Single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Technology age, a key press, break up with each other, no longer coherent. But what I really want to do is to look at the past and make a good cry for it.

Do you set excessive hands on Facebook? From together with to I am single, fingertips trembling, Facebook pop-up message, "If you're going through a breakup, maybe we can help you." "Like distant relatives, passing by the door, but full of hospitality."

Multiple options such as Rashomon door, do you want to reduce the number of see his message? Do you want him to stop seeing your message? Do you want to keep a picture with him? Do you want people to see your past photos? The message goes on, "Don't worry, everything we do, we don't tell each other." 」

How do you want to leave the man after the breakup? We have the most rapid, the most intimate, the least traces of the most hard-hearted of several options to choose.

We have given the application of human nature, this year, the breakup also to technology, face book really have the ability to eliminate a person. Your world no longer has him, actually is how easy one thing. We have many years of memory entrusted to the mobile phone hardware and network, we all rely on, record love traces of the track, easy to establish can also be easily erased, a key to delete or add, while the memory has not taken root, first to eradication.

In a way, breaking up is a form of formatting. Applications are more forgetful than human beings, starting again, from scratch, thinking that they have never loved. So each love, like First love, are like a virgin, you so convinced yourself, forget their own evil, actually, they will never live up to the happiness of newcomers. (Recommended reading:"single diary" After You go, I'm going through the day )

Unseen, does it mean that it does not exist? Perhaps the most brutal technology is to make it easier, easy to start, easily end, let the human overestimate their own, we are in fact very fragile.

Do you know? I used to think that we were the unicorns of the world, only a pair, we build their own language, assemble their own map, piecing together their own universe, the day of breaking up, I woke up in a trance, found that we have been identified as the vast network of two IDs, two IP locations, interrupted online, the respective discrete, this is not over. (Recommended reading:"single Diary" You are the best luck in my youth )

My emotions are not memory, and my people are not machines.

Love you, my body since there is also a part of you, close your eyes, I want to remember you rub hot palm want to warm me, I want to remember you only at the last minute of tears, the most important thing is, I want to remember you. And my part, also destined to stay in your memory, you want or not, memory is the embers of love, looking at the firelight, I want to remember that I have loved you.

In fact, I really want, not the face book offers all the options, I want most, is after the breakup, there is time to honestly, without disguise, accompanied by their own, crying a just, this is enough.

Cry A, commemorate you, commemorate me, we have been so loved, we used to be each other unicorn, and we finally walked away.