The most critical, and most easily asked questions about sexual life in the post-natal period (see first set: best point of time? ) Immediately, "when is contraception to begin?""The answer is mainly because mothers are not feeding on breastfeeding."

Generally speaking, if breast-feeding is not breast-fed, the period will soon resume, and it is about two to six weeks after childbirth, so if you don't want a little baby, please start preparing for contraception as soon as possible.

And if they are fed and fed, and subject to the following three conditions, the ovulation probability will be less than 2 %, and the ovulation may be delayed until about six months after the birth.

    1. yet available after childbirth

    2. than 6 months for other replenishment foods or beverages

    3. more than six

    and this is what the lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM) is.In other words, when these three conditions are both present, they can be naturally contraceptives during the next six months. However, if one does not exist, the contraception method will not work.The post-natal mother must continue to observe the existence of the three conditions and prepare the second form of contraception to be needed from time to time.

    To be accurate with LAM , the following provides a detailed description of the three criteria.

      • first post-partum period is after 56 days after the postpartum, which occurs for more than two days of bleeding.

      • According to the study, in order for LAM to be effective, other resupply foods cannot exceed 15 %, except for breast milk.

      • More importantly, you have to maintain continuous breastfeeding, or you might have the possibility of respawling.Sustainability means that breastfeeding can not exceed four hours during the day and not more than six hours at night.

    From the above you know, in addition to simple feeding of breast-feeding, the period of recovery is estimated, and when contraception begins, mothers breast-feeding mothers are more able to use the lactating period of the breastfeeding period.However, when the three conditions are not met, contraception (condoms, etc.) will be introduced. If the pill is to be taken, then it is necessary to ensure that mother's milk has been completely secreted.

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