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All-Taiwan first pair of transgender partners accepted by the government for Marriage: Abby & Xiao Zhi

Once read a book of Liang, it said, when you meet the other half of your life, you will find that you are only half, and that partner will make up the other half of your spirit, so that you complete.

Partner Alliance CEO: Xu Xiuwen

My idea of intimacy is that two of people walk side by step, and whoever falls will pull each other. You don't blame each other, but you reach out and let the other person borrow. Also believe that when they fall, there is always a hand in front, as long as the hand, you can hold.

Canadian registered married gay partner: Lana & Cindy

I have never been partial to fortune, but I know you as if in Lotto, all the good luck has been exhausted, thank you for making me successful.

Many people say that life is 70 before the beginning, I met you only to start my life, thank you for coming.

30 years in love with a gay partner: He Xiang & Wang Tianming

We've moved a lot of times, but we've been together and there's a love there. There are a lot of partners like us, two people are a family.

"Our bedside quarrel, the end of the bed and, do a love is OK."

Comrade Literary Writer: Chenxue

I don't mean to say that I am like you, but that we are all different. No one should be particularly labelled. Affection is also, has been classified I feel boring, just convenient to talk about, but everyone is unique, every love is also.

The first female comrade to claim adoptive partner: Big Turtle & JoJo

She makes me feel that life is hard for anyone to come with me. When my mother broke down, this woman ran out to say, I help you carry half. This is probably the feeling, from the heart feel very lucky.

Love is Love, everyone has their own answers.

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