Women are obsessed with introducing a gender perspective column two months ago and looking at the potential role of a gender perspective in life and looking at the current affairs of current affairs.As a result, we found that the "Ma Ying-jeou" incident, whether from the discussion of the "Pull Belt" " the" Rao "and the" Ma Ying-jeou " incident at the end of last week, was closely related to sex.Sharing the results of a woman's gender questionnaire with you, the way we live, we can no longer avoid gender discussions.

Tsai Ing-wen will be more concerned about her makeup than when she is concerned about the future direction of administration, "she said." The question is: "She was a" bitch. "The Internet users would like to comment on the" Luo Ying's."" (Recommended reading: A gender perspective: Luo Ying is indeed wrong, but who is qualified to pull her shoulder belt?)

the PPT, a father who served in the PPT did not have a diaper, and the nursery was not allowed to go in and out of the nursery. The boy Ye Yongyong, who had a gentle and temperame-style boy, was grumly known to be a grummy. He was afraid to go to the toilet in the next class, fearing that his pants would be taken off his pants and his life would stay in April 2000.(In the same place: Tsai Yi-lin's Rosy Youth: Ye Yonglin: At the end of the world, Ye will die, but there are more leaves in the world. )

People talk to little boys about not crying, because weeping is what girls do. People talk to little girls that they don't allow people to touch your body, and let girls blame themselves for the first time, and don't protect themselves.

People say that women are being raped, they are self-looking, who can wear a short dress; people say that Ma Ying-jeou's eggs are being photographed alive and ridiculed, and that they don't wear underwear.

What is this? We must talk about sex.

We can no longer shy away from gender discussions, we can no longer claim that gender issues are not important, gender shaking our world, the way we live, influence the way we look, and decide how we think of a person.

The discussion is about the limitation of the dibasic duality, and more freedom for the living.

3,000 Questionnaire Gender Questionnaire: To Have a Person's Body NarraySee

We released a gender questionnaire in the last two weeks, and invited you to look back on the experience of growing up, from childhood to big, from toys to body recognition, to the promotion of the field, and to the potential for a glimpsis of the gender.More than 3,000 replies, I think, is almost a record of blood and tears.

The survey results show that up to 80 % of the respondents were experiencing unreasonable treatment because of physiological or other sex factors. One of them was subjected to verbal or physical harassment and violence.

"It's been 4.5 years since the second time I wore a pair of pencils, and my mother said to me last month:" Don't wear it like this. It's very easy to be a big picture.""

I'm a meat girl, I always get to say, "If you're skinny, it's perfect!""Where you are, the only thing you're beautiful is that you're too fat, you're too fat, you're a goddess." And so on. So I felt inferior to myself, I felt worse in public, and I felt the pressure on women's physical autonomy after college.Once chatting with a friend of the opposite sex, he said, "I can watch the sitting posture of a girl knows that he is a virgin, and there is a lot of disdain in the middle, and I immediately reflect my discomfort to him, but I have been used" over-interpretation "and" overreaction " to describe my glass heart and immature maturity.... my wish is very humble, not to ask for more drastic equality. I only hope that everyone will respect each other, and everyone is unique, but our society is not mature enough to accept a person's special (out of) special.

A lot of itching is about the control of society and the loss of weight. It seems that we don't have the so-called physical autonomy. With regard to women, society has more potential anxiety, but it puts the formal training back on women and allows them to bear it on their own. Most of the time, regardless of sex, they feel pain because they have a gender framework, but they have no place to talk.

70 % of sexual harassment, sexual violence, choosing to sustain

According to the results of the Gender Questionnaire survey, 56 % of the respondents indicated that they were subject to verbal or physical harassment.When verbal harassment was encountered, 60 % of the people responded to speech suppression. When sexual assault or sexual violence was encountered, 42 % chose to pretend to be fine, and as high as 70 % chose to take it, not to anyone.(Recommended reading: 2000 Brave Stories After Rape )

A netizen wrote a personal history of the questionnaire: "There were several stalks who lived in dormitories outside the school, and the counter manager at the building indicated that" there was no real action to deal with it."I would like to know whether there are ways to quantify or specifically present such a psychological panic, so that the problem can be resolved and the fear and the powerlessness of the parties be eliminated."

The results of the survey show that as the degree of harassment is increased, the counterforce that the client is willing/able to do is reduced.The person concerned is not unwilling to say, but after his immediate and immediate understanding of the mouth, the harm that comes with it will intensify.

We must review whether the community is not friendly enough.Have we denied the psychological pressure and physical injuries he felt at the first time of the statement?Have we not established good complaints or complaint channels, supporting the parties, encouraging them to fight back, and condemning sexual harassment/sexual violence?Is public opinion inclined to review the victims instead of condemning the perpetrators?(In the same place: " The corpse was picked up by a girl?The ubiquitous Rape Culture

With regard to body issues, we need more discussions that are not avoided.We must let the parties understand that it is not their fault. They do not have to bear it on their own.

Reference women's articles and active pages

Use only one person to know one person, and it's a good thing to do

at the gender questionnaire, I was reminded of how I grew up like this, and I was in a trance to enter some sort of gender order, and my lord looked forward to a match between a sex and a sex.

You are a girl, you get a Barbie doll, you have to wear a uniform dress, you have to be careful not to let people see your underwear. You have to make a lot of effort to prove yourself in the workplace. You have to first review yourself in the workplace. You will be married to a mother, child and stay home.(Recommended reading: Only this happy woman: Lin Chih-ling is not getting married, what is it about society?

gender norms are on me, and I want to get away from running away, and in the gender questionnaire, I recognize more faces like this, physiology, physiology, sex ... and I'm sure I'm not the only person who's thinking this way, we're not.

We then know that it is a kind of convenience to use sex-stereotyped images to get to know one person.We must break away from the cycle of convenience, open more truthful and diverse gender discourse, and find more solutions for people living in their lives.

After the gender questionnaire, we launched Gender Hackers , hoping to use technology to solve the gender problem in our lives, which would also be the first sex-based hacker practice in Asia.

4/20, the 5/13 Humanities X technology sought allies Japan, 5/21, 5/22, hacking activities were held at the Women's Paradise.We look forward to the days ahead, more actively to speak of gender, to speak out of uncomforts and to disassemble gender dogsics couragelessly.(Details please: Gender Matrix )

Because we all might be Luo Ying, who was scoldling the woman, could have been Ma Ying-jeou, who had gone out of the way.