who oppose me think I'm troublesome, and people who agree with me think they can trust me. 」

She said it with a playful expression, and there must be a lot of hard work behind it. When a person really believes what she is doing, others will be afraid. Chen Meiling Small, serious up spirit huge, seem to take out the whole body strength, with this world struggle. (Recommended reading: rich than the world's top entrepreneurs!) Exclusive interview Michelle sun:"want to have a good day, every day when they die Once")

She said she thought so, and that her work was a boon to her. "There are a lot of people in the world who are close to me, and they do better than me." I just have the fate to get a job. Now that you decide to do it, you must try to do it well. Of course, it is possible to use 120% of the strength, or do not good, that is their ability is not enough. 」

"Today may not be enough, but tomorrow will be better." If you try your best every day, you will have a better chance to wait for you. "She teaches children, don't be afraid of opportunities, others do not do things you do, do a little more, even if no results, they will grow."

Conform to the flow of life, in each link pay all, Chen Meiling no regrets, 60-year-old, often protect the innocence, life is good fresh, always give her surprise.

No one likes the things that are unimportant

Education is a proposition that Chen Meiling always pay attention to, and she says it's a bit of a good thing

Everything has to be learned, no one likes the thing is not important.

Chen Meiling

Asian education, sometimes laugh at children's dreams, leading to the end, everyone's dream looks like, lack of their own soul. But we should always ask ourselves, is there anything that will not be stuffy for a lifetime? She said that some students want to deliberately make her, raise their hands, "I do not like the teacher, I like to sleep." "She has a bright eye, the tone affirmation," I said sleep well, sleep has a very deep knowledge, until now there is no answer. Whether to sleep separately, or to sleep together, how long it is enough to sleep. You like to sleep, that's great, you can study the sleeping knowledge for everyone. 」

Really, you have the absolute qualifications, to pursue a dream, as long as it is your pursuit, it has meaning. If you really like it, just ignore what other people say, really compare it to yesterday, and ask, what else can I do today?

If you want to do, do not just for yourself, "You do things for yourself, it is very boring, repeatedly done several times, feel meaningless." Find yourself a bigger man, a more lofty goal than you, and always have a direction to pursue. 」

Chen Meiling says there are no small things in life, and when you think about it, there's a lot of gratitude. For example, like to sleep well, you can further the sleepless people to dispel doubts, help people with depression sleep smoothly, you find the things you like to do, if you can also use this thing to help others, that happiness is rich, can support you to the place than you think farther.

The most you can change is yourself, don't be insincere about your life.

In the course of life's pursuit, practice making decisions for yourself at the same time. "You decide for yourself that there is no excuse for failure." You regret, you can only blame yourself, can not blame others. But it is actually better to blame yourself, the world you can change the most, in fact, you are yourself. "You don't like who you are today, you can change it tomorrow."

When life is left clear calling, failure is also a kind of progress. You are no longer afraid of failure, failure is to make you more aware of yourself. (Recommended reading: Markzockburg's Harvard Graduation Speech: "Our society is not often great because we are afraid of failure")

There is a situation often heard, parents love to help their children make decisions, although the child does not agree, but spent three or four years time to prove that parents to their choice is bad. "Parents do not always think they are right, you will be wrong, children do not take filial piety as an excuse to resist for their own life to make decisions." 」

"In the name of filial piety, sacrificing their own ideals, wasting their time, this is not great, is not honest to themselves, you have no sincerity in your own life." 」

Chen Meiling Tone has a lot of love dearly, the child is the life that comes from the parents, but is an independent individual, the child is not the parents, the parents want to go to be loved, should give the child to make the choice for oneself the ability. Let children get used to asking questions and let their children like to explore.

Once cooking, the son ran to ask her, why the sky is blue, Chen Meiling answer, the rice is still to boil, but she is the fire off, looking at the child, "you ask very good, wait for us to find the answer." "Children are independent, need parents know to let go." Children are also, if you want to do the ideal of their own, do not achieve the ideals of others, otherwise achieved also not happy.

Nothing is more important than a lover in life.

Talk about family education, we can't stop. Some family core is authority, some family attitude is laissez-faire, American age family has a lot of love, not to avoid talking about important sex education.

"Our family talked about sex education at the age of nine, and I told my kids what puberty is and what the body changes." I also encourage children, want to love to go to love, in life, there is nothing more important than love things. 」

The person comes over, your heart beats faster, if the parents are not sure, the equivalent is to restrain the child's feelings. When children grow up, they do not know how to express their love, but also feel that this feeling is wrong. Rejected and rejected all have art, lovelorn also to practice is, Chen Meiling smiled to the child said, "You think you handsome, people do not necessarily like you ah." 」

School, Love is a lot of people bypass the important credits, if people can understand the love and be loved, will feel that they are very rich, grow out of the power of their own do not know. Chen Meiling refers to himself, you see me small, but, when you give love, they love you. Love is like this, their original good strong.

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Sunday morning interview, the window is heavy rain, we chat very long in the house. Mei-age thought, finally want to give young people a few encouragement.

One, don't be afraid to take the first step. The ideal is very far, but take the first step, see the scenery will be different, yesterday's own no longer, taking action, than you think more important.

Second, find your favorite things to do, and use this thing to help others. Such a road, will go longer, and feel that they are alive and valuable.

Third, tell yourself that failure is nothing, but just one more chance to understand yourself. Every thing you can do for yourself is already a gift.

Thanksgiving is the whole interview of the key words, there have been six or seven times, Chen Meiling to the life of the gratitude switch twist, life does not talk about success or failure, I wish to like, so no regrets.

"PostScript" Chen Meiling girl's heart picture

After the interview, Chen Meiling took out the phone, brush the message, see that Hong Kong hang eighth Wind ball, tonight fly not fly, excited to share, should be able to fly, exposing the playful little tiger.

Photo, to the third floor, Chen Meiling back to the white wall, hands not consciously than Ya, have patted girls groceries illusion. We asked her how to maintain, looked very young, she smiled that probably had three children, the birth of a child, is young.

I think, it must be she always with the child to learn, together with the world to ask questions, so live again and again, in the heart of the Eternal Girl.