Gender-tracking of sexual harassment in Hollywood, Kevin Stefan has been accused of sexual harassment of the boy, and more than ten people have been identified, and Netflix has indicated that it is no longer working.From Weenstein to Kevin Sbeissi, there's no distinction between gender and gender and sexual orientation. What can we do?

October, the New York Times exposed the sexual harassment and sexual abuse of film mogul ·, as well as female stars, who had been victimized by the New York Times.Reya · Sedu made it clear: "In Hollywood, as long as you are a girl, you have to be in a state of readiness."" The social media is then flooded with a big #METOO tag, yes, I am, and we were, we were sexually harassed, and now we're going to say it.(Recommended reading: From chili to Reaja · Sardu!)Women Stars: Weenstein and Hollywood Power Rape us )

#METOO, Victims have different faces, ages, situations and gender, the only difference is gender violence, always a product of intertwined and power interwoven, from not only to single gender.

In recent days, Oscar-winning Oscar-winning actor Kevin Sbessi has been accused of sexual harassment of a boy more than 30 years ago.The boy, aged 46, was a 46-year-old American actor. He remembered that he was invited to the party, but was put on the bed by Kevin Smith, who was struggling to break free and had nightmares day and night.The boy was 14 years old, until he saw Kevin Sbessi today, but he still had a stomachache.

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The event has not stopped, and as of now more than ten people have accused Kevin Spacey, named or anonymously, of having been sexually harassed, as well as a statement from the issuing company Netflix: "As long as Kevin Sbersey is involved, Netflix will not be involved in any further production of the card.""

The last straw that crushed Hollywood — the people should have been wakeup and look at the distorted power structure, from the uneven distribution of the Oscars to the uneven distribution of power.

"I may have sexual harassment, and I'm gay"?

The news came out, Kevin Spacey issued a statement, apologized and came out of the closet, " I respect the actor, Anthony Rapp, and I am shocked to hear his story.I'm sorry I don't remember what happened 30 years ago, but if I did make a bad drink, as he described it, I owe him a sincere apology."

" This story also encourages me to talk about my own life, and I choose to come out of the closet to be gay.I want to start with looking at my behavior to be honest and open to the public."

Kevin Sbersey apologized, understated the suspicion of child sexual abuse, and came out of the closet to make people look at the five flavors of miscellaneous things. Is this an apology or a manifesto?

you look at sexual harassment and sexual harassment, you are considered to be inappropriately misguided, and when you have a stack of sexual harassment, you can easily shirk the responsibility of the gay and lessee.

Sexual Harassment, Hunting, Sexual Harassment, Gender, Sexual and Sexual Orientation

Kevin Spacey's history of sexual harassment, dating back 30 years, has been identified by more than 10 victims, who prefers to take advantage of his successful status and environmental power, and he has the pleasure of capturing it, which means that he is happy to be in the right place.

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Kevin Spacey, who is similar to Harvey · Weenstein, has a high degree of power and sexual harassment. He knows that he can and understands that his environment has built-in pressure. How many victims really have the ability to say that they can protect themselves?

Perhaps some people may argue that the interactive way of the male gay community is different. There are more physical and sexual discoveries to confirm the willingness of both sides. If you can't say that the two sides have a sexual harassment suit, are you only able to use one password and one action?

We should further imagine that, in fact, each clan, once again to each individual, has a different preferred way of interaction. What really matters is whether the interaction between an individual and an individual is given a positive or positive consent.Are there any violations of the will of interest?Have they abused their own resources and power?

Sexual violence, hunting, abuse, and sexual violence are fundamental causes of gender-based violence, most of which are power shows, rather than desire to establish close relationships.

Or perhaps, in the context of male sexuality, sexual harassment in the gay community is another issue that needs attention. — — Has the gay man ever been able to say the space of his discomfort and ridicule, and is treated as a fuss?(recommended reading: [gender perspective]] "Who doesn't want Ma Ying-jeou to wear underwear?"Gender Questionnaire: more than five percent of Taiwan people are sexually transmitted through gender violence )

This sexual harassment campaign has worked hard for a long time, and should not return to the old path of "being touched by a piece of meat," regardless of gender, regardless of sexual orientation.

Language decision thinking, we need the voice channel and language of more victims

This year, there are many reasons for gender violence. In July, Linkin Park committed suicide, many of which were intertwinked. One of the reasons he shared was that he had been sexually assaulted for six years from the age of seven, and he had been trusted.What is most painful for him is that he does not export, has no appropriate occasion, has no knowledge of the language, and he cannot be sure of his own people.(Siblings: [Gender) Linkin Park Singing Singing: Shadows of Child Sexual invasion, Growing Growing )

The victims don't have the proper language to describe the harm, especially in the Asian education system, with little talk about sex and sex violence. We have only a thin 'knowledge to protect', 'Don't go out of the night,' and the language determines thinking. We are responsible for our own psychology, and we don't have enough environmental awareness and resistance.

Of course, when it comes to gender violence, when it comes to sex violence, of course there is no way to do it. The client is still understanding. What does he mean by doing so?I'm not feeling well, can I?What did I do wrong?

addition to stopping the victims of gender-based violence and communicating with them, active participation in education is also important, such as actively building a comfortable channel for victims to voice their voices, seeking the voice of the victims, building a collective environment that condemns the violence, and the collective environment that we can strive to achieve in contemporary society.(Recommended reading: An Interview with Modern Women's Foundation: Women have little sexual language). Even if they say it is difficult, how can they be said to be victimized?)

In particular, the world needs more current methods and attempts to find the language of the victims.At present, the victims can only have one kind of courage or a pitiable gesture, and the victims become a fixed location. They fail to reflect the diversity of the victims. Through the appearance of different victims, they can seek out and explore, anger, unhurt, and unsettled. We can broaden the victim's pattern and give them a voice, without fear of being criticized.

In this way, the victim will not have only one gesture, so that there will be no more victims, and more so than Harvey · Weenstein, and Kevin Svesi, who take the next view of gender violence for granted.

Post-Remember: A more gender justice world

While writing this gender perspective, I am doing the same globally as a global one. In planning, I've been thinking, what is gender impact?What is the gender impact of changing this world?

The more I plan, the more clear the answer to my — — the gender impact, the milestone of the annual technology development, is to enable us to live in a more gender justice world, in order for everyone to have more rights to themselves.

example, it was the first time in the 20th century that women had to take to the streets, which allowed us to discuss the gender balance of the Cabinet of Ministers. It was the 1960's, the birth of a pill that allowed women to hold more physical autonomy, and that we had a pre-emptive relationship in 2001.

year, we also have our struggle. In Taiwan, in the international community, we are also inventive, creative, gender-specific, and gender violence. It is in everyday practice and resistance. I would like to invite you to join a gender discussion, and no more fear of a better world.

We will release the content of the new gender impact in December and invite you to share this year's gender landscape.