Single diary special article, for you serialized a A-Z Urban Woman's love Story, with a song, or a movie, they pain, you may be experiencing, those who loved once, have accumulated into our dreams of the story.

B actually do not want to, because they talked about a sentimental love, and became a Cantonese song experts.

The story has to go back to 2015, when she was not at work, the big five to exchange students always have a little escape meaning. The location is Hong Kong, one is not jet lag with Taiwan, the appearance is very similar, but in the same place. Hong Kong is fast, time is money, to find a way to twist to a drop not left.

Taiwan girls like B, speaking slowly, expletive a lot of people in the mouth of the bay sister, gentle and graceful, the most is pleasing. B when he set off, he thought, "I came to the Chinese university to do art, not to be in love." 」

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Like to tease her, love comes soon. The boy, who had the same history of contemporary art, was close to her in every discussion, her favorite small eyes, the typical Hong Kong herbivorous man, the color jeans, the Oxford shirt, the not-so-noisy style. She secretly shouted his small eyes, people say small eyes fickle, she is not letter.

Small eyes look like Libra, easy-going and comfortable, and they quickly become familiar. Small eyes to bring him to know many Hong Kong poets, familiar with, he said that Cantonese has nine, is to express those feelings of regret.

Small eyes like Lin Xi, Lin Xi words have Zen, sensitive and even allergic tendencies, still good analogy, the surface is written love songs, secretly actually preach, all the human dilemma, there is a forest XI. Small eyes word taught him to read, "Red bean" in the Cantonese version of "repayment",

"Never waiting for Your eyes, from the dream to see Wake up, never swim with you, how to know happy will be carried off, never with you drink ice, zero weather to see scenery, never climbed the snow-capped mountains, so that the day will continue to clear." "Repayment"

B sounds like a hint, can not help but drunk dizzy. Another example Huang Weiwen, Sword Walk slant, have its forthright character, the blunt, a palm to wake you, to Miss Miriam Yeung sing to especially suitable. Small eyes say like this Miss Miriam Yeung "Yong", especially, there is a little B shadow.

"Red light, no one can block my way, looking at the million horse, thousands of troops are straight, I do not have gentleness, but only this heroic." --"Yong"

B listen to the steeds, like they rush to the progress of love. They always love after class, dangling to the tattered record line, the Cantonese song is all About love. b Cantonese speak catchy, talking about the third week, small eyes on the street lamp yellow kissed her, asked B to go home with him. B Sweet to know a city the quickest way, it turns out to be a boyfriend in the ground.

B go home with him. Small eyes body thin, two arm grab she is like an eagle, B head affixed to his sweaty chest, thought for a long time later. "Then what about us?" "Small eyes leng a moment, only then faint said oneself originally has the girlfriend, the girlfriend is exchanging in Japan." But it doesn't matter, you see Lin Xi lyrics also so write, "romantic refused to wait for people, to offer then offer kiss." "You two, I can love at the same time, my girlfriend back, I give you love will not be less." (Recommended reading:"single diary" If Love is a big disease, let us love very ill )

It means not having to discuss it later.

B jilt small eyes a slap, head also not back to go, no one can give love to her. Afterwards think also count oneself silly, no one says, only the girlfriend can take home. She thought that love came quickly, they were in tune, never thought he might just be lonely. (Recommended reading:"single Diary" Finally the beginning of the end, I do not regret loving you wholeheartedly )

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Then she learned that little eyes were Pisces, affectionate is affectionate, not only to her one, lonely overflow, he also about the other female classmate, the trick is similar set, those words anyway he back to ripe, different context, can prescribe the right medicine, people write the word he took to use as ready-made love letter. The record-line boss is laughing smile, it is said, he also came last week, you do not know?

B most will be all right, anyhow classmate A, she can choose not to play with him. When a friend asks, she says, "It's all fiction." And she is still lucky, she brought herself to know the first double Happiness street, probably actually she did not love him much, do not be afraid.

"It's like this area was once called a perfect world.
But sharp eyes all over the street, the units are about to live with crows.
The day will not always be on the ladder to climb only
Do you love someone who doesn't have a lifetime? Probably no need to be afraid.